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  1. JasonH

    535d Rear Silencer Flap Operation

    The actuator is in the boot, opposite side to the battery, behind a side panel. You should be able to just rev the car to see the flap open. However I think it closes under vacuum and opens without a vacuum. If you simply disconnect the vac pipe (and traditionally block it with a golf Tee) then the flap stays open and makes more noise at lower revs.
  2. JasonH

    AGM Battery

    Sorry I can't help on the coding side.
  3. JasonH

    AGM Battery

    Fair enough. Yes if coded for lead acid and doing a few hundred miles you could well overcharge an AGM.
  4. JasonH

    AGM Battery

    I wouldn't bother. The risk you have with a temporary AGM battery is overcharging it. But unless the battery is already 100% and you then decided to drive for hours at a time you won't fully charge it anyway. Each time you unlock and start the car you'll take a chunk of charge out of the battery, So for a couple of days unless you are doing long journeys I doubt you'll do any harm.
  5. Yes new batteries can be discharged if they have been in stock for a long while. This might work to get the key charged... Put the car on charge. Put the key in the ignition and turn it on. I think you'll need at least position 1, probably position 2. Leave it for 45mins. The car battery will need to be charged for a while to recover but the key should have got some charge in it. Years ago I think I saw that they key charged in 45 mins.
  6. JasonH

    My BMW saga

    You appear to have a lack of supply to the CAS, which I believe is the Car Access System. So in simple terms the immobiliser module in the car has no power. If the CAS has a problem them the car will be immobilised. I'd focus on this fault.
  7. I bet BMW will claim it's the tailgate wiring and try to charge you for a new loom + fitting!
  8. JasonH

    E60 530d DPF removal question

    If you remove it then it's an instant fail. If it appears present then that's OK as long as you pass the smoke test. Taking it off and pressure washing it out with detergent will bring it back. Although initially the water will be a bit of blockage until that has dried out.
  9. JasonH


    You should be able to disconnect the tailgate switch to eliminate that. You can also unplug the IBS data lines to disable the IBS and eliminate that.
  10. JasonH


    The CD changer cycling and the alarm going off are just because the battery is low. You have a battery drain problem. Quite often the tailgate glass button or tailgate wiring. Or water in the modules below the spare wheel well.
  11. JasonH


    Have you replaced the latch for the rear tailgate glass? With all this wet weather that switch would be my prime suspect for your problem. What happens is that with the car locked if you try to open the glass the car wakes up. It boots up everything drawing loads of power, after 16 mins it goes back to sleep. Now with a faulty switch water gets in and the effect is that the button keeps getting pressed - the battery goes completely flat overnight. The battery sensor fault code could be the messenger of the fault rather the actual fault. The tailgate button doesn't register as a fault because it's the same as someone trying to open the glass. Of course it could also be as simple as the battery just letting go - which they do sometimes.
  12. JasonH

    M Sport anti roll bar sizes

    There's no problem replacing the bushes without undoing the drop links. I took mine off and re-greased the bushes a couple of weeks ago like that. (After a while the silicone grease on poly bushes gets washed away and your suspension can creak going over speed ramps.)
  13. JasonH

    Wheel Bearing or not?

    Yes to disable DTC press and hold the button for 10s.
  14. JasonH

    Wheel Bearing or not?

    You can run the car with all 4 wheels off the ground. You need to have the engine running and cycle through the gears to fill the gearbox correctly. You will have fun with the stability control though. Try to change up if it's an auto and it will change back down. Sit in the car with your foot to the floor and the car will just tick over!! The stability control can't comprehend the rear wheels spinning freely. Try turning it off.
  15. Those numbers look good. Pain in the bum about the TC though.