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  1. JasonH

    Diversity Antenna??

    The radio antenna wire will be a coax - have you replaced that? Otherwise it sounds a bit like a earthing problem somewhere around the diversity antenna. I think you probably need to double check all the tailgate wiring and the fuse for the diversity antenna (5A I think).
  2. Basically everything you describe points to the big turbo not kicking in. You need to buy at least 10 metres of 4mm ID silicone vacuum hose (from ebay) and swap all the hoses out. It's cheap. But first you need to inspect the whole lot really carefully to find the leak. Sometimes a plastic T breaks or the nipple breaks off the vacuum reservoir. A hose could be off somewhere.
  3. The turbos rarely fail. The vacuum system is an extremely common problem and can disable one or both turbos with just small leak.
  4. I think the big turbo isn't being activated (at all).
  5. Something isn't right. No point mapping it (if it isn't already) until the faults are resolved or things could just get worse. The weak point is the vacuum lines controlling the turbos, bypass and wastegate. There's about 11 metres of vacuum hose. One split or break and performance will drop off massively. If all the vacuum lines are good then the Pressure Converters are a likely failure too.
  6. I'm not sure there's an obvious way to tell. It's just that the styling and menus look a bit different on older idrives. Much like an older version of Android or IOS looks a bit different to the latest version. The only way to know precisely is to connect diagnostics to the car.
  7. A quick Google found this... https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/xj-xj6-xj8-xjr-x350-x358-28/exedy-stage-2-clutches-installed-zf-6hp26-135425/
  8. JasonH

    Weird ABS/DSC error from nowhere?

    Disconnecting the battery is a waste of time. If Carly is clearing the code then it is coming back then there is a fault. It could well be some rust between the sensor ring on the wheel hub and the ABS sensor. Carly should be able to tell you exactly what the issue is and where (which wheel).
  9. You need to connect ISTA to the car. It reads out the "Integration Level" which is basically the date the software was released. In some cases you can easily see whether the car has an early version of software just by the look of the idrive.
  10. JasonH

    Weird ABS/DSC error from nowhere?

    I think the car logged the errors because the wheels rotated unexpectedly. They may need clearing with a fault code reader and Carly isn't doing it. Usually you can clear a code then it comes back later if the fault is really present. Try a different fault code reader/reset.
  11. I think the Ford 6R80 gearbox is really a 6HP26 and there are some uprated clutch plates out there. There's and Exedy clutch kit I think. The stronger 6HP gearboxes have a better oil pump for the torque converter lockup clutch that allows greater oil pressure - I think the xHP update increases clutch oil pressure too.
  12. JasonH

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    Sounds like you're going to need a very long extension lead.....
  13. JasonH

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    Sometime when you get the heavily clogged codes the only way to clean out the system is to keep clearing the fault codes whilst you are driving. BMW send two people out for a long (45 mins motorway) drive with one resetting the fault codes as they pop up.
  14. JasonH

    DPF/Glow Plugs

    My DPF used to regen with all 6 plugs out (controller was dead).
  15. Nope. BMW didn't fudge the emissions tests. The later software in general is better than the old - no downsides.