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  1. Hi Everyone I have some error codes on my E39 530D auto that i’m trying to decipher, from INPA. Can someone please confirm if these interpretations are right? 7717 - “Monitoring speed sensor” 13573 - “Glow plugs or glow relay?” 1028 - “EGR not working” 1541 - “Control Unit DDE” I’m assuming the 7717 one is a cam sensor? The one I’m most woried about is the 1541 control unit DDE one, I hope the DDE is npt defective! Does anyone know why I would get that 1541 error code please? Thanks in advance
  2. kojo

    Hi everyone!

    Yes it could actually, I went through quite a few alloy wheels but the car had vibration at speed with all of them. Because I do a lot of driving I decided on the smoothest ride I could get, which was on the original turbines! Might try some more seeing as it's coming up to summer [emoji4]... No he's not painting a tree, thats a ninja turtle about to chop the tree down!! ... Sometimes I also refer to him as my son [emoji12]!
  3. Hi everyone Hoping someone can help me with this issue I have recently bought a 2000 E39 535i, with the ZF5HP24 box. I bought it knowing it had a faulty gearbox, it was stuck in 4th gear, reverse was fine. Fault codes at the time showed '3BS: Stall speed' Anyway with a bit of research on the auto box, I managed to get a second hand one for a decent price, and I had the Torque converter refurbished. I assumed the old box had a blown A drum, although thinking about it, there was no metal debris when I dropped the pan? Anyway, had the replacement box and 'new' TC fitted - same symptoms. Car goes into limp mode straight away as soon as I start it. Fault code this time reads: "Error 15:Pressure actuator EDS total current" When the engine is turned off, I can clear the codes but as soon as I start it again, error comes up I was told this could be a faulty solenoid circuit supply or wiring, or a defective EGS. I tested all the wiring from the gearbox to the EGS, all ok. I got a replacement EGS with the same part numbers, no difference. Same fault code appears straight away... Here's something that might point to my problem: The replacement 'box I got came from a car registered in 1996, my car is year 2000. I'm just thinking, is there a difference between the '96 box and the '00 box which means my EGS cannot talk to the older 'box?? Are the internals of the two 5HP24's different? Any help much appreciated Duncan
  4. kojo

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone Just joined on here, looking for some help for an E39, and also to help where I can. I currently own two E39's, a 1999 528i which is my daily driver with nearly 200,000 miles on the clock (runs like a dream!) and a newly acquired 535i which has a faulty gearbox. My name is Duncan and I live in Kent. Do a lot of the work on my car myself, but I don't have a garage or a ramp so I'm limited with big jobs! I have a laptop with INPA, DIS and Progman if anyone is in Kent and would like codes read for the older models (I've only used them on my E39's) - contact me... Will be going through the topics in the forum before I post my issue - I might find the answer first! Thanks for reading