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  1. khanny

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Sure it's presure convertor or something like that, I've had same issues and it kept blowing 1 of the yellow 20 amps, I also redid all hoses both sides, a leak in the anti shudder valve can cause issues make sure when you start the car the big wastegate compresses little 1 should be stiff by a 15 quid hand vaccum pump of amazon worth it's weight in cold, change the changeover valve for egr or swirl flap 1 switch the actuators over. Try all this things 1 at a time see if anything changes check the wires to the actuators ad well, I swapped all my vac hoses with silicone if you need a hand with routing let me know check the air box pipes got no splits in it as well mine had a big gash at the back you couldn't see made it rev and not pull top end
  2. khanny

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Check the 20 amp fuses under the bonnet where the ecu is
  3. khanny

    Wastgate adjustment help needed

    So u think to set up the little 1 is same as the big?
  4. khanny

    Wastgate adjustment help needed

    Ye they've been of the car for that long I forgot how they where set I know I should have marked them and apparently a couple of turns of the nut can make all the diffrence
  5. khanny

    Fan running full speed all time

    Ye no worries pal and nice 1 for the advice I really appreciate it
  6. khanny

    Fan running full speed all time

    No it's the small wastgate at the front near water pump pulley I've had to do a lot of work on the engine lately and had to remove it but I can't remember where abouts the nuts on the rod where set. The powers 80% there just not quite right there's not that kick in the ass like there used to be. I know it's definitely these that are not set right as I had trouble with low down power but found the settings for the large wastgate and that's bang on now it just seems to rev more than its pushing if you know what i mean on top end when big turbo kicks in
  7. khanny

    Fan running full speed all time

    Have you had much to do with setting up 535ds I'm struggling to find out how to set up the compressor bypass plate canister the front wastgate near the water pump
  8. khanny

    Wastgate adjustment help needed

    Figured the big wastgate settings it's just the compressor bypass plate canister the little 1 at the front near water pump. Settings for big wastegate here https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e60-535d-lim_200805/repair-manuals/11-engine/11-65-charger-with-control/PItOOKl
  9. khanny

    Fan running full speed all time

    I had unplugged the sensor been thinking to plug it back in but really didn't think it would work, just been and dug the pipe out and plugged it in and it worked mate you are a genius this has been doing my swede in thankyou so much think this would have probley been the last thing I tryed if you hadn't mentioned it. Nice1
  10. khanny

    Fan running full speed all time

    Thanks for the reply, do you no if by me removing the ac compressor and pipes if that would effect the engine fan if it dosnt your most probley right about the ambient tempreture
  11. Hi guys I have a 2008 535d recently had to remove both wastegates trying to set them back right but can't seem to find the correct position for both turbos to kick in how they were before. Adjusted to full length and down to full shortness but now big wastegate is set to an inch and half from end of rod and first turbo seems to be working a lot better just can't seem to get second turbo to boost properly, it is boosting but nowhere near what it should be. All vacuum tubes been replaced pressure convertors replaced, no black smoke. Has anyone any idea which wastegate controls the big turbo as whether I adjust the big wastegate or the little one in front of the radiator it just seems to affect low down boost. Thanks Sent from my G3311 using Bimmerfest mobile app
  12. Recently done a fair bit of work on my 535d, removed ac pump and piping as it didn't work, now when engine running the fan is running full speed constantly, fan will stop when I unplug the power from the interior blower controls, has anyone else ever had this issue and would removing the ac cause this, I'm thinking a faulty fan but don't want to buy one if not. Is there a fan speed control relay anywhere. Thanks
  13. khanny

    long shot but after a rear 20inch 433 wheel

    ye I believe they are reps didn't help they have 275/30/20 tyres on rears I've cracked 3 sets of wheels in 9 months
  14. khanny

    Brake caliper paint

    eurocarparts do a kit with brake cleaner for 15 quid
  15. hi guys just cracked my rear wheel does any1 have 1 from a 6 series wheel433 20 inch, 9.5 wide Il try put pic on