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  1. I've not had my car for last 5 yrs, and prior to that it never really needed anything. Now going through an extensive overhaul and respray. All engine parts have been coming from local dealer (my mechanic has an account with a big discount he passes on to me). I now need to start looking at all the frilly bits - lens covers possibly, rubbers, side covers, odd bits of trim. Lot of BMW supply sites out there. What do people on here use for parts? Im interested in aftermarket as oem stocks disappear (or do BMW keep making?)
  2. Im at his unit 3 weekends in January working on another car - doing some stuff he wants to see himself, so he's going to work on the BMW at the same time. Should be plenty more pics on the way
  3. At the suggestion of Huff I'm creating a thread on its own - my BMW 530i Sport is being rescued from the dead. The Car It's a 530i sport petrol automatic, one of the "Champagne" run out editions - I believe the first series because it still has all the electrics on the seats. It has a few "M" things on it (e.g. steering wheel, wheels), and is officially listed as a "M-Sport" - that said I have no interest in the argument that ignites from the "M" letter, I didn't want an M, I would have bought one if I did - tried one and it wasn't for me. What I actually wanted was an exec style again (is it SE?) but there weren't any for sale in black, and I just wanted another black BMW. History and Purchase This car was a one owner from new - apparently a local Vietnamese "business man". He was good at keeping it fully serviced (full dealer records verified by a helpful BMW dealership), and bad at parking / kerbing the alloys all the times he pulled up to see his roadside "clients" - the front skirting was a replacement missing lots of bits. The year was 2009, I had just written off my nice big 530 exec model (SE?) - it was lovely, but the clutch was a bit cumbersome. I switched my daily drive habits to knocking about in a Fiat Sciecento, keeping the posh car just for business meetings (sick of it getting scratched and dented parked at railway stations and in town). So when I wrote off the car I needed a stop gap - money was short following a marriage break up 2 years earlier, and the credit crunch was still making life a bit risky. I set my budget low. A garage in London had this black 530i Sport - and as luck would have it it was the week before Christmas and they were about to go bust. After some intense acting I managed to grab the car for 4k cash 2 days before Christmas, I now had something presentable for business for a couple of years until things got better for me. The next 7 years Life returned to normal over time, and I eventually reached a point where I could start finding a more permanent car. What followed was a lot of test drives of lots of different cars, none of them came close to being the whole all round deal, plus you're looking at some 12 - 18k to get anything in that league even as a 5or 6 yr old car. My clients thought my BMW was a bid baddass / cool, it was turning out to be a cheap bit of window dressing. Had an interesting journey with a Manager from JLR - he said my car drove better than anything they made (modern car regs stopping cars being that good / heavy etc), then told me how his cousin in Sweden bought a new BMW every 3 years, but having bought one of these she kept it indefinitely for summer use, while still buying and selling the other BMWs every 3 years - she just liked it. Eventually I decided there was no point wasting money on anything that wasn't as good, so booked it into my garage for a gasket change to stop the recent oil leak. The Long Storage The worst thing you can do in life is give a vehicle needing more than a few hours work to someone who is disorganised. The second worst thing you can do is say "no rush". If he's your mate too you're properly screwed. Car had done 130k miles. My mate said rather than change one gasket, lets do the lot, every seal, gasket etc so its good for a few more years with no issues, because he didn't want to be lifting the engine out every time a gasket or seal needed changing. All made sense, I was keeping the car for a good 5 more years. Because I was now married again I was using the car a lot more - the wife didn't like running around in a battered old Seicento. I dropped the car off early 2016 just after I secured an immaculate bonnet and boot lid from a breakers (mine had the usual rot setting in), also picket up a toolkit and an immaculate boot floor. Then everything started changing. 2016 - local contract ended, suddenly I'm having to do a 220 mile round trip each day on the new project - BMW 530i too thirsty. Did the first weekend away with the baby - I'm going to need a bigger boot! Before I knew it a Passat Estate was my daily drive - brilliant piece of kit to be fair, and will be kept for a million years more. 2017 - finally got a 10 yr old XKR Jaguar - my dream sports car. With this and the Passat the BMW now totally surplus to requirements. 2019 - finally we found a house that fitted what is now 6 of us (now 2 kids plus the step kid, plus the Mother-in-law!) - with it comes a big driveway. The XKR was never going to do more than the drive to Le Mans each year, and be looked at. It didn't replace the 530i like I expected it to. 2020 - I decide the BMW needs to be finished - it will make a great back up car, and on paper its not the most irresponsible way to spend money considering I keep cars for years anyway buying them after all the depreciation is gone, and these things seem to be nudging slightly up in price - classics?!? I find my mechanic, guy I've known a long time setting up on his own in 2021 - I can wait. 2021 - the car has left the garage that did no work on it (5 years, ridiculous), and its been brought home. The Scope The scope is to bring this car back up to mint standard so I can use it for business or pleasure, and I shall just keep it. 1. Engine: So right now we have an engine out on a stand. First job assess parts bought previously, order everything we are going to need. Mechanic is stripping the engine and I'm cleaning all the parts with him (I'm the labourer, great job, normally I'm doing the restoration, but on this car I'll leave it to the expert). 2. Body: I've recently got involved with a body shop, so they're going to make it look a million dollars like they did with the XKR - once we've had the car on test for a few weeks 3. Interior: needs nothing more than a good clean. The champagne leather is Italian fine I believe that doesn't wear well without a lot of tlc, so I've bought some stuff to do it, plus dye for scratches - however I've now learned there are 3 shades so I'll have to do some research Pictures to follow as we progress
  4. Now undercover, few other priorities taken care of, and he's back on the car. Should be driving by February, respray planned for March
  5. wsn03

    Winter's coming...

