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  1. JDX-90

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    Hi Darren, I was playing about with mine recently and noticed that you can change the display options in the iDrive —> Displays—> Instrument Cluster, then there’s 3 options Standard, Reduced and Individual. When I set it to reduced it doesn’t give me the navigation info on the centre display. You can also configure individual settings for some things but not others. There may be another way as well but give that a try. Cheers Joe
  2. JDX-90

    New G30 owner

    Thanks for the feedback. I generally only do between 6k and 8k per year so sounds like the service plan is a waste of money for me. The computer is currently saying 18K for the first oil service.
  3. JDX-90

    New G30 owner

    Hi Guys, I recently upgraded from an F10 520d to the G30 model. I was torn between which engine to go for and after much deliberation I went for the 530i M Sport. The car is amazing and feels so much better and smoother than the F10. (Which was surprising as that was a brilliant car) I would have loved to go for the 540i to get that straight 6 but couldn’t really justify the extra cost and hit on economy and so far the 530i has been more than powerful enough, with even more to give once it’s broken in and I can rev it more Was looking at the service plan as I had this before but was disappointed to find it’s only 3 years / 30k miles rather than the 5 years, so how not sure if it’s worthwhile. Any thoughts from other members? Cheers Joe
  4. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    Just an update on the issue... The car went in on Monday morning and picked it up today - they replaced the entire head unit free of charge and gave it the first service under the service pack while it was in. Also had a courtesy car for the 3 days free of charge. Quite impressed with the service and happy not to have to spend a penny
  5. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    It did cross my mind while I had some time but as it's under warranty I thought I'd better not tamper with it. Don't want to end up invalidating the warranty or giving them something to blame me with.
  6. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    Update: I had a day off yesterday so decided to do a bit of investigating work of my own. The noise has been getting worse so I took assist the front panel to the centre console to try to see where the noise was coming from. It's definitely coming from the CD unit, possibly the inbuilt fan? Anyone had any issues with this?
  7. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    Had the car in to Douglas Park yesterday morning and an engineer came out for a quick drive so I could demonstrate the issue. Luckily the noise came back while we were out which is always a good thing and the guy took it into the workshop for a quick look. He came back and said the panel behind the nav / centre console has it's own cooling fan and it could be that so they need the car booked in for 2 days to take apart the centre console and investigate, then to order and fit any required parts etc. They'll give me a courtesy car with no charge for the duration as well which is good. Booked in for Monday 27th.
  8. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    That's not so good! I work 5 mins from the Douglas Park in Pinkston and the only other one is Harry Fairbairn which is too far away. I've heard mixed reviews about Douglas Park sound good and some bad. Location doesn't offer much of an option for me so will see how I get on. I called them this morning to ask their opinion on the issue and they said the entertainment system has it's own cooling fan and it could be that making the noise. They've said I can bring it in on Monday morning for an engineer to have a listen and look at my video and then can advise if it needs booked in.
  9. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    Douglas park is the nearest one to me, do you not rate them?
  10. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    That's an interesting idea, any ideas how to stop it? Or is it a case of booking into the dealer for investigation? Does the manufacturer warranty cover this sort of thing?
  11. JDX-90

    Buzzing noise from Air Con?

    I tried that with different direction, speed and temperature but makes no difference to the noise. Also if I close the air vents the noise doesn't change either. I'm beginning to think it might be coming from the media system :/ If I mute the music and drive for 30 mins with air con on I don't hear the noise, then if I turn the music on after about 5 mins the noise appears. Then if I mute the music to listen to it, the noise goes away after 20 seconds or so. Very strange
  12. Hi guys, I've had the car (520d M Sport) for about 6 months now and the other day noticed a loud buzzing noise coming from the air vents.... It's very intermittent and whenever I stop to investigate the noise goes away. I managed to get a video this morning and when the noise was happening opened the bonnet to confirm there's no noise coming from there. It seems to only do it when the music us on, then if I mute the music the noise goes away.... Very strange. I've attached a link to the video as well. Has anyone had this issue before or can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks in advance Joe
  13. Here's mine on a beautiful day in Aberfoyle
  14. JDX-90

    New BMW owner

    Some pics from my phone: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. JDX-90

    New BMW owner

    Hi Guys, I recently bought my first BMW, it's a 520d M Sport with the 8 speed Steptronic auto box. The car is only 9 months old and has some good spec, Dakota leather interior, heated seats, Sat nav, Bluetooth, Xenons, park assist, m sport pack, driving experience control, led fog lights etc. I'm very impressed, it's a brilliant car and surprisingly powerful. I came from an Insignia VXR 2.8T V6, which I had for 2 years. Had the BMW for 5 weeks now and wouldn't go back. I've also got all the connected drive add ons which are very good. Looking forward to many years of happy motoring in the new car Cheers Joe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk