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  1. khile

    Android auto retrofit

    Yes you can keep all original functionality and if you have backup camera it will automatically switch to that when in reverse i got mine from here: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/236760 and i run custom firmware from here on it: https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1675929 this makes a few changes that i find better and makes it more stable
  2. khile

    XHP Software adapters

    For e60 i used a blue d+kan cable and a OTG adapter this worked great on e60
  3. khile

    bmw e60 coding tailights as DRL

    Go into LM and code the following to activ DRL_TFL_RL_BLDRL_TFL_RL_BL _1_33DRL_TFL_RL_BL _2_33
  4. khile

    Android auto retrofit

    ive got one fitted to my f10 Andream MMI Box very easy to fit and supports android auto and apple car play both via wireless and usb ive had 0 issues with the box had it installed around 3 months
  5. khile

    Nbt to nbt Evo

    Hi all I've got a 2015 lci F10 (535d) it's got nbt fitted and wanting to swap it for nbt Evo what's involved? Some guides say it's just a screen and head unit as mine already has the touch idrive and I'm guessing just coding? Some guides say I need a ATM unit as well my car has BMW online ect Any help would be greatly appreciate
  6. khile

    E60 NBT

    Hi all getting rid of my bmw e60 535d to go for the f10 535d. around 2 years ago i fitted the nbt unit to my car this will come with everything needed including the radio with built in dab. Comes with all the additional things they dont tell you you need including new microphone cable, Wires to Idrive controller, updated idrive controller, NBT Emulator and Ethernet cable so you are able to code the headunit what you get: NBT Headunit with DAB Screen (this is glued to original fascia of e60 screen surround) Wiring Harness (pre-wired for e60) Plug and play NBT Emulator pre-wired ethernet cable for coding pre-wired microphone cable (need running to roof microphone) pre-wired with plug for updated idrive controller any question or help give me a shout open to offers if you local or willing to travel will help with fitting
  7. khile

    CCC Software Version and MP3 playback

    where are you trying to play mp3 in cd changer or on headunit itself? will only work on headunit the cd changer (if fitted) is not compatible. Also the types of disk you are using and the speed can play a big part in the headunit being able to read it as well as the laser in the radio are you show coding is complete from memory i think both CAS and CAPPL need to be coded
  8. khile

    CIC front plate

    No Idea insurance might not cover it as it had a nbt retrofit i did tell them but they just put i down as audio upgrade. I should be able to hide damage to stereo and ill have to make a new screen just ridicules price for a cic front panel
  9. khile

    CIC front plate

    Thank you ill have a look
  10. khile

    CIC front plate

    Yes! thats the part
  11. khile

    CIC front plate

    Hi All, Long shot but does anyone have a cic front plate please as my car was broken into on Monday with them trying to steel radio and screen along with my dashcam and laptop. Ive searched local scrapyards and even bmw but they want me to buy and entire radio Thank you
  12. khile

    Parasitic drain

    Sounds like a ECU/module is not going to sleep and possibly causing other moduals to fail to go to sleep. Do you have any codes stored? Have you tried unplugging ibs cable as I had a drain and turned out to be a faulty sensor
  13. khile

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    to be fair im running quite low boost as dont want to push it, ideally need someone to have a look at it as doing it part time is not what i really do its all self tough. Would you mind talking a look i understand if not
  14. khile

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    haha sounds like my tank lol just done a hard cut limiter too need some tuning though as at higher speed too much smoke
  15. khile

    2008 520d engine cleaner advice

    I've had this smell before I had two issues one was a cracked manifold easy fix and second was glow plug relay used to get a strong diesel smell on startup but never any glow plug errors on inpa changed glow plug relay and issue went away