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  1. JDX-90

    520D XDRIVE, G30

    I've recently had my end of warranty check and the dealer identified this code and replaced the "bottom radiator blind" under warranty.
  2. JDX-90

    online entertainment issues HELP

    That's good news! I agree with the music quality aspect, I've definitely noticed an improvement over the Bluetooth streaming.
  3. JDX-90

    online entertainment issues HELP

    As long as you create your account from within the car it should redeem the music voucher you get with the package and you'll then have a deezer premium account. Technically the bmw genius is correct that you need online entertainment and deezer premium but these are both part of the same package. It sounds like in your case the online entertainment package has previously been registered to another account but that it's going to allow you to use a different account for the extension. The key thing is that you don't need to buy deezer premium separately from online entertainment.
  4. JDX-90

    online entertainment issues HELP

    Not sure what the dealer is talking about. I followed the steps in the car to create an account... When you say "no" to having an existing account does it then let you register for one?
  5. JDX-90

    online entertainment issues HELP

    This is from the BMW website: Attention: To start using the service, you have to redeem the BMW Music flat-rate voucher in the vehicle first. This can be done by registering at one of the BMW music partners in your vehicle at Multimedia > Online Entertainment.
  6. JDX-90

    online entertainment issues HELP

    I have this on mine and the subscription covers Deezer premium and the in car data charges. You should be able to register through the car as far as I remember and then the account is linked to the car. Once it's linked you can then use the same deezer account on your mobile etc for the same premium content.
  7. JDX-90

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    The old connected drive app is still working and updating status of the car on my phone... Didn't realise there was a hard cut off but I'm not deleting it until it actually stops working as I prefer it
  8. JDX-90

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    Mine is back working again this morning too.
  9. JDX-90

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    I've just tried on my Android and the same thing has happened, worked fine before the update yesterday! Both cars are still showing through connected drive on the website and the old Connected app is working fine. Very strange! Just a quick look at twitter and it seems a few other folk are complaining about the same issue.
  10. JDX-90

    BMW Download Manager

    Hi there, Here's the link to download the manual update app: https://d1yohpilleip36.cloudfront.net/BMWDownloadManager-windows32-offline.exe
  11. JDX-90

    Run-flat repairs?

    My understanding is that any tyre that has been driven on while flat should not be repaired. A non run flat tyre is unlikely to be driven on when fully flat, as there would be very little control, it would be dangerous and you could damage the alloy if you tried. A run flat is designed to be driven on while flat so this is a likely scenario when asking for a repair hence some vendors not allowing it full stop as they can't guarantee it hasn't been done.
  12. It's condition based servicing rather than a prescribed schedule. You should be able to see all of that recorded in the iDrive vehicle info menu. There should be an entry for every service and if it's in green it was done on time, Amber it was done later than the system recommended and Red I believe is missed - going into each entry should give more info on what was done. It should also show you future estimated service needs with mileage and date guides.
  13. That's even worse Why discontinue on the saloon and keep it on the tourer?! I know it's a popular choice but I'm not an estate car fan.
  14. Definitely, I'll be due to replace mine in a couple of years so will likely go for something like the 840i Gran Coupe in the absence of a 540i in LCI form - which is a shame as I'm a massive 5 series fan.
  15. They've dropped the 530i and 540i, with those engines being used only on the 530e and 545e. It's probably part of their transition to electric vehicles. I wouldn't mind the 545e as you get extra power from the electric motor on top of the 3 litre straight 6 petrol engine...but you lose around 100 litres of boot space because of the batteries which is no good for me. So it's either a 520i, 550i or M5 competition! Not great!