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  1. Yes 3 Peak snow capability. https://www.bridgestone.co.uk/car-tyres/all-season-tyres-weather-control/a005-driveguard/
  2. Just put a set of these 245/40 19 on my Renault Talisman. ‘A’ rating for wet grip and ‘C’ for roll resistance. Nice chunky rim protector. Look big on the rims. Excellent in recent atrocious wet weather, tenacious grip. Just waiting for snow. Lovely pattern on these I had Michelin Cross Climates on my 518D which were excellent, but these Bridgestone’s are just as good. Very quiet running at motorway speeds. Go for XL’s and put tyre pressures on minimum as this gives a smoother ride. XL tyres will cope with lower pressures.
  3. Ram Rod


    These Nexen Wintersport 2’s are excellent winter tyres, and very quiet running too.
  4. Ram Rod

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Hi guys. I had a positive poo test here in France. Seeing the anaesthetist tomorrow and the colonoscopy on the 26th November. A very good idea to have a colonoscopy regardless at the age of 60, and don’t forget your heart. A good check out with a Cardiologist (not GP)..blood pressure, ECG, stress test, ultra sound on heart valves plus measuring the thickness of heart walls, is a very good idea when you hit 50. We have to look after ourselves at least as well as our cars!
  5. Ram Rod

    Ceramic Car Polish

    I managed to graze the Talisman in Eastbourne, reversing out of the way of a pensioner who was blocking the road. Didn't look properly and caught a post. There you go. Anyway, I visited Maximillian who owns the body repair garage in Abbeville today, who sorted out my 518d after it was hit by large hail stones last August. He had two cars in for a ceramic coating, one of which was an Aston Martin. There are many claims made for ceramic polish protecting your paintwork against scratches and marring/swirling. I just wonder how effective these products are? The product Max uses is "Ceramic Pro" Gloss Guard Protected. I don't mind washing my car, and anyway, even after this coating they do say on YouTube videos you should still stay away from car washes with rotating brushes, or a hand wash company which uses a rubber blade to wipe off the surplus water before drying. The cost is €360 for the top product which is four applications of Ceramic Pro H, plus two treatments or layers of the Ceramic Pro Finish. What do you think? Waste of money?
  6. Ram Rod

    F11 powder coated wheels

    Those wheels look great. And I agree that sacrificing the ride comfort of the 17" wheels, unless you have adaptive suspension, is not worth it. Plus 225/55 17 tyres are as cheap as chips.
  7. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    So last Tuesday I arrived at the BMW dealership in Arras with the 5 for the independent assessor to look over the car. I can't believe how quickly three years have gone by. The anticipation and excitement of getting a factory ordered 5 series is still with me. All went well, especially as the assessor guy said I had covered less than the 80,000 kms in my contract. I had to give my wife a very stern look, as she nearly spilt the beans that the assessor had mistaken miles for kilometers! Anyway as a goodwill gesture I was let off the two lightly grazed alloys and the front spolier which had a smallish abrasion. Inside and out the car looked as good as new, still smelt new, but the dealership were selling other secondhand 5 series with less mileage as mine, for much less than the €27,750 demanded of me to keep my pseudo Police interceptor (on British roads!) So I was sad to see it go. I had given the car two extra oil changes during my ownership and it was due another service right now. Apart from the EGR and cooler problem, the car hadn't missed a beat. I would have kept it if BMW France were willing to negotiate, but they were not interested. That is the French for you. It is in their DNA. The fuel economy over the three years averaged a hard 42 mpg, ranging from tankfuls at 37 mpg up to 48 mpg. I never did crack a tankful at 50 mpg, even driving like the Pope. Driving mainly autoroute high speed journeys 95% of the time, I did appreciate the sereness of the car and its composure. The suspension was fine whilst cruising, but too harsh around town or cross country. Why BMW can't design better suspension like I had in the S Max before it, I will never know. The Ford's ride and handling for a seven seater was nothing short of brilliant. To have to fork out for the extra cost and complexity of Adaptive Suspension in what is already an expensive car, seems to be poor marketing by BMW and mean spirited. A car costing this much should have adaptive suspension as standard. The Talisman is a completely different kettle of shoes. More comfortable and it handles like a Meganne RS with seemingly unlimited grip on those big 245/40 19 tyres. Very quiet cruiser with better directional stability at speed than the 518d, and fuel economy has risen with 4,000 kms on the clock to average over 42 mpg on my usual journeys. The only problem is the small fuel tank compromised by the rear wheel steering to just 47 litres. If you had a petrol engined version, you might need a fuel trailer. However I will be on the lookout for a cheap pre-registered 1.8 225 bhp (Meganne rs engine, can be remapped to 285 bhp) Talisman in a years time, as at motorway speeds the petrols would be OK. I will keep in touch on this forum as there is a lot of useful information here. Cheers for now. ps. If you get overtaken by a Talisman, you will know who it is!
  8. Ram Rod

    Jeezzz, Look at The Size of These Kidneys!

    Is this a Chinese copy of a BMW 7 series?
  9. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    All fine until it goes wrong!
  10. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    I gave the Talisman a good hack the other night on familiar roads, and it is just insane how it attacks tight bends. Like a hot hatch. No loss of grip, I could have gone faster.
  11. Ram Rod

    Magnolia Tree

    I have an ordinary magnolia in the back garden which was loaded with flowers this year. I also have a pear tree that thrives, so it is a mystery who the grandiflora fails to bloom. One thing for certain, I am not buying anymore plants that take ten years to bloom.....I am getting too old.
  12. Ram Rod

    Magnolia Tree

    We have a Magnolia grandiflora in the front garden. Ten years so far since planting.and it hasn't flowered. We live in hope...
  13. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    Hi Guys, Well I have been using the Talisman a lot, but I still have the 518d until the 4th May. Although with the Beemer you feel you are driving a battleship, I do admire its quality. But maybe I am getting old, the seats caused my legs to ache and the ride quality should be much better without resorting to the extra cost of adaptive suspension. Although on paper the Talisman's 1.6 bi turbo set up is more powerful, thr BMW's 8 speed box makes better use of the power and launches off faster than the Renault. Over the three years I have owner the BMW I have kept a strict record of fuel consumption. Every tankful is record. Overallybthe 518 avwraged a hard 44 mpg. Mainly long distance motoring and fast cruising. For its size the BMW was exceptionally fuel efficient. Only my 2004 Ford Mondeo MK3 Ghia 2.0 130bhp TDCi was better. The Talisman however is at best averaging 38 mpg. So much for efficiency! I may get it remapped, but the gains are not great - 20bjp and 40 nm of torque. Much better gains on the petrol varieties! Especially the new 1.8 which is in the Meganne rs. 225 bhp as standard, but easily remapped to 285bhp!! However I have found this Talisman Initiale Paris in Amiens with the previous 1.6 motor found in the Clio rs. Massive discount on this car if you fancy driving something different.
  14. Ram Rod

    Convertible Care

    My CLK convertible in Italy goes through the car wash initially, then the guys leather it etc Seems fine although the noise of the brushes is worrying. In Italy a lot of people put their cars into bodyshops for a pre winter proper polish. This CLK was originally registered in Hull. Who on earth wants a convertible there
  15. Ram Rod

    VW Arteon 4Motion + BMW content

    I did consider the Arteon, but the seats are not that great. Lovely looking car though. There was an Arteon with 1,500 kms innthe VW dealer in Arras in black, four wheel drive, black wheels as new. I sat in it. €36,750 Timing was wrong for me though. Similar front to the Talisman