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  1. 631 is for left hand traffic Europe spec.. the yanks have there own spec as well so each light is slightly different .. as as long as your right hand traffic you will be fine..
  2. https://cat.hella.com/web/public/hella/en/100000/100277/Fog%2BLight-%2BParts/$catalogue/2/na/na/parameters/$product/1ZS%2B010%2B131-651_259/index.xhtml;jsessionid=1A134D374B235D2FC1C2FF628C5C0619
  3. Left adaptive unit give the company a phone to confirm but sure its the one just make sure it has RL on the headlamp for right hand drive cars and not Europe spec.
  4. You can’t replace the seal on this unit. They are glued shut. you just need the shell and then transfer ballast, led units over. try get one off eBay .. you will not need coding as you will be transferring the TMS module over..
  5. https://www.parts.bmwgroup.com/infodok/1473/en_EN/subpages/documents/manuals/SZ_033_03_15.pdf Product information 03/2015, 1.0 Aftersales/Parts and Accessories/Performance Parts/BMW Performance Parts PI: SZ_033_03_15 Original BMW accessories BMW M Performance Power Kit 5 Series (F10 LCI, F11 LCI) 520d/520d xDrive built after 07/2014 NEWS: • New product Product description The engine power of the series vehicles 520d and 520d xDrive is significantly enhanced with the M Performance Power Kit. The kit comprises a new control unit including an engine data update and other hardware components (such as a charge air cooler and reinforced brake components) that are perfectly coordinated with each other. The power improvement (151 kW / 430 Nm*) is truly thrilling thanks to its sporting character and impresses with outstanding driving performance. * The maximum engine torque depends on the gear. Sales features / benefits – Thrilling driving performance, sporty, dynamic coherence and rapid responses. – Excellent traction, even at higher speeds. – Fuel consumption and emissions in the ECE driving cycle as for basic engine models. – Higher torque curve, maximum 430 Nm* at 1750 rpm. – Higher torque curve, maximum 151 kW* at 4000 rpm. – Acceleration from 0-100 km/h -0.5 seconds compared to series. – Comparison of elasticity 80-120 km/h compared to series: ° 4th gear in -0.8 seconds ° 5th gear in -0.4 seconds ° 6th gear in -0.8 seconds – Maximum speed +5 km/h compared to series. The development was carried out according to the demanding requirements of the BMW Group. This is especially true for the quality and safety of the power kit that has undergone long-term testing by BMW. Supplied package – New engine control unit including engine data update – More powerful charge air cooler – M Performance Power Kit aluminium badge – M Performance sticker for sills – More powerful brake components – Small parts See EPC for details of the kit's contents. Content / relevance Please note that this product information is intended solely as prior information regarding new products. Before ordering, always check the specified part numbers in the EPC. Only the EPC provides the information that should be taken as valid and current. M Performance Power Kit charge air cooler Performance values M Performance Power Kit Technical information – For 520d and 520d xDrive with 4-cylinder B47D20 O0 (basis 140 kW) built after 07/2014. – When ordering the kit, please specify the chassis number to enable control unit encoding. – The conversion and data programming can only be performed by the BMW dealer organisation. – Installation is as per the installation instructions. – To reduce the additional thermal stress on the brake system, we recommend using alloy wheels. Complete price package For a detailed tender preparation, find the complete price package on the KSD DVD. Please refer to your price system or the latest price publications for the latest prices. 1/2 BMW M Performance Power Kit 5 Series (F10 LCI, F11 LCI) 520d/520d xDrive built after 07/2014 Note: – If the potential of the M Performance Power Kit is exhausted, there is the option of higher thermal load on the standard brake system. – The installation of the M Performance Power Kit is only possible in its entirety, for permit and warranty- related reasons. Individual parts must not be installed in isolation. – The customer must notify his insurance company of the increase in performance. Installation time Approx. 3.00 hours Installation instructions Part number M Performance Power Kit retrofit kit 01 29 2 410 100 Installation of the M Performance lettering sticker 01 29 2 297 912 Name Availability / Part number EPC DVD M Performance Power Kit From 04/2015 11 12 2 405 691 2/2
  6. jkas1984

    F11 auto transmission fluid change done.

