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  1. Arif

    Lop sided rear

    Just an update after buying the bits and finding a spare moment we found the cause of the lop-sidedness. Whoever had fitted the beam bush had not pressed it in fully so was sticking out approximately 5mm. A set of new beam bushes and hey presto a level car! A big thank you to JohnH for all your help and advice.
  2. Arif

    Lop sided rear

    Hi John, I had put the new springs side by side before fitting them and they were the same length. both pads upper and lower were bought from BMW in pairs so these are the same as well. In the RealOEM link I have number 3 - 507 and number 14 - 572). I'll have a go at swapping the whole setup to opposite sides and see if the problem transfers. All parts I have used were brand new and OEM. The car was definitely on level ground and has the same difference in lengths (8mm) on level ground in other places I have tried. If the above makes no difference and it's still lop sided on the passenger side do I then assume that it can be the rear axel carrier or trailing arm that may have had a whack in the past and gotten out of shape slightly? Can't see any signs of this but seems like the next logical step.
  3. Arif

    Lop sided rear

    Hi all, Need some advice please. My m535i wasn't sitting level and was leaning towards the passenger side (very obvious on the rear). It was decided that shocks and springs needed changing. All 4 were changed and rightly so as all the shocks were shot and springs didn't look too healthy either. Once all new parts were fitted the car was still leaning towards the passenger side. The front is fine it's the rear that is the problem. I have measured the distance from the floor to the top of the arch on both sides at the rear and the passenger side is sitting 8mm lower. What could be causing this? Can't see any signs of previous accident damage and the car drives fine. Thanks in advance. Arif
  4. Hi all, my mechanic has just finished fixing the coolant pan leak and replacing the valve stem oil seals on my 550i e61. Everything works well other then when the car is started up the revs flicker for a few seconds before settling. He is getting codes for timing and cam shaft (will be more accurate and update later today) both of which he hasn't messed about with. The vanos was a bit dirty so he cleaned it. He reckons, after speaking to a few people that it may just need a DME RAM back up as the battery was off it for the best part of a month. He says the car may just need to relearn everything as the adaptions have been reset. It's booked in to have this done on Monday Could it be just that? Video attached to show you what I mean. All help appreciated. Arif video-1475874983.mp4
  5. I have brand new front arm rests with all the screws if you want them
  6. Arif

    E28 a/c system

    Hi all, I need the original air conditioning, complete set up for my e28. I need the one that would have been fitted at manufacturer level and not dealer level. I already have the control panel and centre console but require everything else.
  7. Interested in the front headrests if you don't mind splitting it up. And will they fit in to my e61 without any issue?
  8. Arif

    Perfromance Cams, Chips and Exhaust

    I did.....but really wish I didn't. I've bought another M535i with more rust and leaks . The diff is leaking on this one so I thought it made sense to start there.
  9. Arif

    Perfromance Cams, Chips and Exhaust

    So I got a 3.46 lsd from America to swap with the 3.07 I already have. When the garage took out the diff they noticed that the new diff was smaller type 188 where as the one on the car is the larger 210 type. I didn't think that it would be an issue until they told me that when the mounting points were lined up on both, the output shafts/flanges (whatever you want to call them) on the 188 are approximately 1/2" forward compared to the 210. This in turn means that the output shafts will not come out at 90 degrees. Is there a way round this? Or will I have to look for a 210 type diff? Pic attached to explain the war and peace above. Shiny new ones is obviously the 188
  10. Arif

    Heated Seats

    PM sent
  11. Arif

    Perfromance Cams, Chips and Exhaust

    I was doing a bit of research for possible future upgrades and saw that Dinan did a chip. I emailed them to ask if it was suitable for my car and they said yes but there were two types. This is what I got told, "The part number for that car would be D900-3521 (1985-1987, 24 Pin) or D900-3522 (1985-1988, 28 Pin)" Is there a way of knowing how many pins I have without taking my ECU apart? To help I have a 1987 m535i (was manufactured in 09/86) VIN: 0645895 Also they provided me with info on the chips (see pdf). Is this what most chips will give or is this one of the better ones? 20160316110230 [577955].pdf
  12. Arif

    Perfromance Cams, Chips and Exhaust

    So after a lot of thought I have finally decided (until I change my mind) that I am going to do the following in the order written, Fit lightened flywheel Install 3.46 lsd (finally found one on ebay off of a 528e in America, was cheap even with the shipping!) If this makes the car "feel" quicker without actually adding BHP I'm all for it. When I get the itch (won't take long) I'll do a remap, probably just a chip, unless I can find someone to do a custom remap then I'll go for the Uni-q, a Schrick cam and porting of the inlet and outlet tracts. And whilst that is being done it would be rude not to change the exhaust and manifold so that everyone can hear how fast I'm going I reckon I can get all of this done for around £2.5 to 3k. I know it's probably not going to add more then 20bhp but this car is a keeper and if I can improve it without straining the engine I think I'll do it. Opinions are always welcome on the above.
  13. Arif

    Heated Seats

    Forgot to mention its NLA from BMW or any other American website that shows they have it......don't ask me how I know.
  14. Arif

    Heated Seats

    Hi all, In need of the wiring for heated seats. Labelled as "wiring drivers side" part number 61121381723. Part number 3 on real oem