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  1. LukeH

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    I bought the complete kit from a guy on here who was breaking his car and had fitted it previously. June 17 according to my PM’s lol.
  2. LukeH

    540 starter motor

    I’ve changed one on a 540 from underneath, I don’t remember it being terribly difficult, just patience needed. Cant remember what needed to be removed but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t anything significant.
  3. LukeH

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    I do indeed, somewhere. I’ve not seen it for 18 months or so but it should be around.
  4. LukeH

    New pads and discs

    What he said! I barely notice any noise from mine, though I’m not using an aggressive pad with them. As mentioned though it’s definitely work painting the bells with something or they’ll look rusty after the first puddle you drive through, although I think now they do fancy finishes to stop that happening.
  5. LukeH

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    Watching this with interest, I’ve got the retrofit kit which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, but the coding side of things has been putting me off. Id happily pay to have it done if you’re successful, and I believe I’ve got the correct type of cluster which can have the mileage adjustment carried out.
  6. LukeH

    New pads and discs

    I’ve got the M-tec C hook discs on the front of my Fiat Coupe and they’ve been great, and seem some decent use too.
  7. LukeH

    E60 brake shoe backing plate

    Sounds a bit fishy to me, either it’s ok at the time of test or it isn’t. The fact that there was something left to attach the shoes too, and they haven’t yet fallen off yet would suggest the backing plate is still serviceable to me.
  8. LukeH

    Intake valves cleaning

    That’s quite a build thread you’ve got there dude. I’m quite a fan of those 1.8t’s, I’ve been toying with getting something with one of those in for quite a while, see what can be done before it protests too heavily lol. I’m guessing your skip is a 530d then?
  9. LukeH

    Intake valves cleaning

    Well this sounds interesting, tell me more... That will definitely be no slouch!
  10. LukeH

    engine knocking

    That looks to me like the copper sealing ring is still in there rather than the head surface, did you use a new one? They can be a little fiddly to remove from the head.
  11. LukeH

    Intake valves cleaning

    Yours might be slow lol
  12. LukeH

    Intake valves cleaning

    They are normally used for direct injection petrol engines, but should work well on a diesel.
  13. LukeH

    engine knocking

    Correction values on INPA for instance? Sounds to me there might be a sealing issue somewhere. Did you clean the injector seats and use a new copper seal before refitting?