    I am a bit confused as to why someone would drive to Germany to get a fluid change on a transmission?? Am I the only one that thinks that's a bit ott. This is a basic service not any different to changing the oil in the engine.. You wouldn't drive to the bmw engine factory to get the oil changed just to make sure they did it right You need to make sure you fill it at the correct temp.. If zf do a full flush that is different.. On there website they show the procedure as just drain and filter change no mention of a full flush being done or required. https://www.zf.com/me/en_ae/corporate/aftermarket/spare_parts_corporate/transmissions_corporate/how_to_change_oil/change_oil.html Bmw only do a drain and filter change as well. I was a bit nervous doing the job for the first time but if you follow the procedure to the letter you can't go wrong. I am sure a zf approved shop in the uk would do this job just as good as a German tech.
  7. jkas1984

    F11 auto transmission fluid change done.

    Sure Sure is and knows what to do with them. What's your point?
  8. jkas1984

    F11 auto transmission fluid change done.

    Take it to a mechanic.. Lot of electrical/mechanical engineers running around but dont know one end of a torque wrench from the other.. My mate has a masters in mechanical engineering...he has never got his hands dirty.. Would he attempt this job ...hell no...is he very clever ...hell yeah..
  9. jkas1984

    F11 auto transmission fluid change done.

    If you have access to a lift...the job would be so easy... It's a faff messing about under the car.. If your a pen pusher pay the mechanic. I am an engineer and prefer to know the job is done right. I enjoyed spending an afternoon in the sun making sure everything was done right. I will pop the under tray off tomorrow and check for leaks You need the tools and that will be the limiting factor for most.
  10. jkas1984

    F11 auto transmission fluid change done.

    yeah i wont drive it like i stole it.. BMW say Notice! Reset adaptations! Adaptations are performed automatically during the journey. After having performed repair work on the 8-speed automatic gearbox or replacing the 8-speed automatic gearbox, adaptations must be reset using the diagnosis system. Subsequently go for a test drive and engage all gears. Sure i can do that
  11. jkas1984

    Front wheel bearings failure

    I agree the combustion engine is a dinosour and long overdue for extinction. But The Tesla Model S, for example, is equipped with a single-speed 9.73:1 step-down transmission, not even a two-speed transmission, for two reasons. First, there are very few transmissions capable of handling 600 N•m torque. Second, you can’t spin the wheels at 10,000 rpm. Well, you could, but it would be totally unnecessary. Still need a transmission.
  12. jkas1984

    Front wheel bearings failure

    I sold my e90 to my brother He has 180000 on the clock Rear bearing replaced at 160000 and the fronts are still the original.. Still on original timing chain
  13. jkas1984

    F11 auto transmission fluid change done.

    Can you do it in Ista??
  14. jkas1984

    F11 auto transmission fluid change done.

    I have the ista+ software. Just follow the service function it tells you the transmission temp. Drain ...replace ...fill You fill it.. run the engine and keep filling it till it overflows.. till it reaches 40 max Go through the gears and run at 2000 rpm till it fills the torque converter while continuing to fill the transmission.. When that's done temp must be under 40 if it goes over which it does you have to wait till it cools down to move on in the service function. When temp below 40 run the engine and when it's between 40 and 50 check level again..till a dribble comes out or add some if not.. Done. Spirit level on bottom of transmission to get level bang on. Car on ramps and axle stands with large jack on the rear.. Don't jack on rear diff on f11 Bmw use a different torque tightening pattern on the filter to the one on the zf. I used bmw method.. I put 6 litres in When I was pulling up to roundabouts the transmission was rough down shifting.. Took it a run yesterday and seems to have cured it..very smooth down through the gears.. The new fluid is very thin..low viscosity old stuff was thicke used really. I will give it a week to see if there is a definite change.. I got the filter zf for 90 delivered and oil off eBay from a guy that worked at land rover..old stock.They use zf transmission as well and he said to change it..Not sealed for life rubbish. 150 quid all in