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  1. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    Here's a road test video of the car. It's turning into a real car.
  2. All, sorry for the double post but I'm planning to visit family in London in a week and am wondering if anyone could recommend a breaker who can help me source front and rear bumpers for an E12. I'd like to bring them back instead of shipping. Thanks. Al
  3. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    I drove the car home from the shop (about 65 miles one way). The car behaved well. It needs an alignment and I need to either replace the voltage regulator or clean the grounds as my a/c fan varies in speed between engine idle and at speeds which indicates bad grounds. Can anyone tell me where the ground points are on these cars? I cleaned the grounds by the battery and on the block but could not find others.
  4. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    Thanks, I read your complete post after responding. I'll get new bolts at the dealer. We had some significant weather with hail recently so I stashed my car in my storage building along with all the others and have yet to drive it. Oddly enough, I tornado touched down yesterday less then a mile from my building but luckily, nothing was hit. I will go there this evening, assess the damage and maybe swap my 80 280TE with a 4 speed and drive the E12 home. It's getting warm here and the wagon has no A/C.
  5. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    Thanks, I did the valve adjustment on the car but later found out about the Banjo so I need to go back in and put some threadlock on the bolts. Valve adjustment is super easy on these cars which is nice. The internals look super clean. I think the car must have had some head work. I also went around and changed the hoses on all brakes. I have a Motive power bleeder which got me 90% there. The rear brake hoses were a little hard to break free and I was worried that I may round off the nuts on the steel line so I hit the ends with an air chisel to free up any crud build up. I ended up wearing a bunch of brake fluid during process so I hope that it cures balding. The the bleeder ends on the top of the front calipers had a blockage that required foot pressure to get going. The fluid looked like a thick honey at first but cleared up and the brakes are now well balanced. As far as A/C, I had read that the earlier 530i's had inadequate A/C systems (something about having BMW execs from Germany driving around Texas in the back of a 530i to prove a point). This system works really well. It's not gotten too hot here in Texas yet (high 20's) but sitting with your hands on the wheel actually painful if the a/c is on full blast). Today I got the car registered so it's now legal.
  6. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    You're 100% correct, once the caliper came off, the hose on the caliper side was as dry as a bone so the new hoses went on and everything was put back together and bead. Caliper works perfectly so the rebuild kit will wait for another day. I swapped the wheels out with a set of 16" Voxx 5 spoke wheels that were on my 535is parts car. Not my favorite design but they come with a set of brand new Michelin tires so hard to justify buying new 14" tires. Also replaced the drier, pulled a vac and charged up the a/c which is blowing seriously cold. 39 degrees (about 4 degrees C) out of the vents is not too shabby. I'd like to get the other brake hoses this weekend and do a valve adjustment. If I can get through those, I will bring it home.
  7. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    That's a good looking car. I plan on rebuilding the calipers on the 528i this weekend and replacing the brake hoses. I'll put the 16" wheels and tires from the 535is parts car on it for now. The wheels are horrible aftermarket rubbish but the tires are brand new Michelin so it's hard to justify spending on the 14" wheels for now. Once brakes are done, I will move on to fuel lines.
  8. alabbasi

    Air Impact Guns recommendations please.

    Once you buy a compressor, air tools become very cheap and they work better because they're smaller. No big motor, nothing to burn up if you over use it and no batteries to replace (check out the cost of a replacement Milwaukee or Makita battery). Just oil and use. The dewalt I listed produces 650ft/lbs of torque out for about 80 GBP. You're never going to find anything near that kind of power out of anything with a battery.
  9. alabbasi

    New 85 e28 520 auto

    Looks like a nice car. What you describe sounds like flaring between gear changes. I'd check the ATF and see if it's up to level and clean. If not, change the fluid and filter with quality parts. Lovely car , good luck with it.
  10. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    I gave the car a good pressure wash and wiped down the interior. The engine bay cleaned up quite nicely and the car now looks presentable. Once the brakes are rebuilt and I have new tires on it, I would feel comfortable driving it around. The speedometer needs to go
  11. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    Worked a little more on the 528i yesterday with the kid. Got the clutch bled out along with the brakes. The front left caliper is completely seized where there is no fluid coming out. Thermostat was a little suspect so the kid change it out with the one in the parts car. Flushed the coolant and took the car for a spin. Tires are really old and have some major cracks but aside from the squirly driving, it ran pretty well
  12. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    This is correct, just about every US spec car from the 70's and 80's was smogged and under powered when compared to Euro cars. They make great turbo candidates however.
  13. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    It's 4:33 AM and I've made some progress. Pulled the plugs and they looked OK , as did the cap and rotor so I just changed the plug wires. The car started but still ran badly so I drained all of the old fuel (about 7 gallons) from the tank and refilled with fresh gasoline (FYI @ $1.69/gallon). The fired up but did not run on all 6. I checked with with a stethoscope and found that at least 3 injectors were not firing. After a few taps on each injector, they came back to life and the car started running quite well. Not bad give that the last sticker on the dash was from 2004. A/C still had charge which was an additional bonus. Needs a cold start valve as the one on the car is leaking and a thermostat which appears to be always open. Here's a video:
  14. alabbasi

    Hello from across the pond

    Here's a quick video that I took of the car when I first pulled it into the workshop. Quickly saw a couple of issues that would have prevented it from running such as the bad ground strap , eaten up coil wire and frozen linkage. It fired right away but did is not running great. I've already ordered, plugs, wires , rotor, cap etc which will help. Here's a video:
  15. alabbasi

    Air Impact Guns recommendations please.

    I have a snapon at the hobby shop. I'm looking to buy this for the house. http://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DWMT70773L-2-Inch-Square-Wrench-Heavy/dp/B00OK3TL8A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460647788&sr=8-1&keywords=dewalt+air+impact Make sure that you oil your air tools before using and if you're using an extension, it will rob some torque. I'm running a 60 gallon 5 hp compressor at both the house and the hobby shop. I had a $20 impact wrench before, it worked very well on finger tight bolts but not on anything else.