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  1. JasonH

    Bmw 520i E60 2003 drive shaft issue

    Maybe, and this is just a guess, an E39 driveshaft will fit. Perhaps they used some E39 parts initially.
  2. JasonH

    E60 530d low MPG

    If your exhaust manifold is the original stainless steel type then on a 530d you are extremely likely to have a cracked exhaust manifold. Smelling fumes under the bonnet and through the vents is a strong indicator. The car performance, and economy will be affected. When it gets bad the car will be almost undriveable - there will be no power then suddenly there will be. Also worth checking the DPF - if you can read the fault codes then hopefully you can read the exhaust back pressure or even run a back pressure test. Does sound an awful lot like a cracked exhaust manifold though. The new ones don't crack like they used to.
  3. JasonH

    E61 rear suspension

    Excellent - glad it was a nice simple fix. I think I've seen the automotive connectors on ebay but the problem is that there are so many types finding the right one could be a challenge.
  4. JasonH

    E61 panoramic roof glass replacement

    The front glass is a doddle to change. The biggest job will be hoovering out the bits of glass. You'll need to make sure there is nothing left that will interfere with the mechanism. Replacement is like this: There are some concertina rubber covers on each side. Carefully pull these off. The front glass is then held in place by 3 torx screws each side, TX25. Undo and the glass will drop a bit but nothing to worry about, then lift the glass out the top of the car. Hoover out all the bits - you really don't want any bits left to mess up the mechanism. Carefully drop the new glass in the top. One person can do it but it helps if there are two people. Wiggle the glass down into place making sure you don't damage the seal around the sunroof aperture. Loosely do up the 6 screws. Lift the glass with your head and nip up the screws. You essentially need the glass positioned so it's all flush. Then test the sunroof operation. Refit the concertina rubber covers, you might need to squeeze the channels together first with your fingers so they grip when you push them on. It's basically 3 screws each side.
  5. JasonH

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    Very interested to hear how this goes. For me it's like Main Dealer versus local garage. Some transmission places will replace everything that's slightly out of spec with genuine parts, like a Main Dealer would with any other repair. This ends up with a £2000+ transmission rebuild on a car that has done perhaps 100k miles but a gearbox that is as good as new. A local garage might consider a non-standard repair like adding a nut and washer rather than replacing and entire exhaust for example. They know their fix will outlive the car and cost pennies rather than hundreds of pounds. What I would want is an experienced transmission builder who will replace what really needs replacing but make a judgement on parts that are perhaps half worn at 100k miles, and therefore would actually be good for another 100k miles.
  6. JasonH

    E61 rear suspension

    Looks like some sensors have 6 pins, I suspect that'll be 2 lots of 3 pins for redundancy. Also seems that very confusingly the part is described as a headlight level sensor but shows up in the rear axle section of realoem.com. Genuine part looks expensive; a Febi equivalent is more like £18. They're really easy to remove and replace so I'd suggest taking it off and comparing it with the images on ebay, paying particular attention to the connector.
  7. JasonH

    E61 rear suspension

    The sensor is a potentiometer so to test it connect a multimeter across 2 pins and move the arm up and down, the resistance should vary smoothly in proportion to the arm moving. I can't remember how many pins the connector has, if it's 3 then one pin, probably the middle, can be used as the -ve connection for the meter. Compare the working side to the non working side of the car. BMW will be able to supply the sensor. Once replaced you should calibrate it or you might get away with not calibrating. Carly should be able to do it. INPA is ancient now, it's a DOS program. I think the car is likely to go to max height if the sensor is disconnected so it could be a wiring problem. However these sensors do have a hard life and I'm surprised they don't fail more often.
  8. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    First, your English is so good I assumed you were English! It looks like all you need is BMW part number 54107306685, the front arms. These are only £64 from BMW for a pair (Cotswold BMW is a Main Dealer). The plastic does crack so I'd buy new genuine BMW. If you buy the full kit, like your ebay link, you can only fit it all if you remove the entire sunroof from the car. If you buy just the front arms, you can fit them by just removing the glass and motor, and that looks like the fix for your problem.
  9. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    That is odd and slightly difficult for me to understand too! You do have two sides to compare which should help. If you haven't already, clean the edge of the glass and the gasket around the sunroof hole with some silicone lube spray (stuff that drys or it will pick up no end of dirt). The glass is a snug fit in the hole and perhaps that's too tight. Whereabouts in the UK are are you? I'm near Bristol. Here's an animation of how it goes together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDhEJvqQXo4 And here's an extremely helpful guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXUxdirwino If something is broken you can buy a repair kit from BMW for the front glass. The complete front mechanism is part number 54137118849. Cotswold BMW do it with a forum discount for £230.86 (April 2019 price). However to fit the kit you do need to take the entire sunroof out of the car and that is a big job. In your case it seems like there's something wrong with the front arms, or they're sticking, or they're not assembled correctly. The excellent news is that you can pop these out and replace them without taking the sunroof out of the car. Just remove the glass and the motor. And you can buy just the arms, part number 54107306685, they come as a pair for £64.61 from Cotswold BMW (April 2019 forum discount price). Remove the front arms in-situ by following the beginning and end of the 2nd youtube video above. The full kit looks like this: The front arms are on the right hand side. If the roof isn't pulling down perhaps the metal straps aren't in place correctly (the pair of parts immediately to the left of the front arms, under the coil of drive cable, in the picture above).
  10. JasonH

    Bmw e61 panoramic problems

    It's most likely just jammed. There are some good youtube videos on how to disassemble and reassemble them. Without removing the cassette you take the glass out, remove the middle gutter, remove the motor. Then you can slide or nudge the mechanism along on each side independently. Lube and clean. Exercise it by hand. You must set the mechanism in the calibration position both sides before refitting the motor. You do this by poking a small screwdriver through a special hole and moving the mechanism to meet it.
  11. JasonH

    Need advice on recent work carried out

    All sounds plausible to me. EGR delete kits are a total waste of money. The EGR has to be mapped out. Easily done if getting a remap anyway. Oil does go black almost instantly. DPF delete - I don't know why people cut them open - I'd just drop the exhaust down and drill a big hole through the DPF. Looks like that's what's been done here. As for smoke, with a good remap and no DPF you might get a puff of black smoke when you boot it but otherwise should be fine. The first E60 diesels didn't have a DPF and they didn't lay trails of smoke.
  12. I'd recommend buying a battery with the pins in the right place. The standard battery has the pins in the wrong place and needs a bit of work to solder in nicely.
  13. In theory the 535d gearbox is different to the 530d gearbox but I think the differences are the torque converter and the programming. I suspect a 530d gearbox will work fine but I don't know of anyone that has done it. If you then do let us know how it goes.
  14. JasonH

    Need help with tracking ABS / DSC issue

    Sometimes you can get lucky with the ABS unit by doing a few emergency stops to free up the solenoids. I've not looked up your specific code but I do know BMW (and other makes that use the same OEM manufacturer) ABS units can effectively seize up a bit from lack of use. Perhaps lack of brake fluid changes contributes.
  15. JasonH

    535D issues

    If it's not turbo wear, valve seats or cylinder bore wear it could be a bad map. There are different maps for different engine coolant temperatures. When the engine is cold extra diesel is injected. If someone has messed with the wrong map it could cause a problem like this. Smoke when you boot it is not uncommon though, once the DPF is removed. If you can you could download the existing map, save it and put a stock map on as a test. Mind you if it's burning engine oil it won't be the map.