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  1. Anil, If you decide to repair, someone recommended a pano roof specialist quite some time ago. May be worth getting a quote if you're not too far away.
  2. You must have driven on the flat or moved to Norfolk!
  3. Piggybacking is the method I and others have used. It could be that the fusees are easier to access in LHD cars...
  4. Caesar

    520d MSport plus ????

    I had voice command in my E61 and now my F11. Useless in both cars so I have never used it. The voice command on our Amazon remote has 99% accuracy and cost a pittance. I appreciate there is more background noise in a car but the system is really woefully. Shame as it would be really useful for nav, phone etc on the move.
  5. Caesar

    Door lock catch mystery

    Esso station in Oakham. The guy behind the counter was I admit, polite and friendly, but not 25p worth of customer service. Even my car threw a wobbler!
  6. Caesar

    Door lock catch mystery

    I think I've worked it out... I remember when paying for the petrol, the card machine gave me the option of paying a 25p gratuity which I declined. The gods must have noticed and thought they'd teach me a lesson. It's the first time I've seen a gratuity option at a petrol station, but if I come across it again, I'll think twice before pressing the no button.
  7. Caesar

    Door lock catch mystery

    Thanks Andrew. I'll lube it and see if it happens again. I don't recall pushing down on the button, but it could have happened.
  8. A strange glitch with my driver's door today after I had just filled up with fuel. When I got back in and tried to close the door it wouldn't latch. Had a closer look and saw the latch was in the closed position, but with the door open. I locked and unlocked the doors a few times, started and stopped the engine, jiggled the latch gently to try and move it to it's open position, all to no avail. It wasn't budging and the door wouldn't close. Eventually I thought I'd move it away from the pumps so it wasn't in the way. I wondered if it would move with the door open but it did; I'm guessing because the car thought the door was actually closed. Once I'd moved it out of the way, guess what? The door closed and latched normally. I didn't dare open it again as I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me and didn't want to risk it latching in the open position again. When I got home the door was still working normally. I'm hoping it's a one off glitch but it's a bit of a mystery! Anyone experienced this issue with their car?
  9. A "batch" is a bit of an understatement!
  10. Caesar

    F11 Touring Dog Guard

    Chris, I may have the wrong end of the stick, but don't you have a guard built into the boot cover tube? Or are you after a sturdier version...
  11. I fixed it behind the grille before refitting the condenser. Not sure if it can be done with the condenser in place; have a scan of the video earlier in the post. Another method may be to fit it from underneath. Not sure if that's an option but if you remove some of the protective panel under the front of the car you could identify if it's possible. Another thought is to fit IA section of Black mesh in front of the grille slats, but you'd have to ensure it looks OK and not a cheap add on! Hopefully you'll get some other contributions with better ideas than mine!
  12. I replaced with an original part initially which failed after 12 months. Went fo a Nissens after that. 11 months on so can't judge just yet... I did fit some mesh screening to protect it from large stones too. Tie will tell if this combination works!
  13. Poor quality manufacture and/or vulnerability to stone damage as far as I can see. 8 years is good going as is the £60 bill.
  14. Caesar

    Car sitting - not doing much....

    Maybe I'm not quite on the bottom rung of the food chain after all ! Added coolness: it has more cylinders than an i3.
  15. Caesar

    Car sitting - not doing much....

    535i + Panda 1.1. Like Vishal, I also use the Panda for dodgy city centres or car parks where I'd be worried the BMW would pick up damage or maybe get nicked. The Panda is a cinch to park and other drivers are happy to let me into traffic. Each car is perfect for the different jobs they do. I do sometimes think about having a single all rounder, but have not been able to work that one out yet. Good point about depreciation but as its a petrol, I think it's now appreciating.