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  1. Shaun1111

    Speedo unit warning lights

    Need to chat with Ivo Cristov https://www.e28.nl/ He is a guru with e28 instrument clusters
  2. Shaun1111

    Spoiler bolt layout

    Anyone have a template on drilling holes for genuine spoiler? I've looked online and can't find anything. Was wondering if anyone here could help? Part number 1921469
  3. Shaun1111

    Sunroof Drain checking advice

    I need to sort mine. Been thinking of getting a 2m endoscope for my phone and Checking.
  4. Shaun1111

    M30 firing order.

    Evening all, Been using the car a bit recently and it's running like crap. Timing is out, distributor cap was all gummed up. Crazy clucking noise when in gear driving, MAF flap sticking half open causing non start and stalling at lights. Just generally poor. Anyway, got to start somewhere so new distribution cap fitted ht leads back on ( clockwise looking at from top vacuum diaphragm at about 2 o'clock position with cylinder 1 in there) However its missing and struggles to crank. Take the leads off and it's fine. Cranks over no issues. Anyone point me in the right direction please. Oh I need new leads too.
  5. Shaun1111

    Rich running.

    No it's fine. Always good to understand someone's background and their methods. I'm an ex-army soldier (shipwright) Now work for southern rail as a technician. (mainly do fault finding on high and low voltage systems) we are all trying to help each other.
  6. Shaun1111

    Rich running.

    Yes it's working as it needs too. More than happy with how to test and fault find it. Cheers
  7. Shaun1111

    Rich running.

    Tca..... Ha ha ha that's fitted to the trains I work on (track circuit actuator) I mean TPS. Mine is set up. Bob on can hear it click over with a touch of throttle. Ill get my Bentley out and have a scan through and get testing. Cheers.
  8. Shaun1111

    Rich running.

    Great thanks, Ill take a look into these. When I purchased the car the cold start injector was unplugged, I've plugged it back in. Not sure why but It may be because of this. Ill check everything over and see if I can see anything.
  9. Shaun1111

    Rich running.

    So now I have the love back for my e28 Im looking to tackle some Jobs. One being the rich running. Not to sure where to start. The TCA is set up as it should. Cold start is plugged in so could possibly be this.... Absolutely stinks when it's running. Not as bad as it once did but that was the timing out. I have a spare AFS from a 635csi that I bought in a bulk load. I could try that but I fear the parts aren't interchangeable even though they have the same connections/layout. A search has thrown up a few posts but non had a conclusion on how they fixed the fault Its a 528i M30 Cheers, Shaun
  10. Shaun1111

    Water Pump and rad change.

    I can't upload the picture of the engine flush but I was grim. I used normfest, was recommended to me from a pal who runs his own VW/audi garage. I put 2 bottles in. Ive put 6lts of concentrate in but cannot put anymore in so assume the block has the fresh water in. I couldn't get to the block drain plug as I need it up in the air but I don't have the capacity to currently.
  11. Shaun1111

    Water Pump and rad change.

    Few pictures of what I found along the way. Snapped stud was extracted by welding a washer on then a nut to the washer. With clean breaks I like to weld a washer on as you see through it and your more likely to get good penetration. If your on Instagram follow my pictures at @e28_resto Cheers, Shaun
  12. Shaun1111

    Water Pump and rad change.

    So, Job done, found a 2nd snapped bolt and everything was covered in silicone. New stat fitted as mine was again covered in silicone. Just need to run it up once the ba y is awake as it makes a bit of noise. Lol Thanks for all your help.
  13. Shaun1111

    Water Pump and rad change.

    Anyone able to tell me where the block drain is? My Bentley is at the end of the garden in the garage..
  14. Shaun1111

    Water Pump and rad change.

    So, tomorrow is the day I'll be replacing both. Water pump has atleast 1 snapped bolt so I'll be welding washers and nuts to them to get them out. I'll need 11lts of coolant, I'll get 50/50 from euros at some point. From when I done my 520, is it still best to run the block through with water till it runs clear? Merry Christmas and a happy new year Shaun
  15. Shaun1111

    BMW E28 Needed For Film

    I have a green E28 and currently in SE London. Fancy PMing me some info. For some reason I can't add pictures