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    2004 Ford Mondeo Ghia X Tdci, 2005 Bmw 525d M Sport, 2012 Mercedes C63 AMG

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  1. Y333MOE

    Arctic's 530d

    Car looks awesome!! I do think the 19 inch ellipsoid rims will set it apart... i had it on my first e60. anyways what do you think?
  2. Y333MOE

    Arctic's 530d

    Magic........ speechless.......... 5*****
  3. Y333MOE

    Foggy headlights

    Hey.. thats a lovely job you did on your headlights. Sorry I wasn't aware you could refurb them, I was thinking I had to buy new lenses or the whole unit. Anyways what equipment meant would I need to carry this out and would I need any special skills. Thanks for this post and thanks for the awareness. Hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Y333MOE

    Another Newbie

    hello. sounds like a nice motor, could we get a pic of it. also you should think of getting it mapped.... anyways hope to see your car soon
  5. Y333MOE

    My second e60 525d! And new to the forum

    Thanks for the welcome... loving your tourer!! With my favourite f series alloys, better than the facelifted rims. anyways hope to chat soon
  6. Y333MOE

    My second e60 525d! And new to the forum

    Hey thanks guys... appreciate the welcome, and thanks p3tchy, I'm happy you like the colour. So do I get to see your cars?
  7. Y333MOE

    My second e60 525d! And new to the forum

    Hey..... merc convert? Which Merc did you have?
  8. Y333MOE

    Share your previous cars lists

    Hey new to the forum but thought I should share some of my old cars. started of with a 2003 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 and had it a couple of years befor I bought my first Bmw, which was an e87 120d se, i had also owned an e60 525d se which had ellipsoid alloys on which I quite liked they way it looked. After that switched back to petrol and ended up with a mk5 gti dsg, lively little cars but it's just to small. After the gti I bought a 2005 Saab 9-3 vector sport. Absolute gem of a car and eats up the miles. Than for a short while I owned a 2013 Skoda octavia 1.6 tdi, but got rid and bought a £700 Mondeo ghia x which I still currently own. But most importantly I have my second e60, which is another 525d but it's the m sport! Hopefully be putting on new shoes soon, still haven't decided on which to go for, the ellipsoid or the spider alloys..... anyways lemme share a few pics.
  9. Hello guys, was browsing online for 5 series forum and thought this looked the best. anyways just recently picked up my second e60 and thought I should join the forum and see all other e60s. Anyways I shall now share a pic of my new addition. Hopefully we chat soon.