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  1. 535i Andrew

    Tyre manufacturer

    Only got 12,000 miles out of the one Vredestein that had been fitted to my E39 when the garage I bought it from MOT it for me before I bought it. Replaced with a pair of Conti Eco contacts which the tyre fitter didn't balance properly and I had horrendous vibration until local garage rebalanced them.
  2. 535i Andrew

    Difference between N47 & B47 Engine sounds ?

    Don't all Diesels rumble or drone? B47 engine was used from 2014 onwards so its probably in yours. Enter your last 7 digits in www.realoem.com or use a Vin decoder site which will confirm which engine is in it. Mibbie its still an N47 and the timing chain has gone already Joking aside, if you are not happy with the car, then don't be slow in going back to the dealer, I would.
  3. 535i Andrew

    Tyre manufacturer

    Camskill are good, boys on the other BMW forum I frequent use them, good prices and service apparently. Not used them myself...
  4. 535i Andrew

    Wheel damage

    I've got 19" 351s so interested to hear how you get on. There are well documented issues with certain sizes of alloys cracking but not heard that on current gen models. Does the Mrs or anyone else drive it? Have you mounted any kerbs? Go over an big nasty sleeping policeman/speed bumps that local Koooncils insist get installed in new housing estates? I would think that BMW will file any letters or e-mails you send them in the cylinder under desk recycling unit. I lost an argument with a pothole and turned an alloy in to a square, but the council paid out virtually all of my costs. Read story here.
  5. 535i Andrew

    Tyre manufacturer

    Nothing to do with a heavy right foot then Sir? The Michelins always get a good write up, my dad always used to swear by them. I think I have Piltos on the front of my summer rims, which are instore having only had them on the car for two weeks before I put the winters on so not 100% sure. I had Dunlop SP Sports on my last E60, they were OEM and I stuck with them for nearly 70,000 miles, obviously not the same set. The V8 was a bit torturous on the rears when giving it the beans, not helped by the negative camber on 9" wide rims, the inside edges used to go at 22,000-25,000 miles. My E39 (with Contis) was quite even on tyre wear front to rear. Only changed the set once in the 45,000 miles I put on it.
  6. 535i Andrew

    Towing problem

    Bearing in mind that there is no equivalent of an MOT for caravans, could be anything that has failed. Breakaway cable could have operated but if the brakes on the axle are knackered then there is no chance of it stopping.
  7. 535i Andrew

    Gearbox oil change

    Not unheard of for E60 autoboxes which have had regular sump pan/filter changes and oil flushes and oil changes to then mechanically fail which no amount of servicing (as it is limited to oil changes as there are no serviceable parts in a slush box) could have prevented. Bearing in mind an auto transmission specialist will always tell you to get your 'box serviced as that's how he/she makes their living! Some specialists will flush your 'box too. But what does this do? Put fluid round the system in a different direction from the internal pump would and potentially pop or flip a seal? (in a similar way you can knacker a brake servo by pushing a caliper piston back in without opening the bleed nipple) Or put fluid in at higher pressure than the operating pressure generated by the pump? Me, I had my E60 box serviced twice but still remain skeptical about it. Why would ZF and BMW say they are sealed for life?
  8. 535i Andrew

    Tyre manufacturer

    Thanks for that. My Nexens are on my summer rims and are currently stored flat in my garage, granted with a couple of 8" front rims with Micheline Pilots on them. Hmm I'll keep an eye on them.
  9. 535i Andrew

    M Performance graphics removed from 535d F10

    Don't think I have seen them in any other F10. Mine doesnae have them, nor does my dads. So what option was that to spec them from new then?
  10. 535i Andrew

    Tyre manufacturer

    Totally agree with that. You want to stay away from Cheapo tyres for your car. Quite pleased that the op lists good selection of premium brand tyres. Tyres are the only thing that keeps you on the black stuff, out of the ditches and between the hedges! Tyres (and brakes) are a part of the car where you want to spend money not skimp on money. Can you expand on the Nexens? How did you find out they were out of round? I have these on the rear on my AUC F10, and I had never ever heard of these brand of tyres until I bought it? I always fit premium brand tyres to my cars, it's your safety at the end of the day.....
  11. 535i Andrew

    Tyre manufacturer

    Contis were OEM on E39s, I had them on my E39 and were faultless.
  12. 535i Andrew

