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  1. I think the aux belt system is a good shout The vibration dampener has some very very very minor tears/wear marks in it. Nothing to worry me anyway. I need to now get another 2 years at least out of this car due to impending house purchase!
  2. Hi all Have had my 520d for just over 5 years and it's currently sat around 173k miles. What sort of preventative maintenance should I be considering? The DPF has been washed to 90%+ efficiency, the egr has been deleted many years ago. Shcoks, springs, top mounts, control arms on all 4 corners have been done in the last year Should I be considering injector overhaul/turbo replacement soon? I'd prefer to replace them before they go kaput. It's been and continues to be serviced every 10k miles using the same shell oil, car is driven hard, not babied about. I'm aware it wants it's brake fluid change done soon and will look to get it booked.
  3. I just pour it in neat! Had mine blocked only once and some vinegar followed by a kettle or boiling water did the trick
  4. Hi all Wondering if there is a repair kit or otherwise for the oblong rubber bung the engine cover on the n47 slides into? It appears the rubber bung is held in place by a bit of plastic which is part of a larger bracket which holds all the vacuum actuators/solenoids/valves and gubbins to do with the dpf.
  5. apples12

    Black panel display

    I've got 6wb retrofitted in my bog standard 520d SE (only optional extras were pro nav) And I love it. Definitely gives a much more modern feel to the cabin and I like that it changes look depending on driving mode. Would I pay £800 for it? No. Mine is from an X5 and had a faulty HUD output, panel was £150/200 I think and cost just as much to get Virginised and coded in.
  6. apples12

    N47 timing chain cost replacement

    Please do report back At £600 it's worth a punt just for preventative maintenance
  7. apples12

    N47 timing chain cost replacement

    Would be good to find someone with the skills of that scope chap/mechanic mindset, can't seem to locate their workshop. I'd gladly pay to have them take a look at mine even if just for the peace of mind. I've got no untoward noises tbh Given the mileage I'm a little concerned about the turbo
  8. apples12

    N47 timing chain cost replacement

    Interesting thread Is there any way to determine the health of the chain easily? On 172k and don't want it to snap now, need another. 2yrs driving from it!
  9. Try and get hold.of enda ward, he did mine but he's Midlands based,
  10. Everything is physically still there, it's been coded to just stay shut (at least that's what enda told me)
  11. Nope, it seems to be regenning fine, I can't say I've ever noticed it regenning, it just gets on with it without much fuss. It does take longer for the car to warm up overall but not massively.
  12. apples12

    BMW wiring

    You can get brown/yellow wire from eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153830195978 Pennies. Use original BMW housings and terminals, relatively inexpensive. Buy Tesa tape off Amazon
  13. apples12

    Filters and replacement intervals

    Yup all interchangeable terms for the exact same thing! Fp 2533-2 is the Mann part number I use from Amazon for the frecious plus filter. All other filters I tend to stick to Mann also as they're OEM
  14. apples12

    Filters and replacement intervals

    It's what BMW call the pollen filter - usually I buy the antimicrobial Mann filter off Amazon for 45quid
  15. apples12

    Filters and replacement intervals

    Personally I've done oil every 10k, fuel and micro filter every 30k and air every 40k. Only long one on there is the air one and that's mainly because it's never that filthy when I take it off