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  1. BarneyRubble

    Oil Leak / Steam Clean

    Hello All, I'm new, first post so pleased to meet you all . My car is an E39 528iSE 1977 / 149,00 miles . Lovely car and I'm trying desperately hard to keep it that way . I've just discovered a very oily patch of leaves on the driveway which coupled with the burning oil smell means there's a leak somewhere . What is the general opinion on steam cleaning / price ? I have read some nightmare stories about the damage that can be done and with limited my knowledge/experience, I think I would rather have a car with a slight oil leak rather than one that just doesn't want to play properly anymore . Thanks in advance
  2. BarneyRubble

    Rust and a weird wheel arch liner!

    Hi , first post ever - I intend to get a fair bit of work done on my passenger-side sill & jacking points so all the above made very interesting reading . I'll keep you updated on the progress/prices/pics . Bumped into this post purely by chance as I'm looking for info on steam cleaning re oil leaks . Talk soon .