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  1. Shaun1111

    BMW E28 Needed For Film

    I have a green E28 and currently in SE London. Fancy PMing me some info. For some reason I can't add pictures
  2. Shaun1111

    528i, missing, poor running, won't rev/idle

    I had this exact same issue this morning. Found the timing to out. Not really too sure how but I think the distributor moved a touch. Tightened it back up and seems OK now
  3. Shaun1111

    Non start issue

    The car wouldn't start, fuel pump wouldnt prime on ignition. Not entirely sure how I found it but remembered it was unplugged when I bought the car
  4. Shaun1111

    Non start issue

    I Traced the fault to the blue security module under the drivers steering wheel.
  5. Shaun1111

    Non start issue

    Just replaced that.... No joy. I. Can get it to run if I jump 30 to 87a
  6. Shaun1111

    Non start issue

    Sorry, been a bit quite lately. Wife gave birth during lick down so been very hectic. Anyway, I went to start the e28 tonight for a little drive and found it wouldn't start. I had plenty of battery but I couldn't hear the fuel pump. Normally I can hear it running. Now the fault points to that however its less that 500 miles old. Any thing more than that to look at? Pump relay? Cheers, Shaun
  7. Shaun1111

    Experiences with Fritz Bits Exhaust ?

    I put a simons exhaust system on mine
  8. Shaun1111

    M30B28 rocker cover

    Perfect. Been away myself.
  9. Shaun1111

    fuel tank options?

    New tank fitted, Can't fault it, all holes lined up as expected. Old tank was rotten, full of rust. Need some 7mm tube for the vent lines
  10. Shaun1111

    M30B28 rocker cover

    Dont suppose anyone has an old spare they don't want? I want to try something but it could potentially ruin it as its going under the milling machine. If it works well I'll happily return it in its new refurbished state. If it goes as planned I may buy 1 or 2 and start a refurb swap scheme. As in you old one plus cash for a new refurbished one.
  11. Shaun1111

    fuel tank options?

    No pics as it won't let me upload.. Tank arrived, its been painted silver from the factory. I've gone over it with a full rattle can. Looks good. It will be a few weeks before I fit it. Ill set myself a day and do all my jobs on the car
  12. Shaun1111

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    I've started to give my new fuel tank a few coats of paint. It came with a good coat on it but I'll use a rattle can to try and add some protection. Looking at how to repair my SI board and trying to find a moon roof.
  13. Shaun1111

    Instrument battery replacement.

    So my new cluster arrived and the rev counter doesn't work, I've moved it to my old cluster and it works as it should. Whilst I have a 2nd board and it's out I want to replace the batteries and might have to raplace wires too a the board seems a bit green..... I've searched and found a thread from 2008 but no images...
  14. Shaun1111

    Living With Your E28

    I fitted my new instrument cluster but the rev counter and fuel use guage doesn't work.. Ill look into it. Other than that nothing at all. Full on flat out at work
  15. Shaun1111

    fuel tank options?

    Only planned on that as I have acid etch in the garage. Ill give the under seal a miss for now then. Cheers.