    Retro Fit Towbar on to an F11

    I'll second that, Westfalia in the UK are terrific. I e-mailed and phoned them about the fitting of my dads F10. It's always been a very helpful Tamzin I heard back from. Very quick response and she knows her products inside out. Although when I asked about info on my 3AC towbar, Tamzin told me that she wasn't allowed to tell me stuff about it....I'm guessing BMW have got a special order or something.
  13. 535i Andrew

    Odd handling issues & vibration when braking

    Glad I could help. My wheel bearing (hub) that I replaced was probably life shortened by the fact that I lost an argument with a pothole on that side. Grease splurdged out could be a sign that it has failed or a sign that a meticulous garage has put some grease on the hub spigot to prevent your alloy from sticking. It has then got hot under braking and spread out.
  14. 535i Andrew

    Retro Fit Towbar on to an F11

    Pics as requested by Sebastian Back end stripped down, note that the trolley jack is supporting the exhaust as the towbar itself has a fitting that replaces the bracket that normally supports the back box. The bits we removed Fully installed no obvious cuts in bumper Towbar plugged in no obvious cuts in bumper Towbar plugged in no obvious cuts in bumper More or less taken from the same angle as above, showing no obvious cuts. Took a while to fit the towbar, probably the most complex one I've done in terms of having to remove stuff, inc the light clusters on a car that my dad spent upwards of £30k on so no pressure! The installation of the Westfalia wiring loom was challenging to say the least, not helped by the fact that supplied wire lengths to the ECU aren't long enough. I had to remove the ECU or lighting module to install the wires. Felt quite pressurised as I was holding seriously expensive bits of kit on a car that is my dads pride and joy. But it all worked, quite a step up from fitting a flange ball towbar to a D reg Mk2 Vauxhall Carlton.
  15. 535i Andrew

    Retro Fit Towbar on to an F11

    Meant to add, my electically retractible towbar option 3AC is more visible than the diy fitment of the removeable Westfalia on my dads F10!
  16. 535i Andrew

    Retro Fit Towbar on to an F11

    You can only see the cut if you lie down and get up close to the bumper. We were meticulous in getting the cut right as the last thing we wanted was to damage the bumper and cut too much off. Lots of trial fitting but we got a tidy job.
  17. 535i Andrew

    Most useless or naff features and options?

    As as per my signature, it's a 2013 build date. So it's an LCi thing then........glad we've cleared that one up.
  18. 535i Andrew

    Xenons fitted but not on vin decoder?

    Xenons do not have the height adjustment wheel next to the light switch in the cockpit. If you have a height adjustment wheel you don't have Xenons. Easy way to tell as lights are subject to change on LCi models I think over pre LCi like mine.
  19. 535i Andrew

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    If it were me spending that money, I would be buying from BMW AUC purely for piece of mind, but that's just me....protecting my hard earned.
  20. 535i Andrew

    Most useless or naff features and options?

    Yeah? Nearly went into the back of someone leaving the station car park whilst holding down/pull and hold/ left hand paddle waiting for the car to change down from 4th to whatever, Ooooffff brakes required. Tried this a few times on the way home, holding left hand paddle, didn't work. All that happened was it went down one gear. Its not in my hand book/manual either. Must be another thing mine doesn't do or perhaps coding vehicle specific?
  21. It may not, but from BMW AUC it will get you a 3 year old 535i MSport auto with 2 years left of a service inclusive deal, a few toys inc a leccie Towbar, a set of winter wheels and tyres with average miles on the clock.
  22. 535i Andrew

    Any builders here?

    I've paid around £200 per man per day for work on my house for a number of different trades from tiling, electrical work, painting and hanging wall paper.
  23. 535i Andrew

    Car Modifying Rules

    #24 Fitting alloy wheels with so little spokes that you can now clearly see that your front brake discs are the size of milk bottle tops thus indicating to the world that you have indeed a very tiny engine, contorary to what is implied by your horrible after market body kit and loud exhaust!
  24. 535i Andrew

    Odd handling issues & vibration when braking

    Thanks, that's what all these forums are about, sharing the knowledge.
  25. 535i Andrew

    Heavy Duty Rear Springs with 3AC Towbar

    So I'm guessing that's a no then. A google didn't yield any results either.