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  1. Ok, I know there have been numerous posts on manual swaps in the past and I think I have read most of them but there seems to be conflicting information, particularly with the electronics end. Here is what I have and what I plan to do: A 1995 540i/6 factory manual, production date 9/95 (EWS II security), and a 1994 540iA, production date 3/93 (EWS 1 security). Both cars run and drive fine. Both are USA cars. The manual 95 has much higher miles, a rough body and challenged cosmetics. The automatic 94 is a low miles cream puff. I want to put the 6 speed in the 94 and the auto in the 95, then sell the 95 as a running car. I know the DMEs are not interchangable due to the security systems. I want to end up with a 6 speed with working cruise, nothing butchered and no error messages in the cluster. And a drivable automatic in the now 6 speed car. My specific questions are: 1. Do I need to put the gauge cluster from the manual car into the auto and vice versa, or just switch coding plugs, or do I just need to program the auto to match the manual, or do I not need to do anything? If I do need to reprogram, what device is needed, who would be able to do the programming? 2. I’m leaving the original DME in the auto car and planning on buying an a/m manual calilbrated performance chip, this should clear up any drivablity issues there, correct? 3. I have a 95 530iA parts car (built 3/95 EWS II). Can I put the DME and the auto trans TCU out of this 530 into the 95 540 manual after the swap? Is it plug and play or would it have to be recoded? If I left the original DME in the manual car would the automatic function if I put only the auto TCU in from the 95 530i? 4. Is there a harness for the shifter/console in an automatic car I can easily plug into the manual car that will be needed for it to function as an auto? 5. I gather I have to swap out the starter immobilization relay from a manual car to the presently automatic car when I put the 6 speed in. Can I take it out of the 95 6 speed car or do I need to leave that in that car? Is it located behind the left kick panel on the 95 or is it part of the EWS module? 6. Any other electrical or electronic parts I should transfer from the 6 speed car to the automatic car with the swap? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!