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  1. wsn03

    Dodgy door: Replace or respray?

    Mine was cheap only because I'd given the shop a whole load of business advice. However a full paint spray is usually between 2 and 5k depending on where you go depending on how much prep is involved. I can get you a quote if you have pictures from these guys, they are very very good. Pic of my paint job - the car is not BMW, that will be next
  2. Glad it has been of some interest! I'm not far from you location wise - I'm in Warwick. You're near the mechanic (about to set up in Coventry) and near the paint shop too (again Coventry, next door to the mechanic!) if you ever need the same. The next steps Fire up the engine Put cooling system together if running ok Test drive - up to 600 miles Strip down bodywork completely Full body tidy up and respray Re-assemble bodywork Full interior leather clean The Champagne M Sport does seem a bit different and a bit special. I didn't realise that when I was buying, and then asked what the hell the M was doing on the wheels etc! Not driven it since 2016, can't remember what its like, really excited to know it will be fired up next week Thursday apparently (when my mechanic returns)
  3. wsn03

    Dodgy door: Replace or respray?

    I would respray if no corrosion. What condition is the car? I had a nose resprayed and ended up getting the whole car done cos the resprayed bit looked so much better it made the rest of the car look terrible. If you need a good paint shop I can recommend one in Coventry, but don't know about London
  4. Engine in Before cleaning ^^^^
  5. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    I'm sold all round on all points you make, and that price! Thank you, this is a very big help. I will fit the undertray Really appreciate the photos btw
  6. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    This is interesting - I have a good bumper but with bits gone brittle and broken. I am extremely lucky that I have an involvement with a body shop - I think we're going to do a bit of fabricating! All I need is to get a set up that allows me to have an undertray. HOWEVER - I'm reading that lots of sports apparently never had an undertray ever fitted. I'm seriously wondering if I even need one? Car was fine without.
  7. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    It definitely looks better the more I stare at it. However I'm a stickler for originality. What was that piece held in with? My crap bumper has it, I could take it off that and stick in an M5 from this lot IF they are any good - though I am going to price up oem
  8. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    Pistonheads has gone completely down. It is the UK's biggest forum!! And I live on its Le Mans pages. Yes, its down - how bloody annoying, the answer to our question appears to be there!!!
  9. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    Oh good grief...pistonheads appears to be down!!! That's never happened before, how annoying
  10. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    Google [WHAT I NEED] - pistonheads ....always works Look at this
  11. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    Possibly - and I have those. The issue is how good is it - we should try to find reviews
  12. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    As I look at the different types there is a definite difference between M and Sport - I like the Sport one better. I'd be wary of getting anything without the reviews if I were you
  13. wsn03

    Replacement Sport Bumper - options?

    Actually Sport including M Sport bumper has a splitter across it, pure M has just mesh without the splitter (looking at all the pics on the internet)