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  1. JasonH

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    I've not used this site but I've heard about it https://www.bimmergeeks.net/downloads Rheingold is another name for ISTA-D. I can't remember how to install ISTA-D but I think you might have to install "Standard Tools" first. Then once installed copy the SP-DATENS to the correct folder.
  2. JasonH

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    ISTA-D is INPA after 20 years of improvements - yes ISTA-D is much better (although it takes a bit longer to boot up and run its diagnostics).
  3. JasonH

    Starting to lose the will

    I had a vibration problem once that I just could not nail (it was on an E39). In the end the rear tyres wore out and I replaced them - fixed the problem. There were a premium brand and they had been re-balanced. No idea how they caused the problem and yet balanced up OK.
  4. JasonH

    Turbo to intercooler aluminium pipe

    It probably will be main dealer only but should be widely available second-hand from a breakers or ebay.
  5. Basically with a new battery the key should pretty much work out of the box. It was possible the new battery was flat but you've tried to charge it now. If it doesn't work then you need to go back to the place that changed the battery - either they didn't do it properly or it wasn't the battery that was faulty. If one fob works and the other doesn't then it's not the car it's the key.
  6. JasonH

    Charge-air pressure problems

    I think the 41AB code comes from the pressure sensor that connects to the exhaust pipe. It's the pressure sensor beside the vacuum reservoir in the middle left hand side of the intake manifold (left as you look at the engine from the front of the car). The sensor has a foil wrapped pipe going down to the cat. If that pipe has a leak it could be your problem. The pipe could be blocked. The sensor duff, or it's just because you have a DPF delete. You have at least 3 pressure sensors on the car. There's an ambient pressure sensor in the DDE itself. There's the MAP sensor and there's this sensor. With just the ignition on (engine not running) all sensors should read roughly the same - ambient air pressure. If one does not then you get a 41AA or 41AB code. With the engine running there are various plausibility checks, for example the manifold pressure is higher than ambient and that there is some exhaust back pressure. If something isn't right you can get a 41AB code. So it might just be the DPF delete. I had a code that might have been 41AB (I can't remember exactly) after seriously cleaning my DPF and disabling the exhaust pipe flap. What happened was my exhaust back pressure at idle was reading 0 millibar and that was considered a fault. To fix it I reconnected the exhaust flap, the sensor read something like 5 millibars and all was well.
  7. If you're lucky the refurbed one might just need charging up. It charges whilst you're driving the car. You'll need at least 40 mins.
  8. JasonH

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    Oh your gearbox figures tell me that your gearbox is in excellent condition.
  9. JasonH

    535D fluctuating RPM while driving

    The TC is a weak point on the 535d. It is a separate item to the gearbox so get the TC done and then see where you are. Seeing as you have changed the oil a few times you don't even need to remove the gearbox sump. Drop the gearbox off. Get the TC refurbed, refit and top up the oil. Parts wise a TC refurb is £250 so then it's just some oil to top up and labour. Sussex Transmissions are the TC experts and will do an excellent and fast TC refurb. They did mine.
  10. JasonH

    Vacuum and actuator issues

    Oh and if the wastegate isn't being operated it isn't that bad, during normal driving you probably won't even notice it. What will happen is that at very high speeds under hard acceleration when the car changes up a gear the car will suddenly go into limp home mode and you'll lose power. This is cleared by turning the ignition off and on and is caused buy an "overboost" error being detected.
  11. JasonH

    Vacuum and actuator issues

    That "manifold" on the main vacuum line is prone to blocking. The ports do have different size holes in them. Some have a 1mm dia hole and one (from memory) is 0.5mm dia. The 0.5mm dia port is intended for the swirl flaps, exhaust flap and I can't remember what else. You can clean out the ports with a tiny bit of wire - but for one port it needs a diameter of less than 0.5mm. Diagnostics won't help much with vacuum leaks or blockages. The turbo wastegate can also get very stiff. You can just about exercise it by hand to free it up a bit.
  12. I think you need to find a mechanic who knows BMW's. You problem definitely isn't the glowplug controller.
  13. Yes on the strut tops. The copper colour is just the lighting when I took the photo.
  14. JasonH

    E61 rear door central locking fail...

    It's not a common failure so a secondhand actuator should be a good bet.
  15. Here you go. The scuttle plastic had to come off and the intake manifold otherwise the chain would have pressed into both of them and possibly cracked something.