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  1. Richieboy

    E90 335i - which one?

    I had a 59 plate E92 N54 for a couple of years and never had a problem with it from 70k - 90k miles. Main issues on these are hpfp, coil packs and waste gate rattles on the turbos. But I think same like everything you only hear the stories of when things go wrong. Not the many cars that don’t have problems. 2010+ was the N55 with the single turbo.
  2. Richieboy

    E39 M5

    Hi Dennis, My budget is around 10k. You're exactly right. Im not too fussed on mileage, owners etc. I don't even mind a little bit of work needed on brakes, suspension or other bits as long as the bodys in pretty good condition and its been maintained well. Have an E92 335i il be looking to sell to fund it, or potentially swap if anyone was interested. Richard
  3. Richieboy

    E39 M5

    Hi all. Im looking for an E39 M5. Preferably facelift in black or blue but would consider other colours. Not too fussed on miles as long as its in good condition and been looked after. If anyones thinking of selling or knows someone selling let me know. Would prefer to buy off a forum member as the my current car was bought the same way. Thanks Richard