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  1. Yadah yadah... UPGRADE!!
  2. HandyAndy_UK

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    Just checked again on BMW UK and suddenly I now have an outstanding quality enhancement. Code 11420500. Does that ring any bells with anyone? Can't do a lot anyway as I'm still stuck in soggy northern Germany for a few months!
  3. HandyAndy_UK

    Recommendations for puncture kit

    I picked up a genuine BMW mobility kit - compressor, replaceable gunk bottle, pressure gauge all in a nice non sliding pouch. Does everything I need... the compressor has baled out a good few colleagues too.
  4. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 (facelift) - Lower grill removal

    The entire nosecone needs to come off, but although easier with the front wheels removed, it´s not actually necessary.
  5. HandyAndy_UK

    Ista options

    Well unless you have something specific in mind, the obvious answer would be a scan for fault codes. see what you find.
  6. HandyAndy_UK

    Air con refresh

    When I use one twice a year I just put it in the front passenger footwell 'as is'. When it's all done it smells all clean, fresh and lovely... and I always have charcoal filters fitted.
  7. HandyAndy_UK

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    Might be fun for me .... UK registered car currently in the middle of europe and I'm elsewhere working the biggest NATO exercise for 25 years. I had the check notified by BMW UK, carried out by BMW DE and I'll have no access to snail mail for the next few months ! Oh well, time will tell...
  8. HandyAndy_UK

    Spider in rear light

    i think we are missing the point here.... a spider has lost it's life ! Can we each take a moment to reflect.
  9. HandyAndy_UK

    Android auto retro fit to f11??

    The android units link into the existing setup. Typically meaning you keep whatever function you already have, but would then be able to switch to what is effectively a touchscreen android tablet in place of your old screen. Depending whose system you fit you'd have whatever preinstalled apps for music, nav, etc. They all have WiFi and Bluetooth so even with nothing preinstalled, you could download your own choice of app.
  10. HandyAndy_UK

    Android auto retro fit to f11??

    Sorry... ended up a tad busy with work. I'll try to get a chance soon... if only as I'm rather curious myself now.
  11. HandyAndy_UK

    BMW F10 F11 key fob remote battery change

    This was an area that hit me within the first few months of owning the F11.... and where I found that having gotten the warning to change the fob battery when I opened the car in the morning, I planned to do it at lunchtime, only to find the car would not unlock and the manual blade would rotate, but not unlock anything. Having gotten a lift to obtain a replacement battery, swapped it and got mobile again, I bought a new replacement battery within a couple of weeks and I keep that in the armrest. Simple rule - when you get the 'change fob battery' warning, do that straight away... don't leave it until later. Slight tangent, my police F11 only came with one fob, so having experienced the above, I bit the bullet and ordered a genuine second one complete, from my favoured dealer over here. One week and a little over 300bucks later I get it. Following the specified sync procedure... nothing! And that includes deliberately leaving the 1st fob back in reception so signals could not be a problem. Parts tech..... no joy... Service manager.... nope... Eventually, the only person who could get it to sync and work was my favourite, English speaking service receptionist. Now I rotate fobs, changing every month.
  12. HandyAndy_UK

    Android auto retro fit to f11??

    The 'standard' info screens are all 2/3 + 1/3 ... the android screens are all fullscreen. Mine had the tiny, basic screen, being a police build.
  13. HandyAndy_UK

    Android auto retro fit to f11??

    I'll have to give it a try over the weekend... not something I've looked into... as per usual with such things, we only use a fraction of their capabilities.
  14. HandyAndy_UK

    Android auto retro fit to f11??

    I've had mine in for quite a bit, yes. It gets used almost every day and I think it's a great upgrade. I don't use bluetooth streaming, I have a 1TB card in it with enough music for around 10 straight days' listening. For nav, it came with iGo installed, which I've been update maps freely for as it's fullly licensed, but I've also used Google Maps without a problem. The music player isn't the best app I've come across, but it works fine too. It can link to the phone via bluetooth and uses it's own mic, but the car already has bluetooth phone fitted and I rarely use that as it is. Everything works as advertisedand after I changed the supplied reversing camera so I could retain the tailgate switch use, it's been a great and very commonly used addition.
  15. HandyAndy_UK

    Ambient lighting F11 LCI

    The more automatic systems are built into cars, the less the driver actually needs to concentrate on driving. While some safety systems are all very well, the more you rely on automated systems, the less attention you pay to whether they're actually working correctly... and that's just the start of a slippery slope. Prime example - whilst driving a nearly new 26 tonne Scania rigid truck around 3 years back I was introduced to the auto-braking system... annoyingly I was on a winding Norfolk road that headed toward some cottages before deviating to the right and away in the direction of Swanton Morley. Approaching the bend in the road around 40mph I took my foot off the gas and allowed the truck's speed to decay sufficiently for the bend I could see ahead. Unfortunately, the truck couldn't see the bend and so as I got to around 20m from the deviation markers (black and white chevron boards) as I wasn't braking, the system did it for me and I got the shock of my life as it tried to stop me ramming into this 'obstruction' by applying heavy braking. This braking was completely unnecessary and if another vehicle had been behind me, they could easily have run into my truck. From that point on when I got into those trucks I started the engine then switched off both auto braking and lane deviation (steering vibration) - that also a nightmare on narrow country roads as you're forever crossing centrelines. I'm the driver, the vehicle is not !