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  1. HandyAndy_UK

    Driving Comfort Restricted

    ... or, change into some velour underpants Drive comfy
  2. HandyAndy_UK

    Red speed flashing up

    On my F11 this typically happens when I set the cruise (display shows set speed in green) but then cancel cruise while the setspeed is still showing, this displaying the same, but in red. I've yet to see anything just pop up in red. One possibility comes to mind, if you have satnav it's always possible it's warning you you're exceeding the limit. I know Scania trucks have GPS based cruise control (seriously annoying). But just guessing....
  3. HandyAndy_UK

    Next job...

    Added bonus: I saved the screws from the old, damaged headlamp unit (as you do) and the indicator cap/holder and after a quick 'I wonder...' found they're the same screws as found in the roof mountings for the crap guard. As I had a couple missing, now I don't. Groovy!
  4. HandyAndy_UK


    Well you and I just put in a foi request to the appropriate constabulary.
  5. HandyAndy_UK

    Next job...

    Well a short rotation back to blighty has provided the opportunity to finally replace the damaged left headlight. A Hella 1LL 011 087-731 is the correct replacement for a basic, non-adaptive left, hid unit. The heavily corroded controller card being replaced by a unit marked as Lear. Total spend about £620 on the two parts, the remainder being swapped from the old unit. All plug n play, no coding required, however I would point out that the halos do function better when you actually fit them to the headlamp rather than leave them sat on your toolbox while you wonder why the dipped beam works but not the DRLs. (Self-proclaimed muppet!) Carly used to clear all codes, then rescan shows clear. Happy teddybear. Just leaves me with a spare basic left headlight unit with damaged main case, and a spare adaptive left headlight (my temporary livesaver) to dispose of...
  6. When I had my E61 I got fuel pressure warnings randomly. During my investigation I'm sure I read that if a fault occurred, then the same fault did not occur for the next 6(?) starts, the code cleared. Whether it remains in a longer term DTC log, I know not.
  7. HandyAndy_UK

    Pull when braking

    One possible explanation as to why you notice it in rain might be the additional drag from surface water... a bit like when you hit a large puddle only on one side, you feel the drag pull to that side. The fault will be there all the time, just more apparent in rain.
  8. HandyAndy_UK

    Pull when braking

    First job, get the front wheels off and check for obvious damage... difference in pad/disc wear between sides... then go from there. It could be a dirty or stuck caliper, pad or disc failing/failed... any number of possibilities, but it's a major safety issue so needs dealing with PDQ.
  9. HandyAndy_UK

    Parking brake switch

    Good topic to have found as I noticed a small crack across the rear left corner of mine the other day. Nice to see it's potentially a cheap and easy fix.
  10. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    For 17s I can heartily recommend Michelin CrossClimate+ .... GoFlats so much more comfy than RunFlats, great grip in all weathers - B B 69db on the tag.
  11. HandyAndy_UK

    Loose pipe in F11 engine compartment

    Clever while they work... Expensive when they don't.
  12. HandyAndy_UK

    Xenon kits replacement.

    Check the legalities before you start. You will need headlamp washers and automatic levelling to comply with MoT requirements.
  13. HandyAndy_UK

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Remember it will want a replacement sensor too, even if the current one is untouched. Damned annoying extra expense!
  14. HandyAndy_UK

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    Mine's also ex-plod and the system is fully functional. I'd imagine coding out a safety system wouldn't go down too well. No idea if it's a procedure thing... when I've done mine I just start the engine, brakes on, go to the tpws page, reset, confirm then all is good. As with so many of these make sure you're stationary with brakes on to perform the reset. I think it actually tells you what to do anyway, so you've probably already tried it a few times...
  15. HandyAndy_UK

    Front Discs & Silencer (F11)

    Slightly different over here in Germany as far as the lack of motor factors' goes, but the Autodoc system does provide huge savings if you're doing the work. When I did my fronts last year I got 2 ATE discs and pads for marginally more than BMW wanted for a single disc.