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  1. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    For the time it will take you i would do both the bulkhead grommet and door vapour seals I used tissue paper inside my door seals laid out all around the bottom and tissue all round the door side of the carpet. With the door closed i hosed the door from every angle i could but i found no water at all on the tissue from doing that. Once i did my grommet the water had stopped soaking the carpet and has been bone dry ever since.
  2. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    The carpet in the 5 series is a few inches above the floor pan, so water is free to run to the lowest point being the rear passenger footwell...and its a lot of water, the foam backing on the rear of the carpet soaks a hell of a lot of water and takes a lot of effort to dry.
  3. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Added to your post, lets all try and add to it get some attention from bmw
  4. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I didnt know they had a facebook page, yes ofcourse lets plaster this on there and make them aware of how many of us are suffering
  5. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    No need to remove the engine cover you can work from the top quite easily, don't attempt to remove the panel without being sure you have removed 4 off torx screws there is one hidden on the passenger wing side, quite difficult to view it from top but feel around and you will identify it. this is my panel in place showing where I drilled it to allow better drainage
  6. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    As the floor design and the carpet is thick with foam, all the water runs to the back of the foot well Here all the water will pool up and soak into the foam of your carpet. yes the front part was slightly wet where the water runs, but as for the carpet right in front of the passenger seat... there is a thick polystyrene block under the carpet so this keeps the carpet out of the water hence you wont see any water at the front im afraid
  7. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi Everyone and thank you for the replies, After lifting up the rear carpet to confirm the leak i was shocked to see the amount of water in the rear foot well, I also solved the water in the rear vent.... As the water was quite deep the vent connection under the passenger seat was sitting in a pool of water, when the floor vents were then used this would cause a syphon at the connection point drawing water into the vent. So the point of origin of all the water was the yellow grommet. A very bad design on bmw's behalf. I removed the cover plate in the engine bay to reveal a pile of mulched leaves, After a few searches i learned that the drain was actually the bottom part of this cover that was removed, I cleaned all round the grommet and sealed it with silicone sealant. So before refitting the cover i drilled about 8 off 10mm holes near the bottom of the seal, just so the water could drain easily. Removing the seat was a doddle, 4 off bolts and unplug the wiring harness underneath, I left the seatbelt connected as there was enough length to leave the seat outside the car and still work around it, I removed the headrest to make it easier to take out. *** WARNING DO NOT SWITCH YOUR IGNITION ON WHILE THE SEAT IS UNPLUGGED AS IT WILL BRING ON THE AIRBAG LIGHT AND WONT GO OFF UNTIL YOU HAVE IT RESET BY A DEALER OR SOMEONE WHO CAN DO IT VIA A LAP TOP*** the rear seat just pulls up to pull the carpet back and it will slide out of the sill trims at the back you will have to remove the passenger side front door kick plate to lift the carpet also take off the subwoofer grille under the passenger seat, remove the under glove box trim and trim at the door side of the front part of the carpet you can then have some room to lift most of the carpet this is where i saw a good few inches of water at the rear and middle part of the floor so i removed the sub also i used a wet vacuum to removed most of the water and then a powerful air blower over a few days to dry the soaked sponge under the carpet. Glad i finally found the cause and rectified the fault before it got any worse.
  8. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks for the picture, any tips about getting the seat out? I have looked at the yellow grommet and yep loads of water in there and im going to sort it out. Do i need to lift the carpet to check underneath for water damage? Or can i just dry the rear carpet out? Any tips for lifting the carpet
  9. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Ah yes thanks that is a very good point indeed, I have only two options that I could only think it is. 1. Its the big grommet in the bulkhead, This could be leaking and working its way back to the rear of the carpet, now if the rear vent that is under the seat is in a dip and there is a hole there in the vent then water will find its way into the vent and fill the vent and come out of the rear vent and slosh onto my carpet. ( My vent 100% has water in it and is splashing onto the carpet) 2. Not as feasible as no.1 but I thought as first was a possibility.. The aircon drain is blocked and this is filling up the vent. But again I have been running the car without the aircon on, Am I correct in thinking there will then be no build up of water if the aircon is off? as im still having water in vent after rain. ( I have found the aircon drain under the transmission tunnel and have drained it off) does anyone have a picture of the floor without the carpet? this would be a great help to me.
  10. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Anyone know how the water can enter the rear footwell vent? I assume its getting in somewhere near the bulkhead?
  11. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks for the reply, yes I'm definite the water came from the vent as its impossible for the water to go from the carpet back into the vent, as most of the water would be sucked into the carpet and underlay. I have also dried the carpet and lay a fresh towel over the carpet and gone for a drive, this resulted in a soaking wet towel as the water sloshed from the vent again.
  12. AwsomeBmw

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi Guys, I would like to also add to this thread. So the problem I am having is the soaking wet carpets at the rear passenger foot well, Absolutely soaking. Now where I have found the water to be coming from is actually the vent blower under the passenger seat. its a bit tight for my fat fingers but I can feel water in there when I force my fingers into the gap. It looks like this fills up and the moment you drive off then the water gets sloshed out onto the carpet. This means it cannot be the vapour barrier in the door. So reading on here it seems a lot of people are having problems with the large grommet on the bulkhead, But very little said about water from the vent. How on earth is the water getting into the vent? I have read somewhere that it could be water from the condensate drain building up from the aircon, but I have not used the aircon at all the last few weeks and still im getting water, I have also cleared the drain that is under the car next to the transmission where the condensate drain should be. have had heavy rainfall these past few days and hey presto soaking carpets. has anyone experienced this and what should I be doing to rectify this? 535d 2014 touring, no sunroof.
  13. AwsomeBmw

    Ebay f11 coding cable & software recomendations

    Anyone ??
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to get into the coding and diagnostic for my 2014 535d I need the cable and software, can anyone recommend me one from ebay thanks
  15. AwsomeBmw

    cable and software f11 535d

    Hi there Do you have the cable and diagnostic and coding software for the f11 535d 2014 thanks