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  1. The F series seems to be forming its own brolly aperture in th doors!
  2. Caesar

    2015 520D vs 2016 530D

    I think there's a lot of wriggle room on 3rd party warrantirs so I would bargain them down on the price of that if you go for the 520. Having said that, I'd probably go for the 530.
  3. Caesar

    F10 535i Micro Filter change DIY

    I usually buy Mann or Mahle. I'm sure someone's said they both supply filters to BMW. The fit is spot on.
  4. I take mine to the council's fleet depot for my mot. The guys there are car enthusiasts and the 5 usually attracts a few admirers, so usually a pleasant experience. Probably a nice change to examining Toyota Prius and Berlingo taxis! They don't carry out any repairs so I don't have to worry about them ripping me off. In fact, they only charge £35 for the test. You have to pay for your owmn coffee from a dodgy machine but I can live with that!
  5. Caesar

    F10 535i Spark Plug service DIY

    Comprehensive write up and photos; thanks Andrew!
  6. We have Mio models in our cars. Totally reliable so far. They have built in fixed speed camera alerts with no annual fee.
  7. Took my F11 to the local council fleet depot for its MoT. Passed without an issue. Thorough test but completely objective as they don't carry out repairs.
  8. Caesar

    Lock button rattle

    I'm not sure why we still have the lock buttons; I'e never used them apart from checking the car's locked.
  9. Caesar

    Windscreen cracked

    Let us know how you get on.
  10. Caesar

    Windscreen cracked

    Update: My insurance website (Direct Line) linked through to Autoglass. I decided to call them to check they knew it was a screen with HUD (which they did) and paid the £75 excess. About a week later they rang to say it was in stock and booked a date. They apparently had to order the screen from BMW. The fitter turned up today and spent about an hour fitting it. He found a very small stone chip which caused the crack to appear. It seems a good job although a bit of mastic can be felt in one area along the top of the screen, on the inside. It's not visible though. The HUD seems to work exactly as before. After he'd gone, I noticed there wasn't sufficient dashcam cable sticking out from the headlining for me to place the dashcam where I normally have it; there was some mastic around the cable so I wasn't going to start messing about with it. I rang the fitter, who to be fair, returned within the hour and repositioned the cable. I haven't driven it yet but I'm fairly happy with the outcome and the screen even has a little BMW (+ Pilkington) logo in the corner.
  11. Caesar

    Windscreen cracked

    Thanks; I'll make sure I specify a HUD screen. Hope your replacement works out fine.
  12. Caesar

    Windscreen cracked

    I'm with Direct Line who offer to meet all the cost for an excess of £75 (Autoglass) or up to £125 if I were to have it done myself (via BMW for example). I'm guessing a the cost of a new screen will be too costly to take the dealer option and top up the £125 myself? I had my E61 screen replaced by Autoglass and it was fine, but that only had a rain sensor.
  13. Caesar

    Windscreen cracked

    Cheers Matthew. Do you think the insurance may say they will try to polish it out first?