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  1. Yeah that wording is a little optimistic - still it looks half about from the pictures. Doesn’t seem to be sprouting rust from all the usual places.
  2. LukeH

    M54B30 Tuning

    You’ve probably got a 2.93 in your car, as I did in my 330Ci track car. I swapped to a 3.38 and frankly it transformed the car - much stronger feeling and still perfectly usable on the motorway, I’ve been all over the UK to various circuits and it’s fine, maybe 500 or so rpm higher in 5th gear. There may be some input flanges to swap around off your old diff but that’s easy enough and you can change the input oil seal at the same time. I’ve had zero issues and I’ve done about 6k miles in the car so far, and quite a few track days. I can’t see how it could cause any problems personally, as the DSC works out speed from the wheel speed sensors, so nothing to do with the diff itself. I’m a big fan of diff swaps, pound for pound they make the best difference to acceleration feel on a N/A engine and are easily reversible if you don’t get on with it.
  3. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    That sounds interesting - can you find any links or pictures? Im not on Facebook myself so I can’t search ect. Cant see anything on the cutters.
  4. LukeH

    1989 Audi 80 Coupe PRICE DROP £1500

    Thanks for the kind words - I’m not sure on the exact colour to be honest, there’s a very slight hint of bronze to it I’d say.
  5. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    I think I’d try and find a disc with less offset for a start if it were me, at least to bring the caliper closer to the hub as much as possible before brackets are made. Im sure the BMWP ones would be more suitable.
  6. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    The M3 caliper bracket bolts do line up with the hub, but once the disc is fitted there is a clear offset issue ! Not insurmountable, but would need a new bracket designed from scratch I’d say. The offset of the E8x & E9x discs designed to be used with the BMWP calipers might give a more favourable disc offset but sadly I didn’t have any to try offhand.
  7. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    Anyhow, you can see here the CSL disc mounted to the hub
  8. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    Well, I think I’ve got my money out of these!
  9. LukeH

    M54B30 Tuning

    Excellent, I’m glad it’s going well again, I’m sure it’s a vast improvement on your old one, and that’s a nice list of new parts you can forget about now for a good many years. I wouldnt get too hung up on finding a low mileage one, the diff in my track car has done around 190k and seems to be holding up fine - they’re pretty strong, far better than the BMW LSD units. You’d be pretty unlucky to get a dud one.
  10. LukeH

    M54B30 Tuning

    I’m not aware of much you can do Stu, M3 cams certainly won’t fit. Maybe M50 manifolds to lose the integral cats but that won’t gain you a huge amount, and cause MOT problems ect. The diff swap is your best bet I promise, easiest and the cheapest! ESS do a nice supercharger kit......hmmm Did your new clutch install go ok?
  11. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    Well should be doing new discs and pads tomorrow so I’ll be able to have a better idea of what’s what. @NuckingFuts sorry I thought you had your Brembo 6 pots already. When you buy them new from BMW they come with a steel bracket to fit the E8x & E9x series cars. Any alloy brackets for these will be made by a third party. I have two types I can try, and will take some pics too. There’s no way you’ll be able to use anything bigger than 28mm thick, it just won’t fit, and having to use part worn pads is crazy in my opinion. Ive also seen these brackets to use the 4 pot Brembo from the E38 728i with the standard 325x28 disc, but that might be s bit small depending on how you plan to use the car. Here’s the link... BMW E39 E38 Brembo Brake Caliper Adapter E46 M3 Brake Disc 325x28 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F322591592613
  12. LukeH

    Lights on always? How to

    I did this to mine years ago with Navcoder, just set low beam headlights to DRL. They go on and off with the ignition - this is what you want isn’t it?
  13. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    The set I’ve got look identical to that, apart from they are designed for the E46, I wasn’t aware of people using the CSL discs on E8x & E9x platforms like those in the link you’ve posted. What adapters have you got currently then? Sounds like they could be the original steel ones the calipers come with?
  14. LukeH

    Brake upgrades

    They are custom brackets, supplied by a guy called Dino on the M3 cutters forum, but bear in mind they were designed for and fitted to my E46 M3 so I’m not sure how they would fit onto an E39 as I’ve never tried. I’ve actually got a spare set I could try with calipers, and as I’ll be changing the discs & pads on my AP’s on my E39 I could see how it lines up if you like? Hopefully I’ll get a look at it Saturday all being well.