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  1. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535d e60 2007 oil consumption

    I had an oil consumption issue, mine was through using a 5/40w grade. I changed it to 5/30w and no longer have a excessive loss of oil, I always use a quality oil too. As for oil passing through the bearings I would be looking at the charge airline from compressor side.
  2. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    I tried getting mine mapped out, didn't work.. My trustee Engine Nut recons in my case with having the dpf gutted/bored it will affect the pressure going back to the top mounted sensor. I'm starting to learn to get along with 41AB I do my thing and it does it's own too... Harmony
  3. BigMuthaTrUKa

    Parking lights

    Mine is xenon type only one bulb to illuminate both rings in the one cluster via a optic feed, hope this helps. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NC92-EUR-09-2004-E60-BMW-535d&diagId=63_0797
  4. BigMuthaTrUKa

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hi Guys technically it was Thursday when i had the work done, only just had chance to post. I had the pleasure of meeting the wizard @Mashed Potatoes at Harper Autos http://harperautos.co.uk/ to have my ECU MAP read and cleaned up. Great friendly bunch of people and felt at ease leaving my car with them. Car feels completely different nice constant boost and smooth response with a improvement on MPG's. Before MP waved his magic wand the car was surging on boost and holding too long before shifting, was told that the turbo control valve was set up wrong. Anyway thought I'd big'up MP and share my experience
  5. BigMuthaTrUKa

    Glow plugs again...

    I had the same issue, turned out to be the cable from alternator to relay. Like illustrated melted connection, I had 2 of the cheaper Beru relays then went and bought OEM still got faults occurring, was only when I pulled off the cable to inspect that it was obviously a cable fault
  6. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535D issues

    Just to add on this oil grade.. My experience was bad with 5-40w. On cold start up id get a puff of blueish smoke and oil level kept dropping. Since going back to 10-30w I've not had them issues. Id like to know why people choose the thinner oil. I would think when a engine wears over time that the tolerance gap increases causing a need for thicker oil.
  7. BigMuthaTrUKa

    My Whip

  8. BigMuthaTrUKa

    E61 - Tyre Pressure

    I had this problem. According to the tyre guy he said its common with BM's.. Apparently due to the large width of the rear, when it runs at high speeds the center expands out from centrifugal forces causing the center line to wear out quicker. I very rarely have 5up in mine so i have mine a little lower for the size of my wheels 36psi on the front to take the weight of the engine and 35psi in the back. depends on your tyre brand and wheel size. Like i said 'for me' its working out well so far to have slightly less. Hope it makes sense to you because tyre guru had me when he said the word centrifugal....
  9. BigMuthaTrUKa

    530d E61 Constant Engine Vibration

    Here's a method of checking for play in mounts. Open Bonnet Get back in car - Shift into drive (works in reverse too to check opposite side) Keep left foot on break pedal and massage the accelerator with your right foot observing the amount of movement or play from the engine. You can see the engine through the bottom of the bonnet in the open position or better still have someone do the pedals while you observe. Here's a nice article on replacement and symptoms of worn mounts. Just found this today, made me question mine.. https://www.youcanic.com/u/bmwgearhead/bmw-motor-mount-replacement A few videos on youtube will show what worn mounts will look like and how they will behave..
  10. BigMuthaTrUKa

    DVD sat nav fault

    Mine had a stroke from the bad weather. Contemplated upgrading to an Android system, glad i didn't because i still would of needed the CCC repairing. I contacted this place in Bradford cost £450 to repair regardless of what needs fixing. sorted it out but begrudged paying that flat fee. Anyway just thought id share this repairer with you all. https://www.revtronic.com/
  11. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Thanks for reply Jushed I hear your frustration, its had me under the bonnet on a regular basis.. just gonna have a look at the DPF system and check vacuum before i decide what move to make on my puzzle..
  12. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Thanks for reply Khanny I've just ordered a pump so in a couple of days i'll break out the tools. I'm ok with the plumbing JasonH sent me some comprehensive documents on the Turbo layout. Will check them fuses too..
  13. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Hi Khanny what are these fuses for pal
  14. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Hello Jason Didn't know about this sensor and pressure pipe, i thought it was silencer flap controller. Am i wrong about the there being a pressure sensor in the MAF as well, i am going from memory.. When i get home i will run DIS again and provide some screen shots. But yes when i scan the DDE for errors and clear them, i'll start the car straight away go for a run then switch off then back on followed by a scan. Scan throws up 41AB code every time.
  15. BigMuthaTrUKa

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Thanks for reply Jushed I live up north in Merseyside pal but thanks for offering. Do you mind me asking what you were charged for the map alteration to sort your problem.