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    Bonnet release not working

    I've just signed up to this forum to extend a huge thanks to Kilty1 for documenting the procedure for releasing the offside bonnet catch on my E60 from the underneath! Although I do most jobs myself, when the bonnet cable didn't open the bonnet yesterday (and after a hard day's work), I had to either laugh, cry or Google. Picking up this thread saved me a garage visit and an uncomfortable negotiation with someone who a.) wouldn't want the job and b.) would rip the thing to bits and not put everything back right (from past experience). Having this thread at my fingertips gave me the confidence to get stuck into this one. Let's face it, it's "one of those jobs" isn't it?! Precious time that could be spent doing something productive on the car! Anyway, I got the car onto axle stands and arranged an old duvet and pillow on the driveway. Everything came apart like a treat and as described. Mis-shaping the wheel arch liner for the last bolt on the brake air duct was tough and I got eyes full of grit (will never learn to wear goggles!), the air intake was a struggle like Kilty1 said - I used a big, long screwdriver to push against the ribbed part of the pipe to get purchase on it and push it away. My latch had a plastic cover on it, which I pulled off downwards with long pliers. Finally, I couldn't get my steel ruler between the latch in the place on the picture, but I did manage to push on the release hook within about 2 minutes of prodding and then, the orgasmic "pop" of the bonnet! The whole issue had been self-inflicted, as I had nudged the cable housing out of the retaining cup when cleaning under there. It's a dodgy design that needs the cable tie mod to stop it happening again. Done! Thanks again Kilty1 - You did me a massive favour, so CHEERS!! P.S. Took me 3 hours including all jacking up, tools out, 3 tea breaks and a bacon butty, tools away, clearing up.