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  1. JasonH

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    To replace the double rectangle seal you need to drop the mechatronic unit off because that seal sits between the mechatronic module and the main mechanical part of the gearbox. If you're doing that there are three or four rubber tubes that should be replaced at the same time. Regarding red oil. The Ford 6R80 is a ZF6HP26. The Ford oil (Mercon LV) is red and 1/4 of the price so it could be that in some cases.
  2. JasonH

    530d gearbox in a 535d?

    If the gearbox is perfect the adaptations should all be zero, as it wears the adaptations will increase. There will be a small variation from zero even from new though due to manufacturing and assembly tolerances. * this doesn't seem to add up. The corrections are often described as -400 to +350 (making 0 the nominal value) and some versions of ISTA-D do show negative values. My ISTA-D seems to work on a 0 to 750mb scale which is the same as the xHP software.
  3. JasonH

    M57 3.0d maf readings

    Blue smoke after idle is usually valve stem oil seals. I've not heard of that affecting diesels but it does definitely affect the BMW V8 petrols.
  4. JasonH

    M57 3.0d maf readings

    I think you'd be wasting your money. If you want give it a wash with contact cleaner. I think the BMW (Bosch) MAFs pretty much work or they don't and the car adapts if the values drift. I have a brand new spare on for my 535d because I thought the MAF was causing a problem. Absolutely no change so the original is back in the car. The fault was a blockage in the vacuum system.
  5. JasonH

    530d gearbox in a 535d?

    I have four 3 tonne trolley jacks, they can lift the car evenly just enough to slide the gearbox out the side.
  6. JasonH

    Holding ball joints

    I ground the side of the nut off on the front suspension. On the rear suspension penetrating oil and an air impact gun eventually span the nut off.
  7. JasonH

    530d gearbox in a 535d?

    My plan is to buy cheap and fit it myself. I know it's a gamble but as you know even a rebuild might determine that the original gearbox is not worth saving. I've had my gearbox off before to replace the torque converter. I've changed the oil a couple of times too. I'm toying with the idea of connecting directly to the gearbox to read the condition before buying.
  8. JasonH

    530d gearbox in a 535d?

    I think the internals are the same.
  9. Does anyone know if a 530d gearbox can be fitted in a 535d. Yes they have a different BMW part number but all 6HP26 have the same gear ratios. The 530d has the same mechatronics as the 535d. The 530d has the same torque converter as the 535d. What is the difference and does it matter? The reason I ask is that the 535d's tend to eat gearboxes because they run extremely close to the torque limit of the box. A 530d doesn't work the gearbox as hard so a secondhand 530d box may be a better bet as a replacement.
  10. Wow that's a pretty comprehensive check over - thanks for posting it up.
  11. I very much doubt they'd reprogram anything because they charge for reprogramming cars (so any remaps should be safe)....however once the car is hooked up to the diagnostics the BMW software will immediately detect if the car has been remapped and that will be logged on the BMW system. I'm interested in how thorough the vehicle check was. Years ago when the car was under warranty I had to pay for the checks to keep the service history and they barely checked anything. Now with an older car, in for some free work, the sceptic in me says they'll find every possible minor fault in order to generate chargeable work.
  12. JasonH

    Opinions on best code reader

    Really though ISTA-D is a league of its own. It's the Main Dealer tool and if a fault code is found you get a PDF type explanation and are hand-held through pinpointing and fixing the fault.
  13. JasonH

    Opinions on best code reader

    A point to note is that unless it's a BMW specific solution like ISTA-D or Carly then it doesn't always pick up every fault code. They don't seem to be as popular now but for an E60 the C310 scanner is pretty comprehensive and around £40 on ebay.
  14. JasonH

    Brake fluid change

    BMW just pressure bleed a litre through. Connect up to the reservoir then open the bleed nipples and let about 0.25 litre through each. Unless it's brown or dirty then flush through until clear yellow with no bubbles (you need a clear hose on the nipple). If it's not been done for a while I use a socket and a ratchet to crack the nipple loose before switching over to a ring spanner.
  15. Go on then post a picture of the advisories. I'd like to know what else they look at when the car is in...