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  1. Ok, I might well look into that. Its just so strange, as when I drove it last night, there was absolutely no smoke at all (like its always been). Very odd. I'll keep an eye on things & look into a pressure test
  2. Extremely strange, but I decided to start the car again after posting this last night, and it seemed totally fine. I ran the aircon to de-mist the front windscreen which worked within a few minutes, then took it for a careful drive. Ended up driving for about 45 minutes, ran up to temperature, not a single issue at all. Parked up for 20 mins, then started again, absolutely spot on. So I have no idea what the hell that odd mystery is, or was. This morning windows are not misted up at all. That's one of the first things I did - they are bone dry. I felt all the carpets everywhere, everything is completely dry. I'll have a look at the breather filter & its housing; I replaced it with the "vortex"(?) style one quite a few months ago, but I haven't checked it since A mate of mine told me to do this too, I did check around but everything seemed fine. Both filters were replaced not too long ago as well
  3. Yes, I did. Checked oil & water. Water seemed fine. Oil was maybe a touch low, but perhaps due to the fact I had just turned off the engine
  4. Guys, help.. 530d auto E39, totally stock apart from EGR delete & swirl flap delete. Been driving it like this for months, all good. Drove this morning, fine Just started it now, randomly noticed it was very hot inside the car and condensation on inside of windscreen - weird? Started car, started fine. Noticed loads of blue/white smoke out the back. Revved a bit, didn't clear much. Nothing on dashboard. Checked water & oil, fine What the hell? I haven't driven it. Turned it off, now writing this. Help [emoji853][emoji853][emoji853] Service done couple months ago, I replaced everything Car has never overheated. Totally fine & very well looked after. So strange as I drove it this morning & it was great. Also; it hasn't rained between this morning & now so condensation isn't rain water. It's never had condensation before. Please help guys!!
  5. Daze

    My Milky Way Photography!

    Thanks! Indeed. There are guides on YouTube & the sort that explain how to go about doing a composite exposure for these sort of things, but it seems very long-winded. I did try it, but the gains from it didn't seem worth my time! Although I'm not ruling that method out completely, I may give it another go I used to have the 40D, way back when. Its a great camera, but ISO noise at the kind of ISO's you'll need to run will be the limiting factor. No doubt you'd physically be able to "capture" the Milky Way, but I suspect the photos would be next to unusable because of the noise & lack of detail. Its worth a try though! Your 12mm f4 might do the job, but combined with the high noise ISO of the 40D, its certainly not an ideal combination. A friend of mine has managed "OK" photos at 17mm f4, so its worth trying! The Samyang is brilliant, I really like it! Very very sharp. Cannot complain for the price of it either. I've used it for some landscape work as well, but not so much recently, as I have my 16-35 f4 IS for daytime landscape's now. Examples of Samyang in daytime though - Worth it for the price, as I say. A bargain lens really, I wouldn't be without it now!
  6. Daze

    My Milky Way Photography!

    Thanks! Indeed. Durdle Door (where these were taken) are an almost 2hr drive away from me. I drove there & back specifically just for this, lol Thanks! 2 hour? No, each photo is a single exposure of just 25 seconds. None of them are multi-exposures (although I did try this, but I found it to be incredible time-consuming in Photoshop, so it wasn't worth my time). A 2 hour single exposure would cause star-trails, everything in the sky would be blurred. There is some Math you can do to calculate the length of exposure you can get away with vs focal length on camera & lens being used before you get sky motion blur (star-trails). Mine is roughly 30 seconds, but I was doing 25 seconds to be safe. My setup is a full frame camera (Canon 5Diii) and 14mm lens (Samyang 14mm f2.8). In short, the longer focal length, the shorter time you have before sky motion blur, thus less chance of capturing Milky Way due to less light entering camera. Buildings on the right of the shot on the last photo; These are actually really quite far away, so wasn't much of a problem. I have darkened that area in Lightroom slightly, but nothing else really.
  7. Daze

    My Milky Way Photography!

