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  1. apples12

    How to seal a concrete block building?

    Render is my preferred/ideal option however with the gap between our shed and the neighbors being about a foot and a half, narrowing to a foot, I can't see how this could be done? I'd gladly attempt a DIY render, indeed quite keen to! Can't be that difficult and not worried about aesthetic on that side! I'll look into k rend
  2. Hi all We recently bought a new home where the previous owners had very recently built a single skin concrete block building, quite large at 3.6m x 5.8m but only single skin concrete blocks with a felt flat roof. It is water tight on the whole but I've noticed that one of the walls is soaking water through the mortar joints and I've little idea of how best to protect it. It seems to be from driving rain and/or possibly run off from the neighbours shed. What are my options to waterproof this side of the building? It is not 'visible' so don't really care how 'pretty' it is, it needs to be functional. The other 3 sides will be clad in anthracite plastic cladding. The 2 options I can see at the moment are as follows 1. Paint the wall with a few coats of a bitumen based/liquid rubber paint and leave it at that 2. Put up a physical barrier between the two buildings (I was thinking large sheets of cladding at an angle from under my guttering to the ground just past the edge of my concrete pad. Internally, once it's fully dry it will be celotex in the ceiling, board and plaster. Walls will be batten/Insulation/board/plaster. Purpose of the room will be storage, gym. I've attached 3 images, one of the inside wall showing the water seepage in the affected wall, another showing the outside and lastly the external of the affected wall. The window was DIY fitted by myself and does need finishing off! Many thanks
  3. The condition of the balls and distribution of lube within the race would be a good indicator Can't be doing with scratched balls or all the lube in the wrong places
  4. apples12

    Timing chain 2012 F11 520D

    Depending on where you are in country, 2k+ is very expensive I've been researching this for a pre-emptive chain replacement on mine and I'm getting prices from 750-1500 max
  5. Winter wheels were fitted on Wednesday last week prior to our holiday, now for some cold weather when we return to put them to good use! Timing chain and associated paraphernalia on the cards along with replacing the dpf sensor bracket which is where the engine cover snaps Into (broken long long ago so cover is looseish) and the left intake pipe which also was snapped by service (no way to prove) a long time ago. Will use the opportunity to inspect the turbo for play, give the oil cooler a good clean up and ponder whether or not I can live with the misting oil from the seal... Engine mounts, gear box mounts and gearbox service to go in at same time as chain 'while it's off'. Researching koni special actives too. This cars gna be a keeper, I'll echo what's been said above, it is just so composed. Drinks diesel when driven locally but it gets enough motorway miles on it too to still justify the diesel. Roll on 2023 for the i5!
  6. apples12

    New set of tyres

    Fwiw I inflate my non run flats (summers and winters are both Goodyear, summer; efficient grip ultra, winter: ultragrip to 2.5bar on the front and 2.7 on the back (cold) and adjust when the temp rises. Get fairly even tread wear and comfortable
  7. These were the replacement for the koni FSD? Very highly rated dampers, I think if I hang onto my 520d for the planned 2 years, I'll likely see about getting a set of these fitted. Would be interested to know how they do once settled in
  8. New winter rubber fitted, if the weather forecast is to be believed, we'll be down to low single digits end of next week, just in time for when we land back from holiday. Next on the list: engine mounts, timing chains
  9. I had a full decoke about 60k miles ago so the inlets aren't that bad, the manifold isn't too bad either tbh but I've got the itch and spotted the gasket was still date stamped 2013, must not have been changed by the garage. Either the chain will shit itself first or the turbo, 185k miles now and recently far more local, even though I've turned the annoying start stop off and try to avoid turning off the car if I'm just leaving it for a minute or two. Let's see eh. I reckon a preemptive turbo change could be on the cards and then get it booked in for chains and engine mounts, they're feeling sloppy again
  10. Genuinely enjoyed working on it this morning, everything straightforward (apart from pulling the old flange from the hose connector). Next job on the list is a manual carbon clean and/or buy a replacement manifold and swap out.
  11. Coolant flange changed, coolant system now holding pressure again. Surprisingly not that difficult to remove the intake manifold, thank goodness BMW use captive bolts!
  12. Identified the coolant leak which had become a coolant flood to be coming from a coolant flange connected to the side of the cylinder head. Hoping BMW have it in stock for me to pickup and fit tomorrow before our holiday This cars getting long in the tooth now...another F10/f11 or a g series?...
  13. apples12

    Tyre size question

    Not run flats but BMW * rated. The Dunlop 3ds that are coming off after 3 winters are incredibly loud and quite low, I think closer to 3mm if not under!
  14. apples12

    Tyre size question

    Goodyear ultragrip performance 8's ordered from Costco for the princely sum of £107 per tyre fitted.
  15. apples12

    Tyre size question

    I'm over in sunny Birmingham, will amend profile later today. I tend to do a lot of trips and since investing in a set of winter tyres, I don't think I'd ever go back to using summers in the winter or even all seasons, doing 20-25k miles a year at the moment (pre lockdown was 35k+), part of my commute involves b roads, and we've moved to a house which is quite literally on top of a hill too! Other brands in the running are 1. Barum Polaris 5 2. Vredestein wintrac pro 3. Dunlop 4d 4. Bridgestone blizzaks Barums are a good price at the minute and I understand they're a continental brand so should be better than the other linglong far east tyres. (Car came with a complete off brand set of tyres and once changed, it's a noticeable difference) Last year's winters were fitted a few hours ago and are down to 3mm ish so need changing asap before we have any real frost/rain here.