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  1. Hi...did u get this issue sorted??..having the same issue with mine (535i manual) except it stays in that position no matter the temp.
  2. Oh nooo...u didn't lock ur keys in there like I did, did u????
  3. bjamesxx

    In BIG trouble...please help !

    To close.. Sorry 4 the gargantuan delay in closing this thread. After hours of trying I managed to work the lead back onto the connection..heard the cd player whirr..jumped out..opened the boot. Hammered the gaping hole back into place covered and put the car up 4 sale. Lad came from stoke n took it the day after at asking price WITH half the dash illuminated and bobs y fathers brother jumped in an e60 not long after. Thanks 4 the responses.
  4. bjamesxx

    Back in an e39 !!

    Hi all, 'S been a good while since I was on here and just feelin buzzed up to the hilt with my new project and had to share the joy lol. Sold my 525d last year and replaced it with a 530d e60 that just didn't satisfy the unexplained hunger I still had in my gut. Things are goin well so started looking at petrol e39 540's 535's and possibly 530's. Only demand was that it was clean and manual. Clean there seemed to be plenty but manual...rockin' horse s....Then I noticed a 535i manual on eBay that was just the colour I wanted and prayers began lol. Long to short...drilled him.on the phone.. ..waited for the weekend praying it wldnt be grabbed..6am start..scooped co-pilot..landed..checked out..drove..bought. What a machine !! 110% what ive been missing all these years. Waited til I was safely in the "could walk home zone" on the m45..dead stopped it..took a breath and launched it...him...once the rev counter hit 2.5k I was in love. And that chaps is the story so far. Car needs suspension all round looking at and the dreaded abs light...again.. but the drive home was comfortable, confident, capable and solid...sigh..smile...cant wait to get him down to my mechanic. Il upload more pics once the weather clears and the project can begin. Happy motorin'.
  5. bjamesxx

    In BIG trouble...please help !

    Sorry..heads gone..its a.2005 530d msport
  6. So.... Left the obd plugged in for 2 days...came to it this morning...opened fine..car absolutely dead..ok no problem...new battery it is. New Bosch bought from eurocarparts, old battery disconnected...toilet call...shut boot...u mug...its gonna be one of those days..ok...pop bonnet..connect jump leads to other car. Nothing. Dead. Breathing becoming heavy but still in control...check forum. No key space in boot. No boot release in footwell. Ok...forced entry it is. Hole cut behind armrest and iv spent the last 6 hours with no success fashioning tools caveman-style to work the leads back onto their points inbthe hope...the vague hope that the battery wil suck enough power for me to be able to open the boot. Backs killin, legs cramped, head shot. Please help.
  7. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    Apologies for the delay, work work work, we all know how it is. Anyhoo..checked the aforementioned wiring (next to compressor, battery etc...all looked an felt secure..had battery tested...guy said its fine. So its a large resounding "HMMPH" from me, a tyre kick and a head scratch. Its been nearly 3 weeks and 500 miles since i saw a light flash up so i really cant say whats happened other than it having being a dodgy connection around the abs unit as when it was removed briefly and replaced the original fault(s) disappeared. The seemingly associated electrical gremlin (indicator intermittently tripping out, heated seats fuse blowing every week etc etc etc) seems to have disappeared as well after the fuses were changed nothing has resurfaced. Again.."hmmph" , tyre kick, headscratch. Must say its very disappointing not getting a conclusive and newbie friendly outcome to these issues as this was my first foray into trying to actually understand, document and remedy what was goin on with my 5....to quote vinnie jones in one of his better acting roles.."its been emotional". Il update the thread accordingly should God forbid any other similar or associated issues rear their head in the hope it'll act as a How To Fix......Guide For Newbies. Thanks for all the advice, input and patience with me gents...much appreciated. Gonna go Gold member now just out of appreciation lol.
  8. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    Thanks for the pointers..il check these and update as soon as.
  9. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    I do have an excuse other than my beginner status though .
  10. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    So i went onto the net googled...e39 aircon pump location...nothing that helped....sorry gents but really exposing my ignorance here could someone give me a pointer as to exactly which wire im looking for and location..again...apologies 4 my ignorance and thanks in advance
  11. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    Haven't had chance to pop the bonnet this last week cmpounded by the fact theres not been not even a blink from the car since they had a look at the module. Have resolved to have a butchers this weekend. Watch this space
  12. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    Thanks....wil check in the morning and let y know.
  13. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    What a palarva...the recon unit when fitted didnt work....great. Back to the yard it went, got my refund and now pondering on all the options. Do i love this car enough to sort this issue and keep on plugging away with it or sort the issue and sell?...gonna give her the full in and out clean...again...sit on the wall and stare at her thinking "535d or this?... 535d or this?...for an hour
  14. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    Makes sense as a simple test Allan. Footwells are bone dry. ??
  15. bjamesxx

    this is beginning to do ny nut in...

    We'll see what happens tomorrow as shes booked in for the abs replacement so il get him 2 give her the full electrics once over...funnily enough drove 30 miles round town 2 day and not a light..hmmm