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  1. Is the reason the gear strips as safety feature to prevent excessive torque being applied to a part of a mechanism that cannot cope with it. Gear strips to prevent something else being damaged, as it's the weak link, a sacrificial part if you like? Or is that just wishful thinking and it's a poor design?

  2. On 10/10/2019 at 19:45, nashdm2 said:

    Andrew, I saw this photo a while back when you posted it before. That large white pipe that is coming out of the reservoir, is that the filler pipe? If so, why does it enter the bottom of the reservoir?


    Sorry just picking this up after being out of action for a while.


    Yes that's the filler pipe, it leads up to the filler cap next to the jump start terminals. I can only assume it's to do with routing a suitable size of pipe from the filler cap location to the the tank. It does mean that you should fill it slowly so there is time for air to escape out. The BMW screenwash I use suddenly becomes quite foamy when poured into the filler neck and floods back up the filler neck.

  3. As a guess.....In the UK that’s the one that gets the worse splashing from the puddles on the kerb side.  The wheel arch will be a wetter environment on the near side than the offside. 

    A point I proved when removing the wheel arch liners on both sides. Water gets in everywhere when it’s hit by a 8.5” wide tyre and then sprayed everywhere in the wheel arch by said tyre doing 70mph. 

  4. Probably a seal on the pump, as above remove rear wheel arch liner, a few 8mm hex head screws and a couple of expanding rivers, reveals this.




    Carefully unclip the feed pipe, the clips are on the tank and look fragile. There is a single bolt holding the tank in place.


    To get to the pumps you need to manoeuvre the tank out from behind the wing and remove the wing mounted indicatormif pre LCi, It should lift up to clear the brackets then come out. 


    I have to confess that I couldn't get mine out and decided to leave it well alone as I had no reason to take it out. 


    Welcome on board, that's a nice rare car you have. 

  5. That’s very interesting that a replacement socket has pins 10 and 11 wired but the socket supplied with the towbar when bought as a spare part isn’t fully wired up. 

    That means there are two sockets out there, one supplied with a towbar which doesn’t have pins 10 and 11 (as per my car and @dandles) but a replacement socket does. 

    I checked my new trailer module (fitted last year) on my dads Swift caravan at the weekend. There was no LED hyper flash on the caravan. All lights worked as they should except the indicators which flashed faster and I got the trailer indicator bulb failure warning on the dash. This is an improvement over my old trailer module 2012/2013 vintage. 

    As mentioned above Sargent make a box of tricks for Swift to cure the hyper flash. It plugs into the wiring loom in the caravan. Sargent make the wiring in Swift caravans so it is a proper fix and not a fudge with a ballast resistor. 

  6. Is the rear subframe really that different from a saloon?  Reason I ask is that TIS permits lifting an F10 on the diff (not the rear cover)




    Lifting by means of the diff will put the load into the rear subframe, its mounts and then into the chassis from wherever the subframe connects to the chassis. If its good enough for the saloon why not the touring?


    But its not un heard of for TIS to be wrong.


    Problem with the rear of the car, is the only really suitable place for an axle stand to go is exactly where the trolley jack is, i.e. under the black plastic jacking point.


    Good advice re-hockey pucks, its what I use to protect the car from the trolley jack.

  7. I have very similar ones also bought from eBay but a different seller.




    They are machined from hockey pucks and I use plain hockey pucks as jack pads between my trolley jack and chassis members on other non BMW car.


    I’ve also got ones to fit the top of my axle stands too. 

    Great bits of kit. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, Jemster said:



    Oh dear. Looks like BMW UK has just decided to evict Northern Ireland. My plate is apparently no longer a valid UK vehicle registration number.



    Before I changed my plate it wouldn't accept the registration number unless I put a space between the 2 of the 62 and the first letter of the last three.


    AA62AAA had to be entered as AA62 AAA. Might be the same with an NI plate, needs a space somewhere? 



  9. ^the high beam assist when used with the adaptive headlights are terrific especially if you live out in the sticks.  I've found that it worked better with orange sodium streetlights,  the modern white LED street lights confuse it. Make sure the windscreen is clean in front of the sensor that usually helps with it being more responsive.


    I think you can code off the night red dash. I wasn't keen on it at first but I've got used to it now.

  10. The F10 will have ISOfix so don't worry. From memory I think non folding down rear seat versions are slightly different from ones that do have folding down rear seats like the Tourings and my F10.




    from a non folding down seat version.


    There used to be websites that gave the vin from the registration but they are proving difficult to find.


    PM sent with a VIN.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Boba said:


    And did you benefit from “an exterior wash and interior vacuum, your BMW Service History will not be updated and your service light will not be reset.” ?



    Lol. The plan was to wash it afterwards.


    That didn't happen :(


    I am debating adding it in to my service book.  I'll keep all the receipts with the car when it's time to move it on but I think such useful bits of paper some of which have my name and address on it will breech the new data protection rules and not be passed on to the new owner. Nanny state we live in.....

  12. 38 minutes ago, nashdm2 said:

    Can somebody paste the link for the BMW service website as I cannot seem to find it. 


    Here you go.




    You need to enter your postcode, pick a dealer, enter reg and mileage before it gives you the prices.


    My local dealer is offering the £129 oil service. I had much more fun doing it myself though.