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  1. Hi Guys Just to say thanks for the help regarding a few E60 issues I've had down the years. Overall it was a decent servant albeit with a few expensive and difficult to resolve gremlins. Coming from a Honda Accord background I was warned that 5 series ownership may come as a bit of a shock when it came to maintenance and repairs! I guess this was true in places. However it was a lovely, comfortable car that I enjoyed owning in the main. Those who travelled in it were very complimentary about the low levels of noise and general ambience. So onto the new and decided on a GS 250. Is a 2012 plate but only 25k on the clock with a FSH. Hope it provides hassle free motoring bar wear and tear items. Very highly rated car especially stateside. Was tempted by a Hybrid but they do cost quite a bit and my mileage is fairly low to be honest. Preferred the tried and tested 2.5L straight six that has been in production since 2004 with a few minor enhancements. Does sound a bit 'ticky' when cold due to injector noise but that's how they all come and is perfectly healthy. Will be interesting to see how it compares MPG wise to the BMW 2.5 unit as fitted into my 2009 523i model. Gut feeling is it will be a tad more juicy. Thanks again. Adam
  2. Thanks for this guys. Correct, IGNITION COILS all replaced. Yes I believe NOX sensor too! The clue is in the name Nitrogen OXide sensor I guess Garage listed it at £300 to replace. I think I'll take it to my indy over xmas for one last roll of the dice. Its definitely a lot worse when the temperature dips. Another clue there I guess. Looking at trading it in for an newer F10 possibly. Guess I've got to ask myself whether at this time of the year they may waiver a few hundred quid for repairs to simply get the sale.
  3. Have had a few misfires and poor running down the years when the engine is cold during the winter. Engine warning light comes on but usually goes away after a restart. Have put up with it. However its got progressively worse and about a week ago the engine went into 'reduced power mode'. There has also been a 'shrill' sound when the engine is cold. So took it to a local garage who diagnosed the following. 2B08 DME Nitrogen oxide sensor 2A2C DME mixture control 2 29DO Combustion misfire cyl 2 29F2 Fuel high pressure system They recommended replacing all the spark plugs and coil injectors as a starting point. Have never had any coil injectors replaced in the past. They did also mention there was a warning from the 'knock sensor' whatever that is? Car now back with me and whilst no limp mode, still poor running from cold with the engine light coming on temporarily. £500 lighter too for the privilege. Garage did suggest it may be worth replacing the knock sensor too. Has anyone had this replaced and did it fix the poor cold running??? Getting very close to divorce sadly.
  4. stonesfan

    Burning smell in cabin after harsh braking.

    Have found the culprit. Oil leaking on the offside side of the rocker gasket. Photographed and sent to the indy who did the repair. They have agreed to take the car in and have the gasket reordered and rocker cover inspected again. They seem a decent garage. Hoping its an ill fitted gasket or faulty gasket. They will cover this of course. If its a rocker cover though.....well......apart from giving a huge v sign towards BMW's engineering division I'll probably be cancelling my next holiday
  5. stonesfan

    Burning smell in cabin after harsh braking.

    Is it easy for me to check for leaking oil from the gasket???? Am not that skilled but am willing to have a good root about. Which side are the 'hot bits' likely to be. Thanks.
  6. stonesfan

    Burning smell in cabin after harsh braking.

    Thanks Dan. This might have sealed this cars fate!!!! a modern car Germanism if I ever saw one. However....as you say it needs sorting so going to have to man up and get this looked at. Pretty sure the Indy said that there was no oil leaking from the gasket area after replacement. Guess its always a good idea to get an assessment from another garage.
  7. Hi all Have a problem that's starting to really annoy me now. After firm breaking or a hard turn an a burning smell is present in the cabin. In the right light (ie sun ahead) you can see the odd wisp of smoke from the engine bay during the odour. A local Indy diagnosed the issue as an oil leak from the rocker cover gasket of which was then dropping onto the exhaust after hard braking. Logical. Had gasket replaced. Was still getting the odour. Took back to indy, reckoned gasket repair was fine. They did mention that oil pump housing and sump gasket had a small leak too. Said there was a possibility that the oil could somehow be making its way from there to a hot part of the engine or exhaust. They seem genuine guys at the indy so I'm taking this at face value. £500 to repair both though so a lot of money to spend for a 'could fix it'. Any other areas which could be causing this???? Thanks again.
  8. stonesfan

