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  1. HandyAndy_UK

    Which clip I need to fit LED bulbs, please?

    Looking at that kit the 'spacer' goes in the lamp housing, to provide the seating normally on the H7 bulb, then led lamp is fitted and retained by the silver clip, bayonet style. Is there a different H7 fitting in the BMW housing?
  2. HandyAndy_UK

    Bmw f10 n57 530d

    As another check out your VIN into a decoder (Google BMW decode) and you should see everything your vehicle was built with. My guess would be unlikely to include high speed braking but you never know.
  3. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 525d 3.0 hesitation

    There's simple stuff too such as oil and filters change, including fuel filter. All cheap service elements you'd be doing anyway... and if the fuel filter's not been done in a while/ever it may have an effect.
  4. HandyAndy_UK

    Fault code 287500, Pre CAT O2 sensor, N57 2014

    Pretty sure the one I got was a bgs 22mm 1140-22 off Amazon. Around £12 a few months back. Being the offset type it made it easy to get access to the sensor. Cleaning was initially a very hot water washout, then soak in Mr Muscle and finally repeated blast and shake out with copious amount of carb cleaner. Sun dried, refitted then a good blast up the autobahn to keep it hot. Monitored during the drive, the values were steady and as expected the whole time, so I've surmised it's good.
  5. HandyAndy_UK

    Missing USB socket

    Nice, cheap result
  6. HandyAndy_UK

    Fault code 287500, Pre CAT O2 sensor, N57 2014

    I had mine out for a check and clean back in summer. Pretty simple to remove with an O2 sensor socket... the trickiest part was working out the plug slides out from where it mounts on the plasticwork. I cleaned it with carb cleaner over a weekend. Been fine ever since.
  7. HandyAndy_UK

    Front Brake Discs

    When I first changed the fronts on the F11 I was expecting to have to remove the caliper bracket based on experience with the E61. I was pleasantly surprised to find a new set of 348x30 just slipped straight in without removing more than just the caliper. The additional thickness of the x36 may make a difference, but obviously I'd give it a go before going to the hassle of removing the brackets.
  8. HandyAndy_UK

    530d f11 Suspension Air Bag Popped.. Again!!

    When correctly fitted the upper is retained in its 'bayonet' fitting and the lower clips into the suspension arm. Even with the car in the air and both rear wheels dangling, the airspring should remain in place. As @d_a_n1979 has suggested, I would get a look in the area... Whatever has been rubbing against the airspring should show a pretty obvious and corresponding witness mark.
  9. HandyAndy_UK

    Which wheels will fit

    They're exactly what came as standard on my 530d..... yep, they fit
  10. HandyAndy_UK

    Android head unit

    There are dates when each model was supposedly changed, however the only 100% accurate way I found on mine was to dismount the screen and check the LVDS connection. 4 pin... CIC 6 pin... NBT This may help... https://hifimax.net/blog/about-bmw-lvds When changing my screen to an Android unit I originally went by how the display looked, as many advised.... turns out different software on each unit can very easily confuse the issue and I ended up getting the wrong unit. The seller then advised me about the LVDS cable which made all the difference.
  11. HandyAndy_UK

    Android head unit

    This may help... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDrive
  12. HandyAndy_UK

    Indicator Error

    To be fair, my old E61 was so much easier when changing pollen filters as they were under the bonnet at the base of the screen. In general I have found the F series a big leap forward in ease of maintenance. Admittedly one badly filmed video or badly described process can put you off completing a relatively simple task. What I would point out is that US built vehicles can and do differ in some aspects due to their various state and federal laws. Wherever possible try to look at as many videos as possible covering your intended task and pay more attention to EUR built vehicles.
  13. HandyAndy_UK

    Indicator Error

    'like removing the airbag just to change the cabin pollen filter. That is absolutely unbelievable….' Errr.... how exactly did you go about that... most of us just remove the cover under the glovebox...
  14. HandyAndy_UK

    Establishing emergency call

    Of course if you're able to get any codes read, something may point you to a possible problem.
  15. HandyAndy_UK

    Establishing emergency call

    I think you may be looking at a visit to your local stealer on this one.... bit complex for us spanner-wielders, methinks.