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  1. Perhaps the accelerator pedal potentiometer is worn? You can look at the values for that with diagnostics to see if the values change smoothly.
  2. Didn't you have the same problem before the gearbox rebuild? You've got a different gearbox now so it can't be the gearbox that is the cause? To be honest you might be expecting too much from the gearbox. Depending on how you drive you can often fool an automatic. Just as it's preparing to change down for example if you hit the accelerator the change may not be as smooth as it could be.
  3. JasonH

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    If you lower the car to roughly the correct height but keep the weight on the jacks it is kinder to the air springs. Don't lower to the exact right height though or the car won't realise it needs to inflate the bags.
  4. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    I thought that it was for two variants as well but I don't think there is a manual one and the parts are correct for my automatic sunroof.
  5. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    Yes it's the bar that runs across the width of the car. You will also need a spring each side. I suspect you will only be able to get these parts off another car.
  6. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    That looks like where the gutter clips in. It runs across the car and catches any drips from where the two glass panels meet.
  7. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    I don't think that's part of the sunroof mechanism at all. Perhaps it just fell in the rails at some point, it looks like the sort of plug that has to be levered out. Perhaps someone pinged it out of a car at a garage and it landed in your sunroof! I understand your point about removing the whole cassette. You have to do that to replace any of the main sliders. You could then get it all perfect. If you do disable the rear tilt it's difficult to go back. Whilst the repair kits include the triangle ramps they don't include the clips or springs that you remove when you disable the rear mechanism. I think with the arms installed and the motor removed I could slide the mechanism back and forward and do at least part of the tilt. That's one side at a time with the glass removed. Sounds like something just isn't quite right. In fact that must have been the case because you need to shuffle the mechanism into the alignment position both sides before you install the motor.
  8. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    Ah yes. From what I can see the whole rear mechanism probably doubles the load on the motor. It's prone to getting dirty and seizing up too. You might be able to clean and free it all up without removing the whole cassette but probably not. In my case I disabled the rear tilt a long time ago so I only need worry about the front mechanism. All you lose is the tilt on the rear glass.
  9. JasonH

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Blue smoke might be a blocked CCV or if you are unlucky it could be the valve stem oil seals.
  10. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    Because you just had the problem closing from tilt and you found a broken part that explained it I think you can fix it without taking the whole cassette out. Post a picture of the broken bit when you can.
  11. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    Try putting the old arms back in and see if it moves.The arms have to be installed just right, perhaps the new ones aren't quite correctly located. If the motor is in place the mechanism won't move either.
  12. JasonH

    4687 and 3F57 error code

    You don't have to clear fault codes to get the power back. Old faults will still be logged but no longer "present". All you have to do if you fix a fault is turn the ignition off and then restart the car. Your lack of power could be something trivial, like a sensor or a leak somewhere. The challenge is finding it. A fault code reader or software is pretty essential. ISTA PC software is best but a portable C310 scanner will get you a long way for around £40.
  13. JasonH

    Dpf delete 2005 535d

    Putting a delete pipe on is an MOT failure and it is visible to a competent MOT inspector. On the pre-LCi models you can take the DPF off and simply drill a big hole through the DPF. You will need a long drill bit but it's a straight line. Once removed you will need a remap to prevent regen attempts. If you don't do this expect huge clouds of grey smoke every 500 or so miles!!!
  14. JasonH

    M57n rocker gasket help/tips

    Sounds a lot like an internal leak in the EGR cooler. Not that hard to fix - just need to source a secondhand one.
  15. JasonH

    M57n rocker gasket help/tips

    Stockport, sorry that's a bit far for me (Bristol). Has your car got blue coolant or yellow? Has that gone down?