    Failing gaskets on 523i

    That's pretty poor really. Even bog standard GM V8s tend to be pretty decent at not throwing their oil all over the road. Any reason why BMW's are prone to this??
  9. stonesfan

    Failing gaskets on 523i

    I have to admit I'm appalled at this. I can understand flashy sensors etc giving up the ghost but a gasket is a fundamental. Overall though its reliably got me from A to B for nearly 4 years now and I'm quite fond of this car overall. Interior is still immaculate and I love the tan leather. Maybe bar a pricey Lexus GS or LS, there's nothing out there from the japs that will accommodate a 6'4 man comfortably. We've lost a lot of big Jap cars during the past 10-15 years.
  10. stonesfan

    Failing gaskets on 523i

    Took my car for a service at my local indy and they managed to find the source of a bit of intermittent ponginess inside and outside iof the cabin. Seems the rocker cover gasket is leaking and that oil is dripping onto the exhaust every so often (usually after a hard pull up). There are also two other minor leaks on other gaskets which I can't quite remember where. Pretty sure I've not overfilled the engine with oil. A couple of times I've put a litre in when the 'top up engine oil warning comes on'. It probably partly explains where the oil is going though. Car is a 2009 with around 70,000 on the clock. Is that not a bit shabby for a BMW??? Any other causes that could cause gaskets to fail? Not had to replace a single oil gasket on a single Jap car that I've owned. In fact the last time I did this was on a 2.5L 1983 Opel Senator with around 160,000 miles on the clock.
  11. stonesfan

    Normal to lose coolant in sustained hot weather?

    Occasional lumpy start ups coupled with a bit of smoke from the exhaust. Slight coolant loss too. Hmmmm.......maybe just a coincidence.
  12. stonesfan

    Normal to lose coolant in sustained hot weather?

    E60 523i 2009 Have purchased some kseal. Will give that a go. Come to think of it my previous 1999 Honda Accord V6 didn't lose a drop of coolant in my 5 years of ownership. Nor did it lose drop of oil. Outstanding car for the age. I miss aspects of that car.
  13. Had the water level low warning pop up earlier. Mindful that it may have a leak topped it up with 1L or so of water rather than risk wasting coolant. My driving does involve quite a bit of sitting in heavy traffic and given recent weather obviously the engine has been getting rather warm. At times when I step out of the car after a prolonged period in traffic it does smell a bit 'coolant' if you know what I mean. I do recall topping it up only once before in about November. Considering I'd owned the car for nearly 3 years without any loss program probably answers the question. If it is a leak, most likely places please? Will sensibly keep a litre or so of coolant in boot until resolved.
  14. stonesfan

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Cheers. I have this set on 'A' the vast majority of the time. In fact I don't think its ever been off of this. PS Great username by the way. Was gutted to find a once solid L1011 turn has been replaced by a 737-800. I believe there was an A310 in between. This on the Gatwick - Halifax flight via Air Transat. Apologies to everyone else for the aero-waffle!
  15. stonesfan

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Decided to change my pollen filters so decided to check the scuttle drains too. Passenger side: ECU in the way so fed a piece of coat hanger into this area. No sign of liquid when pulled out. Obviously couldn't see whether the drain plug was blocked. Drivers side: No water present although drain plug was fully clogged. Decided to try and rod away but didn't get anywhere. Managed to pull the drain plug out, gave it a clean out and then naturally struggled to return it to position. Absolutely wasn't going in but the problem appeared to be the 'flap' constantly getting jammed. Decided to 'modify' it by deliberately pulling the 'flap' off and it then finally returned to position with relative ease. Considering some have alluded to removing the drain plug completely I'd suggest returning it without the flap will not cause a single problem.