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  1. JDX-90

    530i and 520i G30 difference?

    Interesting - of course I'm only going on the info from the dealer which could admittedly be wrong. Although if the 520i only maps to 260odd and you can map the 530i to 310, I'd expect more differences than just the pistons? Or would that be enough for the extra power?
  2. JDX-90

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    I don't have the cruise option in mine? I only have eco pro limit, seat climate, climate, light and sight, route ahead assistant?
  3. JDX-90

    Connected Drive Question

    I see, didn't realise that. Is that also through the app?
  4. JDX-90

    Connected Drive Question

    I really like the remote option for a few reasons - checking if the windows and doors are closed remotely gives peace of mind, sending destinations to the sat nav when planning a trip instead of faffing about with it in the car and the location reports so I can track where the car is. I've also had issues when trialling certain services, such as office 365, tried to cancel before the end of the free month but had issues and it then charged me for the year, contacted BMW who agreed to refund but I'm still waiting and it's been 3 months.
  5. JDX-90

    530i and 520i G30 difference?

    I believe so. You can remap the 530i to about 310 due to the bigger turbo.
  6. JDX-90

    530i and 520i G30 difference?

    When I bought my 530i I asked the same question to the BMW genius person and they said it comes with a bigger turbo and engine remap.
  7. JDX-90

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    I checked this tonight and I stand corrected! The eco pro marker covers a range of speeds rather than the arrow on a set speed. Although I haven't experienced the behaviour described above when I've used this on long distances. Maybe this depends on the route and how steep the inclines are?
  8. JDX-90

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    The marker is the same in Eco Pro as Comfort and Sport, fairly sure it's an arrow but can check later.
  9. JDX-90

    Cruise Control in Eco Pro Mode

    I've used cruise control in eco pro loads of times for long distances and this hasn't happened to me. Could it be software versions?
  10. JDX-90

    520 Petrol Vs Diesel

    Yes, it's essentially a tuned version which takes it from 184hp to 252hp, without any real impact on economy figures, certainly on motorway runs with eco pro. I recently drove from Glasgow to Warwick which is 320 miles each way, so over 640 return and it was still showing over 70 miles range when I parked up at home. The performance definitely makes a big difference, especially on country roads etc. I've heard good things about the 530d but wanted to move away from diesel.
  11. JDX-90

    520 Petrol Vs Diesel

    I've personally never driven the 520i, but had the F10 520d for 3 years and bought a G30 530i. Have you considered the 530i as an option? It's alot faster than my previous 520d and a nice middle ground between that and the 540i. I've also got 700 miles from a tank which I think is incredible for a petrol. It's also much more refined, smoother and much quieter than the diesel.
  12. JDX-90

    Help choosing a G30

    I’ve had my 530i for just over 2 months and I love it. I previously had a 520D and wanted to move away from diesel and the 530i is so much faster, smoother and much more responsive. I thought about the 530e but the loss of boot depth was more of an issue for me over gaining less than 20 miles of electric range.
  13. JDX-90

    Text message on display

    Update to this. I had another look at the settings and confirmed everything was still set to active. So I had a look through what else was there and found 2 items which were set to “not active”: “BLUETOOTH_HANDSET” and “TWO_PHONES_PARALLEL” I set these both to active and I now have the additional telephone menu option and have configured 2 phones which is working. Not sure which one fixed it, although it would seem the “two phones” is the obvious one? Thanks for the help. cheers Joe
  14. JDX-90

    Alexa.....Do you use it?

    I don’t have the option so I guess I can’t use it then. Was this an optional extra or something standard after a certain date?
  15. JDX-90

    Alexa.....Do you use it?

    I’ve used standalone Alexa before and wasn’t impressed at the time (but that was a few years ago). I’d be curious about trying it in the car - how do I know if my car is compatible and if so, how do you get it?