    Hah, well cheers! That shot was just a quick one at the end of the night, I didn't actually think it would come out as good as it did to be honest! Thanks, yeah its a great place!
  8. From Sunday night, I managed to capture this Also non-BMW related, other shots from the same night This is the first time I've successfully managed to photograph the Milky Way, I'm quite pleased with the results! These were taken between midnight & 2am on Sunday night, at Durdle Door in Dorset. I have a few more photos from the night, if you're interested, follow me on Instagram @dazecoop (shameless plug, hah).
  9. Daze

    Daze's E39 530d M Sport Touring

    Ah cheers, will do! - - - Managed to get a pretty cool shot the other day, of the Milky Way with my car in the photo too!
  10. Daze

    Daze's E39 530d M Sport Touring

    Thanks! Nahh, don't have any plans on changing the wheels at all. I like it how it looks personally Thanks! Agreed! Hey, and thanks! Yeah, its certainly nice to have a big car again. In just this year I've gone from a Land Rover, to a 3 door Peugeot 306, and now to this. Somewhat of a contrast in cars, but this is by far my favourite! Obviously the quickest & most comfortable, better on fuel than the Landy, but not as good as the Peugeot (then again I was getting occasionally 60mpg in my 306!) Saying this, the Touring easily makes up for that for its comfort, its like driving a sofa, I love it! No major plans for the car, I don't think there ever will be as I'm doing my best to avoid spending too much money on cars for the foreseeable future! That being said... - Wind deflectors - LED interior kit - LED/white angel eyes - M5 front grille with drain hole mod (or replica grille). Basically removing front slats somehow - New/replacement front fog lights (as mine are badly corroded) - Removal of factory bluetooth/phone holder arm rest, replace with E39 version with storage under it - Perhaps a decat, not sure That's my list so far, but of course in no rush for any of those as all of those are basically cosmetic's. I think I'll be doing them in somewhat that order too, but we'll see!
  11. Daze

    Daze's E39 530d M Sport Touring

    Decided to get rear window tints done, its been on my mind to do since I bought the car to be honest, but what with this sudden heat in the UK, I thought now is a good time to do it. I decided to use UTWS Tints in New Milton (New Forest area). A mate of mine works there, so he gave me a bit of a discount, ideal. They measure up & apply it to the outside first, the remove, clean the inside, then remove the sticky side & properly apply to inside. Quite interesting to watch And then all done, found a decent spot to grab some photos on the way home Looks so much better. I went for 20% tint (not sure how that is measured), but the guys said 15% or 20% is "factory style" tint, which is what I wanted. It doesn't look too OTT, but certainly makes a difference to cabin temperatures & styling
  12. Daze

    Daze's E39 530d M Sport Touring

    Yesterday ended up somehow agreeing with the Mrs' to take this lot down to the tip. I guess I gotta get used to this now I have a big car! Lol But then gave the car a clean after. Bought some new DemonShine Snow Foam gun which attaches to a regular hose pipe, quite cool. Also new camera lens, any excuse to take photos lol
  13. Daze

    A few too many cameras on the go

    That is crazy. Crazy good! I thought I was bad enough (Canon man myself - 5diii, 70d, 16-35L, 50mm/1.4, 70-200/2.8, 14mm/2.8). Its an addictive game eh
  14. Hey all, I guess I'm fairly new here & I've only really posted in my own project thread, but thought I'd start a new non-car related thread as I'm wondering if anyone can give any advise on this... Well over half way on planning & booking my Honeymoon Western USA road trip for next year, a bunch of hotels booked, car hire booked (Camaro!) & flights booked. Plan is.. San Fran > LA (via Highway 1) > Joshua Tree > Grand Canyon > Monument Valley > Vegas > Death Valley > Sequoia Park > Yosemite > San Fran I can't deviate too far away from any of those places, but what I'm wondering is if anyone in here knows of anywhere along that route that is defiantly worth stopping for? Places to eat in those places? Things to see & do in those places or along that route? Things that are 1-2hr away form the route that is worth the detour? Specific roads that are amazing to drive down in/around those areas? etc Any advice would be great to hear! I've done Vegas 3 times now (I go with work every year). Earlier this year I hired a Camaro & drove to Death Valley, so that little bit I've kinda done before. But the rest is all new - very excited!
  15. Daze

    Daze's E39 530d M Sport Touring

    Thanks! Funny you say that, I've read a fair bit about those cheap matt grille's from eBay and a number of people say they fit really badly, hence why I decided to give this method a go. Only time will tell, of course, on how well the plasti-dip will last (in regard to stone chips, etc). The spray paint cost £9.99 from Halfords and maybe has taken 1hr of my time total to remove, spray & re-fit, so if it lasts a long time then totally worth it