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  1. about 5am on a Sunday morning.
  2. ive had mine at 155 in 5th in 6th it was sitting on 3500 rpm on a german autobahn, ive heard a standard one is capable of 176!!!! remaped which mine is!!! who knows!!!!
  3. ive heard the auto box in the 535d is sweet upto 400 but over that ur taking a chance, and the manual box is not worth even adding any uprgrade ????
  4. fair comment u live and learn but to be honest I don't have any problems with the performance, more than happy with the results, but Im gonna look at further options for the bmw show in june at santa pod!!!!
  5. ive had the stage 2 remap with the dpf tacken out!!!!! not sure on bhp was told should be 350 to 360!!!! which to be fair I do believe because of the type of cars ive roasted or sat on the arse of!!!! but I did the RWYB at santa pod in march which was a great day out!!!! my best time was a 13.65 and 104.79 across the line !!!! im hoping to be there for the bmw show but its my birthday that day and the wife has better ideas!!!!! mmmmmmm
  6. judd1

    Remap + DPF delete, Good price?

    the problem with the 535 is the start 1st gear lets it down, i had run with a 400bhp evo and Subaru and found they got the edge on the start but once in second there was nothing in it and to be honest i was faster than the evo crossing the line!!!! im looking at maybe doing a few more mods maybe stage 1!!!! if anyone has any advice please let me know!!!! i know the gearbox is good for 400bhp apparently!!!!
  7. judd1

    Remap + DPF delete, Good price?

    I might of been looking at it now with a straight head!!!! but hey nevermind we all have moments!!!! lol
  8. judd1

    Remap + DPF delete, Good price?

    I paid 250 for a stage 2 blue file remap from quantum which was ok for about 3 weeks!!!! then I had dpf trouble which was too far gone for regeneration apparently so they removed it for me which cost me 350!!!! but after that I havnt looked back!!! I have a 535d on a 55!!! and have roasted some pretty expensive sports cars or sat up there arse all the way too 155!!!! which I would like to add in 6th gear sits on 3500 rpm!!!! so impressed I decided to go santapod which I managed 13.65 quarter mile time doing 104.79 !!!! and on the way home sat on the arse of an audi rs3!!! yeah mate its a diesel!!!! love the car cant afford an m5 but this will do!!!!
  9. judd1

    535d quater mile times

    nice 1 thanks for the help!!!!
  10. judd1

    535d quater mile times

    Hello people ive just joined the bmw5 club, I have a 2005 535d m sport, with a stage 2 remap and the dpf filter has been removed, I clocked a quarter mile time at santa pod of 13.65 and 104.79 at the finish line, just wanted to know of any other owners times and what mods they have done!!!!