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  1. Im at his unit 3 weekends in January working on another car - doing some stuff he wants to see himself, so he's going to work on the BMW at the same time. Should be plenty more pics on the way
  2. Now undercover, few other priorities taken care of, and he's back on the car. Should be driving by February, respray planned for March
  3. wsn03

    Winter's coming...

    Ive bought Lanoguard too...
  4. Very little had happened with the BMW before work was halted to do the Golf, only the new brakes that I'd sprayed up were fitted, and not yet with the new brake lines. However a lot has changed with the mechanic - he now has a unit over on a farm, so I tend to hang out with him there on Saturday's just giving him a hand with general stuff - from business advice to paperwork to sitting on our backsides drinking tea...and the odd bit of work. So the first thing he wanted was to get the BMW over to his new unit, where he can work on it every time he feels like it during any day of the week. The pics below show the new brakes, without the new brake lines (to follow later), followed by the car being loaded onto a truck to be taken to the unit on the farm. Now that Golf 2 is complete work will continue on the BMW. Golf 1 will need a big restoration, and I'll be collecting it from the Isle of Man this week, however it will be put in the the back of the workshop until the BMW is completely finished - no more delays. Steve thinks the BMW will be ready for its 500 mile of test runs at the end of this month. It will look like the walking dead but we need to get everything mechanically perfect before the body work starts.
  5. Hello everyone Been a long time updating because we have been delayed by another German relic. Cut a long story short my Mother has a 22 year old Golf GTI she won't let go of. I bought her a lower mileage one 6 years ago, but she just ended up keeping both. Both cars have a long list of issues that need proper thorough addressing. The less special of the 2 cars will become her daily drive, and its the one that needed the least amount of work. As both were suffering from water coming in I decided to get at least one fully done asap so she has something that isn't a moving wreck. So Golf no 2 was put on the ferry from the Isle of Man in June, and I collected it off the ferry in Liverpool. I created a long list of issues just driving home and noticed its tired and scruffy appearance - it would do as a daily, no rust or big marks, but it would never be anything more than pracical. I was astonished therefore, as the icing on the cake, after making it drive like a new car my mechanic took it to a guy who made it end up looking like a new car as well. This car itself is 20 years old, the BMW is 19. I am now gagging to see my BMW finished, I just cannot imagine how good its going to look. Here are some pictures of the near finished Golf
  6. My mechanic said hes doing just that, preferring to remove after application rather than mask off and get issues.
  7. Thanks for that, i can easily do that
  8. Finally a pick of the belts before everything is on
  9. Some rodent bodged the gearbox cooler, cutting lines in the cowling in the process. New one on its way but 2 weeks, so plans to finish engine and cooling aren't going to be met. My mechanic is doing brakes and wheels tomorrow. Started ordering all new seals for post respray. Here's a pic of the bumper
  10. Quick update: Bad weather in May really messed things up. However we are now vanos set up, front on, callipers all sprayed up (we bought new unpainted and had the carriers blast, then I used a zinc primer and a silver top coat... The front bumper has been plastic welded and primed- a very good job they did too- shame the guy quit the shop last week.
  11. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Thank you, thats really helpful and noted
  12. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Thank you, really helpful.
  13. wsn03

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    I'm trying to find ATE brake suppliers, seems to be online only, but from suppliers with loads of bad reviews for late delivery, wrong parts, no refunds etc - where did you guys get your ATE parts from?