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  1. Came from my E39, used a few times, used but good condition. After £45. Collection from Wycombe or Slough please. Postage is extra but I can find out a price/
  2. I'd be happy to let this go for £1500 this weekend.
  3. 2000 E39 528i Sport Manual for sale - with a nice collection of factory extras and unmodified. Being married to a Canadian means that my lovely BMW needs to go in favour of something automatic. This has been a fantastic car to me, reliably taking me up and down the country whenever I've asked it. It's a fairly rare manual version, specd by the previous owner's brother, bought by the previous owner then bought by me after he bought an E60 545i! It's a factory Sport model, meaning it comes with the M Sport wheels (alloy spare present with a good tyre) and bodykit (front/rear bumpers, sideskirts and boot lip spoiler, along with sport suspension and interior). The seats are the sport models which are really comfy and grippy, with all way adjustment and a adjustable knee rest. It has the nicer M Sport steering wheel with cruise/audio controls and the headlining and pillars are black. Since purchasing it I have had lots of work done to it to keep it up to standard, including 2x services, a new alternator, new radiator and cooling system flush, new clutch and dual mass flywheel (still with 1yr warranty remaining on these), new lower arms and droplinks and new front and rear brakes. For the last MOT it needed a few new tyres so I replaced all 4 with Uniroyal Rainsports which have done about 1000 miles now. The car has a packed and full service history, showing it's wanted for nothing and not been neglected, including the original bill of sale from Oxford BMW in 2000 for a cost of about £30k! It came with a few nice and rare options such as the high OBC with extended business radio, intensive windscreen and headlight washing system, auto dimming interior and side mirrors and folding side mirrors. The manual gearbox makes it a lovely car to drive without robbing the car of it's economy that the auto box seems to on this model - 30mpg is easily achievable and it'll climb on a good run. The engine is quiet, powerful and torquey, not showing it's mileage at all. The new clutch and flywheel were fitted last year by Mr Clutch and still has a year of warranty remaining valid. The dashboard currently shows 5 green service lights and no check control errors. I fitted an aux in kit that works on the standard radio meaning the dashboard retains it's original look. All of the electric windows, mirrors and remote locking work, with two working remote radio keys present. The cruise control and climate control work as they should with some of the best air conditioning I've ever had on a car fitted. I've also replaced the headlight lenses as they went a bit cloudy, please also note that a replacement BMW bonnet badge will be fitted by the time of sale! I also fitted a towbar to tow my small 'garden rubbish' trailer with electrics wired properly to a relay so no dashboard errors or lights not working when the trailer is plugged in. As the car is quite long and without parking sensors, I've fitted a small reversing camera that shows the rear bumper/towbar so you know when you're approaching something behind you and when to stop! As the car is 18 years old it's not without it's little niggles, while I truly believe it doesn't drive like the mileage it's done I like to be totally honest about selling cars! There are a couple of small rust spots, one on the bottom of the boot and two underneath the boot which do not cause an MOT/structural issue but can be seen. I imagine they would cost a minimal amount to put right. The windscreen outer seal has broken up slightly (the windscreen does not leak as it's bonded to the car!) so a new owner may want to replace it. Car is still in use, taxed and insured so a test drive would be welcomed if you are seriously considering purchasing. As with all private sales the car is sold as seem however will be sold in good faith that it will carry on for many many more miles. Any questions please call me (David) 07795202202. Payment will be accepted by cash or bank transfer only. Private plate will be removed before sale and an age related W registration will be fitted - this means it benefits from the cheaper tax band for a big car! £1650 ono - car located in High Wycombe.
  4. Gold for an advert please.
  5. Manual gearbox does turn them into a different drive, my manual 528i is much more spritely than my friends 525i auto, I think they are pretty well suited to a manual as the low down grunt means you're not changing gears loads 'diesel style'. My 528i did 172k on it's original clutch!
  6. pow

    E39 Rear Cup Holder £25

    Wow. I've cable tied one of mine closed, cost me about 0.6p! Are they really hard to get hold of now?
  7. Arrived today. There's my weekend sorted lol
  8. That's more like it, I'll purchase them on pay day! All well and good people saying you can't run these on a budget, but when your circumstances change and you're running a 2 bed house that has it's own problems, you need to make the savings elsewhere don't you.
  9. Sodding thing, going to cost me 3 times the value of the car to do suspension arms and a set of tyres!
  10. Any experience of VTech?
  11. HI all, My 528i is showing signs of control bush/ball joint wear and generally feels a bit sloppy on the front end. I am thinking that I should do a bit of a suspension refresh on the front, it needs some alignment as it doesn't point in a straight line any more, it has a tenancy to wander slightly and under heavy braking the steering wheel can wobble from 70-40mph. Where would you buy decent quality control arms without spending the earth (ie the value of the car!) - there's kits on eBay ranging from £90 upwards, GSF with a 50% code are coming out around the £180 mark, Euros offering lemforders for more than i paid for the car, don't really know where to start! Also- replacing them - can I do this as a home mechanic and then take it for proper alignment straight away? I've done plenty of spring/shock/lower arms/tie rods/ends/ARB bushes in my time... This and a fresh set of tyres should see me happy with the car for some time to come TIA
  12. pow

    99 523i not coming to life...

    99.99999% sure it's not the ignition switch, swapped with mine which is known good (it has NEVER failed to start the car or given any problems, and has started it 4 or 5 times since swapping it). Where are the fuses around the seats? Worth a check.
  13. HI all, Friend of mine has a T reg 523i, basic spec job auto gearbox. He rang me last week saying it took a few flicks of the key to get it going, dash lights not coming on etc but managed to fire it up and get it home. Rang me today and said it's doing weird stuff such as indicators/lights randomly on or off (or flickering), no interior lights and when he flicks the key on he gets the battery light, oil pressure light and handbrake light only. Whipped round there and there is nothing, the three lights on when you turn the ignition to position 2, no lights at 1, no starter response, no mileage display or other lights (ECU/ACS etc), no radio. Changed my ignition switch for his (off my 528i) which I know works just fine and was exactly the same. He is wondering if he has charged the battery incorrectly but I said I'd check here to see if anyone has any ideas? To me it looks like the ECU or BCM/DME (is that the interior module) isn't working/blown but I'm not 100% sure. Checked fuses 14/15 in the glovey, they're fine, anything else to check? Thanks.
  14. pow

    E39 freebies

    I'm in SL1 - does the tape flap have any damage or cracks?