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  1. bmwjc

    Engine oil

    Ok thank you. Any idea where the coupon codes can be found.
  2. bmwjc

    Engine oil

    Hi all going to change the oil on my 530d. Just wondering if anyone knew of some well priced suppliers.
  3. bmwjc

    Car Mats

    Covprotec in redditch
  4. bmwjc

    Strange start up

    I do have a spare key I will try this in the morning and see if it changes.
  5. bmwjc

    Strange start up

    Not sure. A few weeks ago I had the yellow garage lift sign pop up and excessive battery drain come up but not seen that one since.
  6. bmwjc

    Strange start up

    Hi all. Recently had a few issues starting up my 530d. I put the fob in the key slot and it sometimes clicks on but no dash lights and won't start just clicks off and switches ignition off. Other times if lights everything up as normal then go to start and nothing just clicks itself off again. It so far touch would starts after a few attempts and starts fine doesn't take much cranking but damn it's annoying. Anyone any ideas?
  7. bmwjc

    rear right lights all failed.....

    ok will contact main dealer. its an e60. ironically i had an e91 where the back end went and that was the tailgate loom!
  8. hi all driving along today and all of a sudden i get a message on sav screen one after the other stating rear right brake light failure and also fog, reverse and indicator. Basically rear right has stopped working. Was slightly intermittent but in general its stopped! i assume as its a fair few lights that have stopped it wont be a bulb. Anyone any ideas what it could be? its a 58 plate 530d it that helps but im lost as what it could be! cheers all
  9. perfect thats all i wanted. dont need my ipod now. less cables and things around. Cheers
  10. ok thanks, id seen this on some pages thati had searched but wasnt sure if those people didnt have the USB interface already on the car. Do you know if i was to put music onto a usb stick instead and inserted that would the idrive have the track list on that? if thats the case i will do that as i dont use my ipod for anything other than music in the car.
  11. tried that cable, sound comes through but no track ID or interaction with IDrive. my ipod is the original ipod touch could this be the reason?
  12. ah right! then all track names come up plus playback? i have one of those! will try it now.
  13. Hi all, just purchased my second E60, first one was quite come years ago on a 53 plate and ive gone back having had a 3 series. Under the centre armrest it has a USB and AUX input, it was told using usb would mean i could have the track ID come up on the idrive from my ipod. Ive plugged in the Ipod and it doesnt recognise anything. Works fine using 3.5mm jack via the AUX but USB does nothing, is this because idrive doesnt work with apple products? or have i missed something. cheers all