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  1. Result! I dont mind issues as long as the manufacturer /retailer is prepared to put things right. In fact, customers who have had issues that have been satisfactorily resolved prove to be the most loyal.
  2. Caesar

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    It may be a leak somewhere in the system but as Andrew says, the condenser is made of poor quality cheese, and that's being generous! I've teplaced my condenser twice. Relatively straightforward job following am excellent video someone posterd on you tube. The first replacement was a Hella unit (OE} from ECP. That failed after 12.5 months and ECP were not interested at all. So I then went for a Danish Nissen unit from Amazon that seems to ne fairing better. I also put some mesh betweene the grille and condenser to offer some protection from stones without reducing airflow by very much if at all. Good luck witb resolving this.
  3. Atvlrast they didn't t fob you off. Good luck!
  4. Whay can I say? Try the bronze die extruded pasta; much firmer and totally reliable. Not even the Germans can improve on it {yet}.
  5. Caesar

    F11 overview

    You'll find a huge step up in quality, especially the interior. Steering not as direct as tge E61. I moved from an SE E61 to an MSport F11 on 19 inch wheels. Ii would have liked VDC but i swapped to non run flats which for me, improved the ride and steering which i found to be fine. Some M&S ports were specced with SE suspension as an option, so worth checking. Good luck in your search!
  6. You are spot on with the reliability question, Andrew. The general reliability of the BMs I've ownef has been very good and tge running costd therefore quite low. Quadrifoglio owners on forums seen to be divided into two camps: those with utterly reliable cars and those who spend most of their time with loan cars as tgeirs languish iat the dealer {and tge dealers have a very poor reputation}. A trip down to Cambridge is on the cards before the end of the month; cant wait!
  7. So, the F11 once again saw tge light of day after a 2 month hibernation. Longish 3 hour round trip. It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder; it was just like going for that first test drive all over again! As a Brucie Bonus, it returned 36mpg. Thoughts of betrayal in the form of an Alfa Giulia are fading away...
  8. Caesar

    Park Assist, Auto parking

    I find it hit and miss in terms of the sensors identifying a suitable space for parallel parking. You can sometimes drive past a large enough space without the car seeing it. When it does identify the space, the parking manoeuvre is spot on and watching the steering wheel whizzing around is entertaining!
  9. Caesar

    Bmw 535d f10 or f07

    Isn't the Golf R the most stolen performance car? I wouldn't sleep at night if I had one on the drive!
  10. Caesar

    Battery top-up

    When my CTEK failed I found customer services were indifferent (to be fair, I'd had it for some time). I replaced it with Genius 3500 unit which seems very similar but more robust and with longer leads. Also has a 5 year warranty. I think someone on the forum mentioned the innards of most chargers probably come from the same factory in China, so the differences could be just cosmetic.
  11. Good point, Andrew. I suppose the VW engineers were equally ruthlessly efficient with their measurements, but vague about the method of arriving at certain figures? Anyway, sorry, back to autoboxes!
  12. It would help if BMW had rounded it up to 310hp. Wouldn't have taken much for them to tweak it to a nice round number. Lack of attention to detail!
  13. Glad to hear you're well on the road to recovery Andrew!