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  1. Jay1988

    Bimmercode Ambient lighting

    Hi Bimmercode lets you change just Bronze option only in easy mode. Is there a thread or guidance on how to change some of the other default colours?
  2. Jay1988

    Vgate iCar Pro Bimmercode

    Thanks OBDLink CX on order
  3. Jay1988

    Vgate iCar Pro Bimmercode

    Is this no longer supported on Bimmercode ? I have limited ECU access to instrument cluster and auto stop start memory, but unable to go into change functions for ambient lighting/seatbelt warning etc...
  4. Hi Is it possible to enable date display on the instrument cluster for the G30 ?
  5. Jay1988

    Apple Music iOS 13 iDrive issues

    lol. Will install and test it tomorrow
  7. Jay1988

    Apple Music iOS 13 iDrive issues

    Strange one. I am able to skip and select songs with both the idrive and the steering wheel controller when listening to playlists or albums that are not in my Apple Music library. However the problem still persists with playlists on my library...
  8. Jay1988

    Apple Music iOS 13 iDrive issues

    I just tried after installing iOS 13.1.1 and no luck. Looks like bmw will need to release iDrive multimedia update...
  9. Jay1988

    Apple Music iOS 13 iDrive issues

    I just saw iOS 13.1.1 this morning and updated my phone. Will try shortly and report back.
  10. Hi all, I own a 2014 F10 with the NBT iDrive (widescreen). I have always used Apple Music as you can view all your playlists and easily change tracks with the iDrive controller and steering wheel track button, all via Bluetooth. Since iOS 13 update (iPhone X), I have noticed that I am no longer able to change tracks with either controllers. I can still toggle through my playlists on both screens (iDrive and Instrument Cluster), but cannot change the song. The current song will continue playing or play from the beginning. I have tried removing my Bluetooth device and setting up as a new phone, iDrive software is upto date with the latest firmware and still no changes. Is anybody else facing the same issues? Jay
  11. Hi - not sure if this has been covered... I understand in the new idrive (NBT) the vehicle service records are kept under the 'vehicle information' option. I am looking to get my car serviced by my trusted indy with genuine BMW parts, without paying 'stealers' labour. Is it possible to update service history records within the idrive? Jay
  12. UPDATE- Replaced rear diff bush and the ticking/clicking noise has disappeared! Jay
  13. Jay1988

    New F10 M5 owner

    Thats a beauty right there mate. congrats! I currently drive the 535D F10 stock. I'm sure the M5 is on another league, but how much better is it from the 535D?
  14. Jay1988

    What do you all get on full tank?

    400-450 miles F10 535D. 80% comfort and 20% sport. A road 50% and town 50% Also my auto stop start is always off. Coded to have it in off mode by default Oh and I dont hang about.
  15. Hi Guys, I normally drive listening to music in my car. Last night driving on the A13 at 50 mph and I could hear ticking/clicking noise coming from behind the steering wheel area. I got home, removed everything from the glovebox and small compartment on driver side, removed all air fresheners and went for drive again, the sound seems to come randomly. I’ve hear it over speed bumps, cruising on motorway and in town. Recently took my car into the stealers for brake fluid change. They identified during the initial viewing that the differentials rubber mount (bush) were split and quoted me ‘only £650 to replace a part that costs £38.00. Bought the part and will get replaced by this weekend and will refer back with results. Has anyone else experienced similar issues with their F10? Jay

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