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  1. I've got a set of winter wheels and tyres from my previous 5 series (F10) which I'm looking to sell. They are currently in BMW storage as I bought a G30 2 years ago and of course they don't fit! They are 4 X 18" V-Spoke 281 style fitted with Dunlop SP WINTER SPORT tyres size 245/45/18 RFT. Tyres are about 4/5mm tread from what I can recall but will verify this when I collect them from BMW. I'm looking for £700, collection from Glasgow preferred but could arrange delivery to the UK if needed. I plan to leave them with BMW until I have a confirmed sale as I don't have anywhere to store them. Cheers Joe
  2. JDX-90

    Run-flat repairs?

    ^ I do agree with above that it's probably less of an issue on run flats being flat overnight, as long as they haven't been driven on.
  3. JDX-90

    Run-flat repairs?

    Yes I'm sure many people have. The bigger issue is definitely driving on the sidewall while flat but if the weight of the car is on the sidewall with no air in the tyre for a prolonged period of time this can cause creases in the rubber. It will come down to personal choice but I wouldn't be confident that the safety hasn't been compromised in that situation. I'm sure there are experts out there which will have views on both sides but for me it won't be as structurally sound as it was before it was placed under that type of strain.
  4. JDX-90

    Run-flat repairs?

    I've had a few RFT tyres repaired in the past however a lot of places won't do it as it's against their policy. Kwik fit and BMW won't go near them for example. They're covering the risk of the tyre being driven on while flat and then it could compromise the sidewalls so should be replaced in that case. If you know the car hasn't been driven while flat then you've got that peace of mind yourself, however I personally wouldn't do it if the car was sitting on the flat tyre overnight. I've only done this with a slow puncture highlighted by TPMS and never left long enough to go flat.
  5. JDX-90

    Run-flats are now optional on M Sport

    Do you get a spare wheel or inflation kit instead if you don't choose to spec RFT tyres?
  6. JDX-90

    Should I pull it out?

    I had something similar in my last car and drove to the local trusted tyre place, then pulled it out in the car park. It turned out to be mostly the head and not very deep at all which was great but I had the tyre fitters on standby just incase it didn't go well!
  7. JDX-90

    Buying a G31 530d soon

    That's true if you use "demo mode", but you can connect to the car using one of the supported adapters and it will show you everything applicable to that specific car without having to pay anything. You can only actually code changes once you've paid the fee to unlock the full version though.
  8. JDX-90

    Standard M-sport 19” Wheels - Run-flats?

    My 19" M Sport wheels came fitted with RFT as standard.
  9. JDX-90

    Petrol or diesel

    I previously had an F10 520d for 3 years and now have a G30 530i. Alot will depend on preference but I find the petrol alot smoother, more responsive and much quieter. I definitely have noticed a slight reduction in economy but that's to be expected with petrol I'd say. I didn't have any dpf issues with the 520d over the 3 years and my commute is around 4 miles normally with alot of town driving.
  10. JDX-90

    Alexa on a 2019 530e

    I've just came across an article which has this on the prerequisites: "Available on vehicles with ID6 built from 11/18 featuring 11/18 software or higher" My car was registered 02/11/18 which I assume means it would have just missed out on this version of software? Maybe that's why I don't see the option?
  11. JDX-90

    Alexa on a 2019 530e

    I tried this myself earlier but I don't have the car integration option in the Alexa menu. My connected app only shows the Alexa skill integration. Anyone else managed to do this?
  12. JDX-90

    Active grill surround

    Yes there's lots of options depending on what style you want. If you want genuine M Performance ones I've listed mine for sale in the classifieds
  13. I am selling 2 Genuine M Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for the G30/G31. L/H Kidney Grille 51 71 2 430 993 R/H Kidney Grille 51 71 2 430 994 Colour: Gloss Black Suitable for all 5 Series models including saloon and touring G30/G31 I installed these on my own car however personally wasn't keen on the black on black so decided to remove. They were only on the car for a very short period and I purchased directly from BMW. Looking for £100. Thanks Joe
  14. JDX-90

    Active grill surround

    I recently did this on mine and bought the Black M Performance grill surrounds from BMW. You just need to push down the clips which are exposed with the bonnet open. I took them straight off again as I wasn't keen on the black on black personally so hoping to sell them on. You should be able to find a few youtube videos showing how easy it is. The surrounds sit in front of the active grill part.