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  1. MMc23

    Engine & Gearbox Mounts change

    Interesting jacks you are using there V8warrior. What is that type called?
  2. MMc23

    Wanted - E39 530i

  3. MMc23

    Hello everyone

    Thank you I am on the FB buy/sell page now. Not much just yet but I've maybe found another elsewhere to enquire about.
  4. MMc23

    Wanted - E39 530i

    Hello, I'm searching for a E39 530i at the moment. Sport is preferred. Auto or Manual. Looking for a relatively clean & sorted example. I'm in Scotland central belt but will travel for the right car! Anyone got anything available? Thanks and regards, Matt
  5. MMc23

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone, Been reading lots of info on the forum for a few days now, looks like a fantastic source of info! At the moment I have an M135 - which has been great but it's time to stop sinking so much capital in depreciating assets! I'm currently on the search for a new car, potentially a E39 530i (always loved the look of a E39 sport) but could end up with any x30i BMW. The search is proving difficult; just missed out on a nice late E39 530i Sport unfortunately. Also, being from Scotland there is not much in reasonable distance to view - although I will travel for the right car. I'll need to get a wanted post up! Cheers, Matt