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  1. Otg69

    Please help

    Ok im gonna try reinstalling all of it and if that doesnt work ill email you
  2. Otg69

    Please help

    Computer is a high(ish) spec dell desktop that is about a year old so shouldnt be that. And ive got the inpa working but when i try and start up the ncs expert it comes up on the player program(forgotten the name of it) and says the program hasnt got enough virtual memory.
  3. Otg69

    Please help

    Ive got the cables for my prefacelift from cableshack and i cant get them working properly. Ive got the scanner working for the fault codes but i cant get the coder to work/cant figure out what to do with it Ive installed it as per instructions but the last one u install the viewer thing keeps coming up with error message saying not enough virtual memory