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    E38 750il

    Hi all, I am looking at buying an E38 750il across the road from where I live. What is the true value of these cars as they seem to range from £1000 (recent Ebay sale with LPG) up to £10000? There are a few currently advertised for around the 6 grand mark which again seems high to me especially as relatively tidy 728's are £1000 and up and I would have thought these had a higher relative value as the 750 scares most people off for obvious reasons. This car has done 150000 miles, has no MOT (not been used since April last year) both drivers side windows don't work, aircon stays hot, bit of surface rust on the sill and paint is a bit dull. Interior is mint and the car was owned initially by the head of Mirror group newspapers so has every conceivable extra available in 1997 along with BMW history (for whatever that is worth). it drives well and confirms why I want one. The chap is after £3000 but didn't feel like insulting him with what i think it is worth. Is he realistic or am I right in thinking it is worth less than half of this? Thanks Julian