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  1. mike.

    Dpf regen help?

    So just come home from a 500 mile round trip from warrington to southampton for a long weekend away with the family and the dpf regenerated itself nicely. The fault code was also showing a battery cable fault of some sort, Popped into my Indy before the trip and he fiddled about with it and hopefully it won't reappear and stop future self regeneration. Had to keep clearing fault codes and requesting regens over and over but finally it started doing its thing past Birmingham and on the return trip regenerated right down. On another note, what a car for the journey! On the first night with the kids asleep I did a 200 mile stretch in 3 hours quite comfortably. I found having the box in sport and some of the steep A roads down south making the engine work helped the re-gen but that might just be me. A combination of things I find makes it an ideal long distance machine including the auto box, 3.0 engine, cruise control which can be adjusted 5mph at a time unlike my e92 (might sound minor but imo makes a big difference) It didn't miss a beat, took me and the wife, 2 kids, pram, luggage etc in total comfort. Owned it 2 years which is why I'm a bit surprised at being Sat here singing its praises but for a 9 year old car with 90k on the clock it felt sublime, I don't do such long trips often and was impressed with how effortless this e60 made it, I will try my best to remember this moment the next time it throws me an expensive repair bill!
  2. mike.

    Dpf regen help?

    Thanks for the replies guys, can anyone answer this: If I'm using the carly app to force regen do I have to keep clearing the dpf error that flashes up on i drive?
  3. mike.

    Dpf regen help?

    So you think fault codes are showing for glow plugs in the report above?
  4. mike.

    Dpf regen help?

    If I'm using the carly app to force regen do I have to keep clearing the dpf error that flashes up on i drive? I cleared the error, requested a regen and shortly after the error popped back on th I drive. Had to cut the drive short unfortunately. Also anyone offer advice on this diagnostics As to why the dpf is blocked? Stats changes 6 months ago, all glow plugs and glow plug controller unit changed and dpf regenerated from Indy 3 months ago Engine / Motor Fault Code: 00480A Fault Explanation: particulate filter system Fault Code: 00481A Fault Explanation: particulate filter system Dynamische Stabilitaets Kontrolle / DSC Fault Code: 00D355 Fault Code: 00D354 Fault Code: 00D356 Fault Code: 006F56
  5. mike.

    Detailing advice - claybar?

    1 - What size bar is good enough for an E60? Any recommended brands or any to avoid? A normal size clay bar should be fine, you'd chop it up into sections at a time and fold it over whilst using so you probably wouldn't use the entire bar claying an e60 once. I've used meguairs and bilt hamber and they have both been fine, great thing about the bilt hamber clay is you don't need to use a detailing spray as lubricate, you just use water. I currently use the g3 clay mitt on my cars as its cheaper and would probably only use a clay bar on an extremely contaminated car as one benift of a clay bar is you can see the contamination picked up easier than the mitt. 2 - Should I polish the car after claybar? Or is it an alternative? You would polish after claying, never before. Claying is like shaving the paintwork (without harming it) whilst washing the car will get it clean, claying pulls out inbedded contamination. Claying falls under the preparation stage before polishing. Whilst claying will clean the paint, it won't improve the gloss or the shine like a polish will. Some people recommend not claying unless you machine polishing or at least hand polishing afterward, as the is a chance claying can cause slight marring to the paintwork. (Ensure it's thoroughly cleaned before claying) Your routine may go something like this: wash+dry, tar removal + iron fallout removal (if you can be bothered with it) once the cars dry again clay, dry, polish, wax. (Everyone's routine varies and some will wash and dry between each step! Don't forget a wax after polish though, after all you want to protect all this elbow grease. 3 - How long does it roughly take, in comparison to a hand polish? With a clay mitt you'd do a bonnet in a few minutes depending on how bad the car is. A clay bar will be smaller so will take longer.
  6. mike.

    BMW Electrical Recall

    Don't wait for bmw to write to you check you cars here https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/
  7. mike.

    After 3 years with Mercedes..I’m back

    That spec sounds like a one i had for a week as a courtesy car. Estoril blue. Wide screen DVD playing Sat nav. Bit of a rocket ship. You'll love it, enjoy
  8. mike.

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Somehow managed to find the time to wash it. Snow foamed it with bilt hamber autofoam. Used some auto finesse lather shampoo for a 2 bucket method wash. With all this nice weather I've been itching to give it a wax but haven't had the chance, so thought I'd go all out and used some fusso king of gloss which cured nice n quickly so was wiped of in no time. To finish off used some trusty meguairs endurance tyre gel, then was of back inside before the Mrs had a chance to have a moan
  9. mike.

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Picked her up the garage yesterday. Wouldn't 're gen. All 6 Glow plugs and control unit replaced. Got them to 're gen it for my and fix the AC which hasn't worked dincebi bought it. Soot levels down from 51 to 12 now and icy cold air. Hefty bill though
  10. mike.

    Buying part worn tyres

    I've had part worns on my e92 in the past and never had any issues. True you don't know the history of a tyre is or what impacts it's taken although you can help reduce risk by doing simple checks for tread levels, avoiding time bombs with sidewall repairs etc. A tyre could have 7/8ml tread but checking the DOT code could then reveal it's 10 years old which could result in the tread cracking up. Bought the e60 a few years ago and had to replace the tyres over Xmas, with it being the family car, kids in the back and all that decided to go with new Goodyear eagle f1s all round, not cheap on 19's but I recall some smug comment i read online during a discussion about used tyres "if you can't afford new tyres your driving the wrong car" lol If your on 19"s sometimes it can be such a ball ache to find decent ones the correct size used it's less hassle just to buy new and not have to worry about replacing them for some time,
  11. mike.

    Anyone know what this means?

    Cheers. Had both stats replaced over Xmas so the cars reaching mid 90's. How do i go about checking coolant temp and exhaust back pressure?
  12. Ran a diagnostics with carly after the DPF warning popped up and got the following. Motor Control: Engine / Motor particulate filter system Code: 00480A Glow plug cylinder 2, control Code: 004222 particulate filter system Code: 00481A I'm guessing I need to sort this for the car to 're gen. Any idea what sort of cost these parts may be? I had the heated going control replaced on my e92 4 pot a while back, and remember it costing quite a bit of labour
  13. mike.

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Snow foamed using bilt hamber auto foam and pressure washed off. Applied soft 99 fusso wax last week, didn't have time for a full wash, but the autofoam did an amazing job. For a snow foam n rinse only
  14. mike.

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Driving along this morning, and the flippin drivers wiper came off. Typical for it to happen on a day like today pouring it down on the way to be somewhere. £80 I wasn't expecting to fork out today
  15. mike.

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted a new pair of Goodyear eagle f1s on the rear spiders, old tyres were badly worn, fitted a pair of eagle f1s on the front last month so hopefully should be ok tyres wise for a while!