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  1. jkas1984

    3.0d delivery delays

    That’s good to hear.
  2. jkas1984

    3.0d delivery delays

    That good to here. did you service the transfer box and auto transmission? thanks
  3. jkas1984

    3.0d delivery delays

    Have you had any problems with the x drive in your 107k? thanks
  4. jkas1984

    Retrofit heated steering

    You will need a new indicator slip ring if you do not have park assist etc. then you will need to wire it in. then coding no software update. if the software does need updated at some point you will have to undo coding for the dealer to do it. or do it all yourself. My car has park assist etc so had the steering vibrator. easy swap for me with a bit of coding.
  5. jkas1984

    Adblue system failure

    I have had adblue system failure. dealer told me they did a software update. has not come back on in a month.
  6. jkas1984

    B47 Engine reliability

    What it does prove is there oil service intervals are too long. I have stop start coded off as well
  7. jkas1984

    B47 Engine reliability

    Our x3 2016 b47 has just had the chains replaced and a new turbo under warranty. Might be one of the first in the uk?? 29000 miles BMW BLACKPOOL claimed there was no fault found so it went back to Newcastle for diagnosis and after much investigation with bmw uk they replaced the chains and turbo! Car has no chatter now and is the way it should of been when it was sold to us. it was the same noise I had on my 5 n47 and f20 N47 we had previously both have had chains replaced. My 5 has done 60k since the chains were replaced and they are still quiet. i change the oil every 8k.
  8. jkas1984


    I can vouch for AUTODOC, try mister auto as well
  9. jkas1984

    Front Brake Discs

    330 sounds right. i went with Brembo discs and pads and they lasted 25000 before they had high spots on the front discs. I was getting vibration when braking replaced them with ate and they have been perfect.
  10. jkas1984

    Improving headlights

    I tried xenon kits and led with mixed results, I ended up retrofitting lci xenon headlights washers and sensor for levelling. All coding and fitting done by myself. Its a big job but The only way to get better light output and be legal. fitted osram night breakers. And light is excellent. I have seen these on amazon. phillips do h7 led aftermarket on amazon.
  11. Loads of info online with regards to rough starting in cold weather. the module will be on top of the engine close to the plugs. just follow the cable from one of the plugs. I would replace the plugs, if the module had failed on a 6 cylinder it would be more than a bit rough on start up
  12. jkas1984

    B47 2.0d engine noise timing chain?

    The chattering is in sync with engine rpm. this b47 is noisy! 29k full service history. still have a n47 car as well and it does not make that noise. handy when you can have them side by side. Going back to Bmw for further diagnosis it’s still under warranty.
  13. jkas1984

    Engine noise

    If you hold the revs at 1500rpm and take another video this will help with chain diagnosis.
  14. Hi I have had the n47 in my previous cars and had the timing chain replaced. I have a b47 now and it sounds like a chain problem too me. it has been into Bmw for diagnosis and the answer I got was “no fault found” I sat in the car with the master tech and held the revs at 1500rpm and he said yes I can hear it. Took the car away to listen further and All I get is “no fault found” I asked for an explanation and was point blank refused, we have had no timing chain problems on the b47. I am disappointed in the lack of transparency. Listen to the video and see what you think. cheers IMG_0094.MOV
  15. 631 is for left hand traffic Europe spec.. the yanks have there own spec as well so each light is slightly different .. as as long as your right hand traffic you will be fine..