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  1. MoT passed with just an advisory on rear inner tyre wear, but should be ok for a few thousand miles. Similar pattern but not as excessive as my E61. Celebrated by filling up on Esso super unleaded on the way home. Strange to drive straight up to a pump without queuing!
  2. I admire you Marko; my three always have a right whinge when I bundle them into the boot. Have a good break.
  3. Caesar

    Weak windscreen washer jets

    I too use the BMW fluid as mentioned by Matthew together with distilled water. Not had a problem since.
  4. After sitting in the garage for a month, took the F11 on a trip to Liverpool, Chester and Bangor. Not a mega trip at 300 miles but it was a joy. I've had it for 6 years and it still impresses. Driving up to Newcastle tomorrow. I'll have to watch my speed as I got a ticket driving up the A1 in North Yorkshire. They still use traditional speed enforcement with in my case, a cop sat on a bridge zapping cars.
  5. I didn't ask for BMW OEM. I'm with Direct Line which directed me to the Autoglass website and I arranged everything on line. I did ring Autoglass to check it would be HUD specific but didn't ask for a BMW branded screen. Worth calling them to check. Hope it all works out for you.
  6. Pilkington could well be OEM from what I've read but I'm not 100% sure. This thread is interesting; one fitter suggests specifically asking Autoglass for OEM.
  7. This is the screen I had replaced by Autoglass if it helps.
  8. About the nail picked up at the tip...
  9. I would be writing to the council. Unlikely to get compensation but it may prompt them to sweep up more often. I got my first flat tyre in about 10 years. Luckily repairable so not much of an issur. Had a cracked screen last year. I was a bit worried about the quality of the work (sensors HUD, etc) but it all worked out fine. Just remember to ensure they have the correct screen for your car. I have HUD which has an additional coating I believe.
  10. They're go flats. I have a space saver but easier to transport the wheel in my pit car. £15 and 15 mins later, it was plugged and rebalanced. Now back on and correctly torqued. Next job is to give it it's annual deep clean and polish.
  11. A trip out to Manchester Viewing Park over the weekend. Enjoyable but it rained on the way there so thought I'd better give the garage queen a bit of a clean. Good news: it looks shiny and new. Bad news: apart from the flat tyre! A screw managed to bury itself in the tread. I think the God's are putting me in my place; it was just the other day that I was daring to feel smug about not having had a puncture in the last 10 years or so of driving. Wheel off and awaiting transportation to my local tyre guys for what I hope will be an easy repair.
  12. The question I aak myself when replacing tyres is how quickly do I want to come to a stop in an emergency? Even a delay of a few feet can make the difference between a close shave and a collision. There will be a mark up for major brands but that's not the only factor. Research, quality and design also contribute to the price. I don't wish to preach but the difference is probably the cost of a meal out or two. Personally, the switch to non RFTs was a good choice in terms of comfort but if you need to rule out the possibility of being stranded due to a puncture, you may want to stick with RFTs.
  13. So can anyone tell me what the problem is from this picture?  A: 1.5 ton car being supported by a plastic bucket?
  14. Why is there an auxiliary rad?