    Ive bought Lanoguard too...
  6. Very little had happened with the BMW before work was halted to do the Golf, only the new brakes that I'd sprayed up were fitted, and not yet with the new brake lines. However a lot has changed with the mechanic - he now has a unit over on a farm, so I tend to hang out with him there on Saturday's just giving him a hand with general stuff - from business advice to paperwork to sitting on our backsides drinking tea...and the odd bit of work. So the first thing he wanted was to get the BMW over to his new unit, where he can work on it every time he feels like it during any day of the week. The pics below show the new brakes, without the new brake lines (to follow later), followed by the car being loaded onto a truck to be taken to the unit on the farm. Now that Golf 2 is complete work will continue on the BMW. Golf 1 will need a big restoration, and I'll be collecting it from the Isle of Man this week, however it will be put in the the back of the workshop until the BMW is completely finished - no more delays. Steve thinks the BMW will be ready for its 500 mile of test runs at the end of this month. It will look like the walking dead but we need to get everything mechanically perfect before the body work starts.
  7. Hello everyone Been a long time updating because we have been delayed by another German relic. Cut a long story short my Mother has a 22 year old Golf GTI she won't let go of. I bought her a lower mileage one 6 years ago, but she just ended up keeping both. Both cars have a long list of issues that need proper thorough addressing. The less special of the 2 cars will become her daily drive, and its the one that needed the least amount of work. As both were suffering from water coming in I decided to get at least one fully done asap so she has something that isn't a moving wreck. So Golf no 2 was put on the ferry from the Isle of Man in June, and I collected it off the ferry in Liverpool. I created a long list of issues just driving home and noticed its tired and scruffy appearance - it would do as a daily, no rust or big marks, but it would never be anything more than pracical. I was astonished therefore, as the icing on the cake, after making it drive like a new car my mechanic took it to a guy who made it end up looking like a new car as well. This car itself is 20 years old, the BMW is 19. I am now gagging to see my BMW finished, I just cannot imagine how good its going to look. Here are some pictures of the near finished Golf
  8. My mechanic said hes doing just that, preferring to remove after application rather than mask off and get issues.
  9. Thanks for that, i can easily do that
  10. Finally a pick of the belts before everything is on
  11. Some rodent bodged the gearbox cooler, cutting lines in the cowling in the process. New one on its way but 2 weeks, so plans to finish engine and cooling aren't going to be met. My mechanic is doing brakes and wheels tomorrow. Started ordering all new seals for post respray. Here's a pic of the bumper
  12. Quick update: Bad weather in May really messed things up. However we are now vanos set up, front on, callipers all sprayed up (we bought new unpainted and had the carriers blast, then I used a zinc primer and a silver top coat... The front bumper has been plastic welded and primed- a very good job they did too- shame the guy quit the shop last week.
  13. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Thank you, thats really helpful and noted
  14. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Thank you, really helpful.
  15. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    I'm trying to find ATE brake suppliers, seems to be online only, but from suppliers with loads of bad reviews for late delivery, wrong parts, no refunds etc - where did you guys get your ATE parts from?
  16. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    This is very interesting - my 530 SE had a recurring problem until a mechanic told me to fit oem, problem went away completely, and I did have a top brand on there beforehand. I'm going to look at ATE I think
  17. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Very interesting - I've just bought new pads and discs, but reading through your brilliant thread and about these discs and pads, I might return mine and get some of these! Excellent. Never would have thought of it. I have a 2nd generation XKR which is notorious for brake wobble issues - there is only one answer, absolute standard oem brakes and pads - I cured my wobble fitting just that, the only thing ceramic I used is ceramic grease in place of copper grease - all my research shows its a better way to go. My brakes are perfect. On my BMW I'm not doing a thing aside from cleaning and running around, my mate the mechanic is doing the whole job for a change. He has swapped to ceramic grease to since I told him about it and is impressed. I will talk to him now about wavy discs and ceramic pads (I never knew about wavy discs btw)
  18. Can't take the credit except organising, cleaning, cooking and paying the bill, but I will pass your compliments on to the mechanic. Thank you
  19. Really happy seeing the engine looking so clean
  20. Crash bar back from the powder coaters
  21. New cooling goodies - fan, radiator, aircon condenser, new shroud...old one visible in one picture brittle and broken in places
  22. New tyres, brake callipers, hoses, discs
  23. Ok today was a very lazy day. Mechanic turned up late, then we spent an hour chatting over coffee...then we started looking at units for rent for him...1 hr was all that was achieved, but we had a nice time However...he's taken his engine crane away, my garage is starting to become mine again Hes also brought a load of parts round Here's a pic of the car at its worst...it looks like something from a war zone...

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