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  1. Hippy

    DISA valve re-build?

    + 1 for the i6 kit
  2. Hippy


    Whilst I was out and about today with work I was encouraged to see police flagging cars down for random checks. Hopefully this might make people think twice before venturing out if they don't need to.
  3. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'm getting 14v across the battery at idle.
  4. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted my alternator that I had reconditioned locally this week. I was a little worried that the firm would close whilst they still had it, as I'm still required to go into work. Thankfully they did a quick turn around, it's now fitted and charging correctly again.
  5. Hippy

    Another headlight question - sorry!

    I converted mine from halogens to xenons. If you are upgrading to the nightbreakers as well, you will need....... The ballast holders will mount to your units.... My lenses were bad too, but I used wet or dry as above and then buffed them...... As I didn't have the facility to programme the error code out, I fitted resistors inline instead..... And voila........
  6. Hippy

    Polly bushes

    I refreshed / upgraded the rear of the car a year or so ago. Meyle HD subframe bushes, B6 Billies, an M5 ARB , Aerosus bags and all the links and arms replaced . I used Lemforder parts,but had the rubber bushes on them replaced with Powerflex items. The rear is now really taught. I honestly haven't noticed any increase in noise or vibration ,and when the budget allows I will do the same to the front, albeit with B8's and Eibach shorter springs. As @d_a_n1979 and @DennisCooper state it is a very subjective thing. Maybe find someone local who has fitted them so you can " try before you buy" ? I'm in Dorset if you are anywhere near.
  7. Hippy

    R53 Mini Arch Trim

    Many thanks, Paypal payment made. Regards, Ralph
  8. Hippy

    R53 Mini Arch Trim

    Good Morning! Price please for 1 x Front Wheel Arch Cover RH 51131505864 Also the fixing clips for the above - I believe 1 x 07137036159 and 3 x 07132757821 ( please confirm ). Car reg RG02NSK Many thanks, Ralph
  9. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the car for an MOT today. All that cleaning last weekend must have paid off, as it passed with flying colours and no advisories The tester and the workshop manager both commented that it was one of the nicest E39's they had seen in a while. I felt like a proud father !
  10. Hippy

    E39 Holey Crap that's not good!

    I had mine repaired last year......it wasn't cheap
  11. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT time next week, and I always like to present a clean car. Daft? Who knows!! Anyway, although the weather is grotty here, I just managed a wash and wax before the heavens opened . The old girl still scrubs up well for a 150k miler, and the rain beading on the bonnet looks very arty!!
  12. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Didn't realise that's what it was there for, but luckily Yes I did!!
  13. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The windows started to steam up last week and after a quick check the rear carpets confirmed an ingress of water. Turned out the rear near side door vapour barrier was the culprit......... Picked up a new vapour barrier from the local Stealer this week and set to today.......... Removed the old sealant and degreased the surfaces......... I've tried various products in the past, including the genuine BMW sealant, but none have seemed to work for too long. A couple of years ago I had to replaced the offside rear door barrier and tried Tiger Seal, which has held so far. So......... The cold and damp didn't help matters and I had to gently use a hot air gun to help the curing process. An little while later.......... All seems well, but I've left the door card off for now as we're expecting rain and that will confirm ( hopefully ) that the day's toil was a success.
  14. Hippy

    E39 anti roll bar swap?

    + 1 I've done exactly the same and agree with the above. I now need to refresh and upgrade the front when time / cash permit, as the standard ( and probably tired ) standard shocks, springs, bushes etc now feel soft and vague in comparison to the rear.
  15. That's good value - I'll have to scurry down to our local store and see if they're doing the same No worries re the HVAC panel. If it eases your pain give me a shout next time your'e down Lyme Regis way ( about an hour from me), and I'll trundle down and let you buy me an ice cream