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  1. Eddyboy

    E61 Wheel and tyre size problems

    Thanks for the reply, Although my 2008 e61 LCI 535d was delivered to its first owner with the added option of 19'spiders, 245 front 275 rear. No spacers and no rubbing in the 10years it had those spider wheels on.
  2. Eddyboy

    E61 Wheel and tyre size problems

    Thanks for your reply mate but that's not correct. The only reason they rubbed was the wheel offset of the M5 BBS alloys. My 19' Spiders with the same size tyres never rubbed at all. Also you always have a staggered set up on at least the 530d and 535d E61's with 19' wheels. M5's e60 and e61's have different dimension/ larger wheel arch space to, and always have a staggered set up.
  3. For anyone considering M5 BBS wheels. I have an e61 535d with M5 BBS wheels on her with 275/30/19 on the rear 245/35/19 front. I recently went into a tyre shop to have my right hand wheels checked after hitting a monster pot hole! One bent.. On inspection the tyres had been rubbing badly on the inner arch. So had to add some spacers, I chose 15mm. Which along with stopping the rubbing, looks ok to..
  4. Eddyboy

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hello mate. With the lever to the left it's a sports mode that uses more rev's or even max revs before changing. Just using the sport button keeps the gearbox in a less aggressive rev setting. I used to think the lever over to left was just for the use of the trip tonic and flappy paddle modes but my bmw mechanic mate told me what I just told you.
  5. -TARBY- It wasnt immediately it did take 3000 to 4000 miles before the wobble.. I did change my wheels and had the new ones powder coated, but saying that the first disc issues were on the original wheels.. I have a feeling this is a different issue, it just feels different.. ?? Or I'm going bloody mad..
  6. I'm glad I found this thread.. I am currently on my 3rd set of disks and pads! Had the track rod ends changed for new as well with wheel alignment. Just drove home and braking from 80 the shaking was back big time, gradually gotten worse over the last couple months! I have even had this 3rd set of disks Skimmed a few months ago with an on car skimmer machine.. I asked the skimmer bloke to check the discs for run off after skimming and he said the machine does it automatically.. bolloks I think.. I know if your hubs are not true to the discs or have any material on them they can put your discs off square and after 3000 to 4000 miles of uneven wear the vibration on breaking will come back, as mine has.. I could even hear it coming as the brakes squeak when coming to a stop . I kind of hope it's something else now like the wheel bearing or some other part? I have a E61 08 535d.. 3 years she was faultless and this year just a right pain in the arse... also currently going though shudder issues on hard exeleration! Wobbles and shudders have taken over my life! Haha still love her though... Could I have caliper issues then????
  7. Eddyboy

    Shuddering on exeleration

    Thanks for the update.. sorry to hear its not solved it! Two of my engineers who used to have 535d's said what about: U jay on prop shaft Diff mounts Drive shafts Worth a thought..
  8. Eddyboy

    Shuddering on exeleration

    Hello mate, the re map has been on the car for 5 years now.. I've owned it for 4 of those years. And the rumble has only started in the last couple months.. Thanks alot for the thread to your old posts, I will have a good read.. I am determined to sort this out as it's a new issue and its ruining my ride!
  9. Eddyboy

    Shuddering on exeleration

    Thanks for the reply! Where was your noise coming from, Front end middle or back end? I would be very interested to know the results of your test drive after mate.
  10. Hello guys.. I have been getting a shuddering when exelerating hard. It is coming from under the car around where the centre prop bearing is. I had the bearing replaced but am still getting the shudder. It is alot better now through the gears but I still get it mostly when in 2nd gear exelerating hard through 2000 to 3000rpm. I already know it's not the black rubber prop shaft coupling or the suspension arms or bushes. Some say it could be the engine mounts but bmw say it wont be this..? Has anyone had this problem and over come it? Thanks in advance for your help.. Edd Car info: 2008 E61 535d DPF removed 340hp 649nm
  11. Eddyboy

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    M5 BBS wheels finished in McLaren Anthracite... my most loved upgrade..
  12. Eddyboy

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    My best mate who is luckily is a bmw mechanic said it was all good. Thanks for the tip, I will get the gear box and engine mounts priced up. I did read a post from 2012 with a guy saying he changed the bearing with no effect then the engine mounts with little change to the shudder then had his cars re map put back to factory which solved it.. I hope I dont have to do that! Have you had this problem?
  13. Eddyboy

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I had my shaft central bearing replaced on my 535d e61 today due to a heavy shudder on exeleration. It has improved it but not 100%.. engine mounts to change next as this may be another cause.. Anyone had this issue?
  14. Eddyboy

    Turbo whistle

    Hello there, I had what sounds like the same turbo whistle your describing, exactly the same actually. I have a E61 535d, DPF delete and remapped to 340hp/649Nm. I took the car with the whistle to PMW in Essex and they said my large turbo had a cracked housing and that resulted in the whistle!? They offered to replace it for a new turbo and fitment for £1200!!to cheep!!..so I didn't go with it and instead had both my turbos inspected, reconditioned and had new gassgets fitted. This sorted it out and the extra horrible whistle had gone and is still gone..