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  1. Caesar


    Works well in a Panda!
  2. Caesar


    Spot on Matthew!
  3. Caesar


    I went through the same process of cleaning the filter, which as has been said, is a real pain! The filter is a fine mesh to prevent any blockages at the nozzles where the holes are very small in order to provide a fine spray. The BMW fluid (and VAGI believe) are formulated with this in mind. I also use distilled rather than tap water. I'm sure some will see this as a bit OTT, but it works for me.... so far!
  4. Caesar

    BMW service history

    Seems like a cynical move by BMW to dissuade owners from having their car serviced outside the dealership. They're probably not the only ones. They'll argue they are keeping a database of work done by BMW but it leaves owners with what seems to be an incomplete service record.
  5. Caesar

    Dark Mode Sat Nav

    Thanks Andy. Found it under Map Settings then Day/Night mode. Now set to day mode permanently, which I prefer.
  6. Caesar

    Dark Mode Sat Nav

    I had a look and couldn't find the option on mine. Possibly due to it being a 2011 model? The on board owner's manual refers to the option which is strange...
  7. I recently had the oil and spark plugs replaced by the dealer which left the air and pollen filters which I tackled today. Really easy following the guides I found, including Andrew's (rare) 535i air filter advice. Vacuumed out the debris in the air filter housing whilst I was in there. Interesting that the air filter also fits Rolls Royce Dawn, Ghost and Wraith according to the info on the packaging. I was quite pleased to see that as a BMW owner, but probably would have been less impressed if I'd shelled out for a RR. Then again, if I had a RR I probably would know where the bonnet release was let alone the air filter! Got the parts from Opie. One word of advice when ordering the pollen filters: you only need to order one unit as it contains two filters (Opie were very good about taking the second unit back). Can't help wondering why BMW made changing them so easy on the E60 (pods under the bonnet) but chose to hide them away behind interior panels in the F10? Engineering necessity or to dissuade DIYers? The dealer couldn't reset the oil service warning because they weren't replacing the air filters, so I did that myself using the trip button: 10 seconds... Easy job and even though I bought quality Mahle products, saved £140!
  8. You're spot on Mike: U. S. designed but made in China. Mind you, it should be compatible with the electricity supplied by the Chinese reactor being built at Hinckley Point!
  9. My CTEK charger developed a fault. I liaised with CTEK UK couldn't help other than advise I buy another CTEK. Instead, bought a NOCO Genius 3500, reduced to £37 in the Black Friday sales. Looks very robust and has a 5 year warranty.
  10. Caesar

    Display gone funny?

    Hi George, Always worth seeing whether, as suggested, there may be a goodwill gesture especially as its not too fr out of warranty. Could be worth speaking to BMW themselves if dealer not willing to do so. Revtronc in Bfd may be an option although I haven't had to use them myself. They may have come across a similar issue before. Goid luck.
  11. I paid £30 each inc fitting. They look to be around £22+ each to buy so not too costly for the labour.
  12. Wish I'd have known, Andrew. I'd have been happy to come over and replace the plugs on your car before having a go on mine!
  13. Got the oil and spark plugs done today. As I'll be replacing the air and cabin filters myself, the dealership couldn't reset the service warning on i drive. Cost for the dealer replacing the filters would have been £180 so happy to do them myself (Mann or Mahle) and live with the i drive warning!
  14. Caesar

    Reverse mirrors

    It will only dip the passenger side mirror.
  15. I was tempted by your (excellent) write up, but at £129, I gave in. I am weak!