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  1. *BADGER*

    Removing clear plastic protector/bra

    Heat gun /hair dryer Then tar and glue remover
  2. *BADGER*

    newbie e39 owner

    Forgot the pic lol
  3. *BADGER*

    530D - Uprated Clutch?

    I bought a Sachs clutch once Funny thing is it came in a sachs box All rapped up and painted on the friction surface sachs but stamped in the steel is LUK
  4. What's the max amount / time for the test I've read 20 ml max @2 mins Is this correct ?
  5. Turbo is fine and boosts fine no oil smoke and even when you wind it up it produces next to no black smoke My next check will be injectors and fuel pressure As there's 3 pumps ?
  6. Been annoying me for a while now this As it only dose it if you give it some welly Ie pulling away from lights or junctions It looses all power and fills the road with white smoke and missfire until it settles down No warning lights It's odd as the rest of the time it's fine and returns good mpg figures say 55 to 60 And can get 600+ from a tank of fuel Millage is 225k Mods are egr delete and Decatted Cheers Liam
  7. *BADGER*

    M-parallels – what tyres you putting on?

    Eagle F1 tyres in first post as stated there's two types of the same tyre Xl and Xl fo Fo stands for Ford
  8. *BADGER*

    M-parallels – what tyres you putting on?

    Fo stands for Ford fitment And there utter toss
  9. *BADGER*

    newbie e39 owner

    It's like it's over fueling bud You can smell it and it miss fires when it dose it Car is sat very low at the rear Compressor works but dose nothing Thinking ring is worn Also noticed the headlights dont self test ?
  10. *BADGER*

    newbie e39 owner

    Hello everyone My names Liam long time performance ford and vxl owner and I've just acquired a glacier green v reg 3.0d tourer that's been to the moon and back 222369 miles on the clock From what I no its had the egr deleted Stainless exhaust with de cat 540 front brakes and face lift style headlights It's got a few niggles Air bags don't inflate fully (no leaks in system) Front anti roll bar bushes are shot And it miss fires under heavy load if you floor it (fills road with white smoke)