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  1. apples12

    Recommendation for Discs & Pads?

    I purchased from autodoc using their app, usually 20-27% off depending on the day of the week I went for my usual mix of brembo 2 part discs and textar pads, the 'genuine BMW' ones which came off 3 changes ago were marked as textar so I've stuck with them, pads typically lasting 40k+ miles on the rear but I sit on the motorway most days.
  2. apples12

    New brake disc centers - Paint, seal or leave

    You could use a high temp lacquer and be really careful not to get it on the wheel mating surface... personally I'd also leave be... Fitted my rears earlier this afternoon (brembo discs, textar pads) and the old ones which came off weren't toooo bad tbh Was a pain in the backside getting the disc off, was practically welded onto the hub However....I did figure out that a rubber mallet and a good few whacks got it to come off. I also didn't have to remove the caliper carrier to remove the discs fortunately
  3. Try autodoc instead of euro... considerably cheaper £414 for front and rear brembo discs and textar pads, wear sensors are anywhere from £4-9 per axle depending on brand... Usually takes a week for them to deliver but they call you once you place the order and confirm vin etc, check compatibility and then call you back again to confirm all okay (or not)
  4. I punctured the grommet which the bonnet release cable goes through, just above it and sealed it with some black silicon inside and out. Wire came quite nearly behind the frm in the drivers footwell
  5. I'm pretty sure there was a silent 'enhancement' done on these, mine definitely had it done under the guise of 'enhancement' at least anyway!
  6. apples12

    Steering Wheel

    I had this relatively early on in ownership, turned out to be a faulty steering rack/column and the whole 'casette' was replaced under warranty
  7. It only releases the brake if your seatbelt is done and doors closed? Maybe there's some coding in esys or expert mode on bimmercode which will change the 'readiness' requirements?
  8. apples12

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Over 10,000L of BP's finest diesel, 95,000ish miles - average is 45.2mpg so not too bad! It's improving since the remap and not using the 5er for town driving!
  9. apples12

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Interested to see what your coolant sits at ..usually if I'm in the middle of my commute and I check the temps I'm sitting anywhere from 92-94, 96 if I've really pushed the car and then slowed back down to more 'reasonable' speeds... If I keep a constant speed it can easily achieve 65+mpg Below was on a run from Birmingham to Manchester albeit incredibly boring sat in the average speed zones at 50mph!
  10. apples12

    Huawei phone in a f10

    Yes please! Will it accommodate large form factor phones like the S10+? @op, what i did was remove the insert with the cradle and just fit the empty cubby hole/storage.
  11. BMW valves don't need coding in providing you use a genuine valve
  12. Surely you can just change the stem though? If it's genuine BMW Tpms sensors the stem is available separately
  13. If you have bimmercode and a dongle it can be coded quite easily
  14. apples12

    how do you turn off the auto off

    It's possible to code it to remember your last setting which is what I have done in mine, only time it lets it auto stop/start is if I put it in eco pro mode but a quick press of the button deals with that
  15. apples12

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    If mine lasts on the original up to 200k miles I'll be happy! the one on my old 2009 golf was fine when I traded it in for my 520d at 180k, brothers 2006 A4 was on its original at 240k when he traded in for a 5er too - all lots of happy motorway miles!