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  1. apples12

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    When I queried this it was the charge to run a diagnostic scan and update the digital service record
  2. apples12

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    Why only 125-155k miles though? Is it suddenly irreplaceable after 155k miles?
  3. I have a similar 'jolt' when going into drive although it isn't quite as violent as yours I'm on 128k and it's had a gearbox service done...will be looked at by the indie when it goes in for rear diff seals beginning of may
  4. Fiiiinally switched back to summer tyres, quick clean after bank holiday family road trip, oil and fluids checked ready for another few months before it goes in for mot!
  5. apples12

    F10 Multi function dash

    Yes it can be taken out and coded into your m5
  6. apples12

    Rear diff seals - common?

    The extended BMW 'insured' warranty with 250 excess, extended continuously when the initial 3yrs ran out (I bought the car when it was 18months old) Strongly feeling I ought to cancel it now, only continued it as I have the n47 engine and wanted the reassurance the warranty was there in case it all went tits up, but now at 127k, wear and tear no longer covered so in 2 minds as to what to do... 250 excess to potentially just have the two outer seals done, nick will do the front one too and not charge very much more to do the centre propshaft bearing
  7. apples12

    Rear diff seals - common?

    Had confirmation it would be covered but I have the 250 excess policy, will book it into the Indy I use instead as it's not far off and he'll do all 3 seals instead of just the two
  8. apples12

    Rear diff seals - common?

    Is it likely to be covered by the comprehensive extended warranty? My trusty Indy has quoted £300 all in for all 3 seals, oil etc
  9. Hi all Noticed that my rear diff seals are leaking/misting, with this being my first BMW, how common is it for these to fail/wear? Also, what sort of cost am I looking at to have them replaced?just looking for a rough ballpark Anything else that should be done 'whilst in there'? Car is currently at just shy of 127k motorway miles Many thanks
  10. apples12

    Part Number for DPF

    Gap turbos in the Midlands have been known to this, worth giving them a call
  11. apples12

    Part Number for DPF

    Have you thought about just getting yours cleaned?
  12. apples12

    Part Number for DPF

    Ah What's your mileage?
  13. apples12

    Part Number for DPF

    How do you find this reading of 'end of life'? Also, what mileage are you at?
  14. apples12

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Spotted during one my usually interim/10k mile oil changes which i have done via removal of the sump plug...allows for a good inspection underneath with good visibility Installation or otherwise it was quibble free, gave him a call and WhatsApped over a picture, booked in within a week and all done and dusted
  15. apples12

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Give nick at NCB autokraft a call, he's by earlswood lakes Did mine last year and absolutely flawless, incredibly knowledgeable guy, the sump was misting oil within a year of nick fitting it and he changed it out along with new oil under warranty free of charge (was a twisted rubber seal), courtesy car provided also with enough notice