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  1. Gareth Wood

    Trackday e34s anyone ??

    Who else trackdays their e34 ?? This is my 540i6 trackday toy.. quite a well known car to be fair.
  2. Gareth Wood

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Removed a wing from my 540i6 today after ruining it at silverstone a couple weeks ago.. also part of my arch liner seems to of gone walkies to
  3. Gareth Wood

    Bmw e34 540i clutch help

    Can someone please help im at my wits end. Sooo clutch went on my 540i6 so instead of replacing the clutch and dmf i have done a single mass fw and e39 540 240mm clutch. Also changed slave for a new one in the process. So problem is i dont have a clutch pedal. 3 days have been spent vleeding the system and sort of got a pedal but biting point is on the floor and pedal doesnt return very nice. This eve nearly 4ltrs of fluid have been through the system with a presure bleeder and still no joy. No air coming through at all. Im begining to think i need to use e39 slave but was told my oe 540 one would be fine. The kit ive used is a ttv single mass lw flywheel and 240mm e39 clutch. Anyone had experience of this before.
  4. Gareth Wood

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Fitted a new pas pump to my 540.. so happy i have smooth steering again
  5. Gareth Wood

    m60b40 power steering pump

    I have one being delivered tomorrow thanks. From an e39 540. thanks anyway.
  6. Gareth Wood

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    cleaned her after putting the m pars on last week. was filthy all week.
  7. Gareth Wood

    m60b40 power steering pump

    im after an m60b40 power steering pump. i know the e39 v8 ones fit aswell. have found an b30 one but not sure if it will fit. if anyone knows or has one please
  8. Gareth Wood

    bmw e60 hit and run tonight...!!!! LX57 WKS

    Thats the car indeed. Going to ring and have a chat with the company later.. cmc in cuckfield i believe.. see if they can help at all..
  9. whilst minding my own business tonight on the m27 fareham eastbound an idiot in an e60 520d decides he wants to ram me off the road.. why ? i have no idea.. gives me a nudge from behind then comes along side for a shove across a lane.. my car being an e34 540 manual i chased him enough to get reg number LX57 WKS then let him carry on driving like a tool. thought police would be help full.. appears not.. i just hope his car has as much damage as mine. i work in a bodyshop so not a massive deal for me. i just want to know why.. if anyone knows this plate LX57 WKS tell him he's a massive cock.. thanks
  10. Gareth Wood

    the 540i/6 dyno results

    I didnt ask if it was rwhp figure or if its converted into crank hp.. apparently about 15 to 20% loss through transmission.. but im not sure on this tbh
  11. Gareth Wood

    the 540i/6 dyno results

    thanks for all that was very intresting to read.. i think it was you i met at the munic meet last year.. ? when i saw those figures last night i was gobsmacked to be honest i didnt know what to think. im going to a bmw motorsport place raw motorsport who have helped me loads in the past and are offering to put my car on their dyno for more accurate readings. 300 is so much more realistic in my eyes so we shall see just how far last nights dyno is wrong. there was 2 other cars on dyno before mine and 1 made its destined hp and the other was low although it should of really been higher or so we thought. but mine just seamed way to high.
  12. Gareth Wood

    BMW5 South Central Meet 2016

    im game and easy for dates and times
  13. Gareth Wood

    the 540i/6 dyno results

    soooo took my 540 for a dyno session last night. and well suprised and miffed tbh. i have no idea of the history of the car before i took ownership. modifications ive done are 3.23 lsd. rear silencer delete. de-cat. lw flywheel. always use v power nitro fuel. reguarly seviced last time 2 weeks ago. car has done 130k now i know what your thinking.. holy crap thats a good figure.. BUT im not convinced and going somewhere else for a 2nd opinion and dyno session.. car pulls like a train but that figure is just to high for an na m60b40 unless... 1.. engine has had extensive work in the past. head work chip/remap ect ect 2 dyno is wrong (more likely) or the bloke doesnt know what hes doing 100% although we would all like figures like that i just dont think its right.. hopefully i can get the 2nd dyno done fairly soon and come back with a more realistic figure..
  14. Gareth Wood

    my e34 540i/6 track toy

    tonights figures. and no i dont know if anythings been done to the engine or remapped or chipped. it certainly hasnt by me and im struggling to contact previous owner. all ive done is lw fly wheel. decats and rear box delete.. dyno was last calibrated 12 days ago and certs have been seen as proof as i didnt believe at 1st. 2 other cars were on dyno before mine and one made its power fine and other was slightly under..
  15. Gareth Wood

    my e34 540i/6 track toy

    yeah that cars very nice im friends with the chap on facebook.. i have alot of time for a car like that. Im one for doing things properly so any thing to do with charging is appreciated.