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  1. apples12

    Rear diff seals - common?

    Have a gander at the diff mounts too
  2. apples12

    Rear diff seals - common?

    That seems okay, less leak than mine.. wouldn't hurt to do a fluid change if you haven't already
  3. Not strictly speaking my f10 but Tuesday evening I somehow managed to grenade the gearbox on my wife's 2008 golf match tdi, picking up a 2017 1.4tsi on Saturday I did disinfect the interior of my f10 after a long day dealing with poorly patients yesterday
  4. apples12

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    I have a bog standard 520d se LCI with Pro nav, I've retrofitted reverse camera, speed limit display, 6wb and enhanced Bluetooth.. The 120,000 miles I've done in 4yrs and 1month have been totally effortless. Car has not wanted for anything besides regular 10k oil changes, usual servicing, a battery, some bushes for the diff and its seals, engine and gearbox mounts and a few guibos. Returns good mpg if driven sensibly, capable of overtaking/going a little faster with ease The lim function in speed limited areas such as average speed limit areas has been a godsend The gearbox just...works. no delays, coughs or hiccups, it just...works! And in my own opinion, I think it's quite a looker too, especially when clean and it has a certain road presence. Next car will likely be a late model f10 or a g31 LCI which I'll hang onto for 4-5 years or 150k miles, whichever comes first
  5. apples12


    Shytner. That's why.
  6. apples12

    Dpf replacement?

    Did you register the battery exchange? I had the same 2 codes, changed battery, only the dpf one is persisting, need to get around to either getting it cleaned or whether it accelerates my decision to change the car
  7. apples12

    Is dealer ripping me off???

    Just to be a pedant but surely if their argument is that the gasket is separate why on earth is it listed as a separate line on the invoice? That suggests it's a separate item in its own right?
  8. apples12

    Washer jets gone weedy

    Glad to hear it worked Nothing beats a quick, cheap and simple fix!
  9. apples12

    Washer jets gone weedy

    I've had this issue once in my 4yrs of ownership, a kettleful of boiling water and a bit of concentrate screenwash, let it sit a bit and then start the washers so it flushes the fluid through. Took some attempts but got done in the end, I wasn't keen on removing it
  10. apples12

    BMW F10 LCI headlight issue

    Could it be a wiring issue?
  11. apples12

    BMW F10 LCI headlight issue

    You could say your car has....corona-virus I'll get my coat. On topic- make sure it's being coded in correctly, if your auto electrician is using a generic reader then it may not be able to code it correctly. Take it to a BMW specialist near you who has the correct tools
  12. apples12

    New member

    Another vote for endtuning here
  13. 1. Home 2. Workplace 1 3. Workplace 2 4. Workplace 4 5. Mother in law's 6. Blank 7. Route details 8. Tyre pressures
  14. The code I have is 244800 - information diesel particulate filter: limited remaining distance available Car is on 157k miles so i reckon the dpf is near the end of its life or 'full' potentially. The 'wash' is only 150quid, taken off car, washed in a special machine, heated up and fit back to car. Worth a punt
  15. All done this afternoon, went without a hitch. Fairly straightforward, 2x 13mm for the strap over the top, 2 plastic clamps (one on the back left, one on right side), 10mm for negative and positive, 13mm for the clamp terminal under the second flap and the IBS thing just lifted straight off. Ista instructions above were incredibly helpful, so thank you for those @Matthew Ashton Gearbox doesn't seem to be jolting when going from d>p any more, will monitor and see how it gets on. Dpf code is stored in the dde, will be going for a wash of the dpf soon