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  1. apples12

    Wiper Blades for 2013 F10

    Just changed my blades over as they were smearing, Bosch a524s from Amazon, £20 via prime. I only use prestone screenwash, stock up when Tesco have it on clearance, currently sat on at least a dozen gallons in the shed!
  2. Hi all I've noticed with the recent rain that both of the rear doors have got what appears to be failing door seals I do have quite a lot of wind noise which I'm looking to address, but I've attached pictures for some advice
  3. apples12

    Anyone remapped their F10 518D SE?

    Definitely much more 'driveable', that barge-like lag is significantly reduced, economy has gone up if driving motorway miles, gone slightly worse if just local/inner city I was told it's not easily detectable, he removed some marker he said... Mine is also under warranty (extended) No difference with clutch etc, mine is auto I have stuck to 60-80k intervals for servicing the gearbox, currently on 137k, 15k since remap, tank to tank economy had improved by 6mpg for my motorway runs, just sits cruising at 74mph quite happily returning 56-59mpg
  4. apples12

    Anyone remapped their F10 518D SE?

    Enda ward did it for me, 245 if I remember right. Figures he quotes are around 230-240 from stock which is 184, I didn't want a map which was too aggressive, egr delete also done at same time (coded to be shut)
  5. apples12

    Anyone remapped their F10 518D SE?

    Have remapped my n47 520d, best 300£ I ever spent on it! More economical, more power down low and around town
  6. apples12

    Wiper Blades for 2013 F10

    Another vote for Bosch blades, last about 12-18 months or so, I do 25-35k a year though
  7. apples12

    Consequences of a melted EGR cooler

    Could I ask which shitner branch it was?
  8. apples12

    Brake discs - how long should they last?

    Guess it depends on your type of driving, my rears have lasted 50-60k and fronts are only on the second set just now, car is at 137k, all motorway miles
  9. apples12

    Consequences of a melted EGR cooler

    I'd say what you had was worse than the leaky egr cooler, shoddy workmanship, lord knows what would have happened had that last bolt worked itself loose at speed and got into the running gear Glad to hear your okay I would take shitner to the cleaners
  10. Full service done by sytner today, 474£ lighter and a nicely scratched/grazed leather steering wheel! Back to shitner it goes
  11. Just picked up a new set of front all weather mats for £45 from rybrook BMW, price matched with their eBay account
  12. apples12

    Tyre pressures

    70-80 for the control module, about 10 for the socket connector and wiring, sensors came mounted on the alloys already but these can be had relatively cheap on eBay also
  13. apples12

    Tyre pressures

    Quite easy to retrofit the active Tpms to give you the actual pressure and temp readings btw, did mine last year.
  14. Nope, just 10% off and free hotel stay for 2 offer running at the moment. They're anywhere from 93-125 depending on the retailer, still surprises me how much the cost of tyres varies from retailer to retailer
  15. Gone for efficientgrip performances, 376 for a set of 4 225/55r17w from Kwik fit, not too bad I did consider f1s, primacy 4's, cinturato p7's also, figured I'd give the Goodyear's a go!