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  1. Chris Wong

    535D Suspected Small Turbo Problem

    Personally it sounds like your lacking the upgrade silicone versions Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111773362644
  2. Chris Wong

    535D Suspected Small Turbo Problem

    All clips should be tight when it comes turbo pressure so I'm thinking weak juberlee clips
  3. Chris Wong

    Full sized spare

    Not possible
  4. Chris Wong

    535D Suspected Small Turbo Problem

    That just sounds like turbo leak sound check all air pipes from intercooler to air box nothing to major I doubt is turbo the lack of power could be vacuum pipes which is common on these 535d's do a search been covered loads people replace these pipes with the silicone variety
  5. Nice day pic would be better I'll be fitting my 19s soon so I'll need to raise mine do you remember what length you set your rods? Before fitting them?
  6. Chris Wong

    m43b16 to m50b20 engine swap

    Hi guys I'm looking to build a little project car so I'm gone for a cheap e36 1.6 with a engine fault I'm looking to swap the engine for a m50b20 is this a direct bolt in job and will the propshaft still mate up? Are the electrics plug and plug? Thanks Chris
  7. Yes remove the the old plastic rods replace with these to your desired hight fit and the car does the rest
  8. Chris Wong

    Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    Any links for the wangner intercooler? Thanks
  9. Chris Wong

    Terra clean - 535d

    I got quoted £105 couple months back not had the urge to book yet..
  10. Chris Wong

    Would swap Aluminium over Wood trim ?

    I have wood trim happy to swap before I spray them
  11. Chris Wong

    Hmmm... Lime Green E60

  12. Chris Wong

    Flashing LED Side Light

    Ok search bmw 501s Angel bulbs fella
  13. Chris Wong

    Headlight brows

    Did pre LCI have these lights just a thought?
  14. Chris Wong

    Front seat cover.

    Just fit a large t shirt over the back rest
  15. Chris Wong

    Headlight brows

    Year of car?