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  1. JasonH

    Rose bush tool

    I'd recommend that tool too. You need both parts of the tool, one to push the old bush out and one to push the new bush in. To sit on the edge of the bush the dimensions of the tool are pretty precise.
  2. JasonH

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    On the 6 cylinder engines it is under the intake manifold but you can clean the blockage out by only removing the engine cover. It will be fiddly and you will be doing it by feel. The main challenge will be getting the hose off without breaking the T. I don't know where it is on a 4 cylinder.
  3. JasonH

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yes. Some orifices are 0.5mm diameter and some are 1.0mm. I think EGR is 0.5mm so a tiny drill bit or piece of wire is needed.
  4. JasonH

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    For me an unstable idle was a partial blockage in the vacuum Tee.
  5. It could be a DPF regen.
  6. JasonH

    E61 520D (LCI) Front Suspension Refresh

    That all looks pretty good. I have heard of MOOG but never used them. I'm extremely cautious about suspension parts because I've had so many cheaper brands fail in no time at all, a few months or perhaps a year. Even if you can get a replacement you have to do the whole job again. For that reason I now only buy top quality parts like Meyle HD, Lemforder, Eibach, Sachs, Boge.
  7. And looking at your part number starting with 1071 I'd say you actually must have a 530i petrol and a 6HP19. I'd also say that the numbers that matter in your donor gearbox show that it is a match for your car.
  8. I presume you have the diesel, which means your gearbox will be the 6HP26 with the manual parking brake (cable and lever on the side). I think you will find a pre-2007 from a 535d, 530d and 525d gearbox will work. Most 535d gearboxes wear out. The 525d has a different torque converter so you'll need to keep your original in this case. I don't think you'll need to change the mechatronics over either. The cost of the gearbox fluid is significant but there are quite a few alternatives to Lifeguard6 now. The box and torque converter takes about 9 to 10 litres. When I find my document on the gearbox part numbers I'll post up here but right now I can't seem to locate it.
  9. JasonH

    530d cut out

    Disconnecting the battery and shorting the leads will make no difference all on a BMW. It might on a Ford (seriously, Fords sometimes can be reset this way). It does sound like a pretty terminal gearbox failure. If you have diagnostics you need to reset all the fault codes then try again. But I'd take photo of the fault codes before deleting them in case it helps diagnose the failure. A second-hand gearbox can be got for around £350.
  10. JasonH

    E61 520D (LCI) Front Suspension Refresh

    Some of the nuts and bolts are supposed to be replaced but most people re-use them if in decent shape. Lots of penetrating oil to get the nuts off some of the ball joints. What about the front upper arms - those are the parts that fail the most - what comes in that Moog suspension kit?
  11. JasonH

    530d cut out

    Is the car completely dead? It's extremely unusual for the car to completely cut out. The car will usually enter limp home mode and tell you what's happening. If everything electrical is good then cam chain could be a possibility but as mentioned above read the fault codes before jumping to any conclusions.
  12. JasonH

    535d No Boost at all...

    It sounds like you've just hit the root cause. One (or maybe more) of the thermostats has failed. DPF is not able to regen and you have a blocked DPF. Try the easy EGR thermostat first but it's usually the main thermostat that goes.
  13. JasonH

    iDrive on the blink

    The Android head units need a working CCC. They replace the screen but the original CCC is needed for at least the audio. I've replaced my CCC with a second hand one but it didn't last long. I've had a CCC repaired by a chap off ebay and the repair lasted almost exactly a year. This time I sent the CCC off to Romania to https://mca.electricmura.ro/en/ because these people are pretty much the world specialists on the CCC. It came back working perfectly and has continued to do so for a good few months now. I found the best way to post it was using UPS directly from the UPS website.
  14. JasonH

    panorama roof

    Clean and lubricate everything you possibly can. If the slide is working fine but it's just the close on tilt then I'd try the relearn procedure once you've cleaned everything. That's press and hold the tilt open and keep holding it. The roof will go through every action then eventually stop. Only once it has definitely finished then let go of the button. It's best to have the engine running when doing the relearn because the sunroof works the battery hard. it is possibly that you have broken something. The good news is that you can buy the parts for the front tilt and you can fit them without removing the entire sunroof cassette. You can replace them by removing the glass. There's an excellent youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXUxdirwino that you can follow to a certain point without taking the whole roof out (just remove the glass panels).