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  1. apples12

    DIY Suspension advice

    Replaced all 4 shocks and springs, both front lower arms on both sides and ARB links All parts were from either autodoc or a local parts company that holds lemforder parts Definitely worth the expense. Mine was done around 155,000ish miles though
  2. One stop autos on redfern road Let him know the guy with the 520d you did all 4 shocks and sings on recommended
  3. That is a shame, he managed to deal with a seized bolt on the rear of mine a year or so ago. .you can obtain the bushes on their own, in which case any garage should be able to change it for you. Have a look at the lemforder webcat and cross reference the lemforder part number with eBay/Kms often stock them Good luck chap
  4. Plenty of life left in them! Lol Out of curiosity did you have any strange noises at all or just the warning light?
  5. apples12

    Tyre pressure for non-RFT

    I keep my non rft at 2.3 up front and 2.5 on the back - I do only have comfy 17's fitted and 95% of the time just myself up and down the m40
  6. Wheel alignment centre oxhill road, he'll deal with the bolt and align it in one go. They've got the hunter alignment machine so same as BMW Also, I've sat in sytner service reception while their tech did an alignment and there was not a single weight in sight. Oxhill road will do the lot. I've used Noel in the past but last couple of experiences have put me off now. Have found a new garage in tyseley, not the prettiest but definitely experienced mechanics and honest.
  7. Hang fire! Which garage in Birmingham? I'm also in Birmingham and can recommend a good few places
  8. Surprised the tracking place didn't just ask you to get the new bolts and they'd remove the seized ones and fit? Hope it gets sorted for you
  9. Turns out the front springs sent to me from autodoc were the wrong ones, they're for an f10 se but not for my f10 se despite their part selector throwing them up! Mechanic has agreed to swap them to the correct ones free of charge as I'm also due rear pads and an oil change so it's going back in this Wednesday! Really liking the g31 LCI at the moment...
  10. apples12

    Pics of Lci cars

    Well that's helped select the next car I go into and glad I waited!
  11. apples12

    Speeding :(

    I cannot confirm nor deny the above 37 in a 30 about 3yrs ago.. live and learn eh
  12. apples12

    Speeding :(

    Lol I know for sure that the details are correct. I have the v5c and have received relevant correspondence in the past. With any luck it won't show up. Approaching 28 days and I've still been receiving other post
  13. apples12

    Injector parts

    Look on realoem to get the part numbers you need then get onto eBay Often enough the injectors will have seals and bits made by the manufacturer of the injectors themselves and you won't have to pay the bmw-shiny-box-lovely-receptionist tax Pipes may well be dealer only, I wouldn't trust second hand Good luck
  14. apples12

    Speeding :(

    Yes registered keeper, no changes in address details since owning the car for the last 4 years, personally owned car. Many thanks for the info. And yes, genuinely a lapse in concentration. Car in front was doing about 15mph below the speed limit and refused to move, overtook on the dual carriageway not realising that by the time I'd passed him I was doing in excess of the limit and had already been flashed! Still no excuse. Personally I feel under-speeders should also be flashed as it is just as dangerous but I have a bias!
  15. apples12

    Speeding :(

    Hi all I can recall getting flashed on a road upon which I may have been traveling in excess of the posted speed limit. Yes, I accept there is no excuse for speeding etc etc etc My question is as follows Is there a defined length of time in which the police force must serve the notice of intended prosecution? The alleged offence occurred in the last week of April so more than 14 days ago already