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  1. LukeH

    Silver Car, celis ambers

    Non xenon, and I can only find on side anyway!
  2. LukeH

    Silver Car, celis ambers

    Pretty sure I’ve got a brand new boxed pair of amber Celis for a saloon if interested?
  3. LukeH

    Any Snow pictures please?

    Lovely out on the mendips yesterday.
  4. LukeH

    *Sold* £2600 2002 E39 540i SE Auto 141k miles

    This seems a great price....shame I don’t need a fourth car!
  5. LukeH

    2003 E39 touring glow plugs

    All 6 of mine have never worked since I’ve owned the car - starting has never been an issue in the UK for me.
  6. Yup that’s all I’ve fitted it for really, I got bored of having to turn it off in traffic as pressures in the A/C can soon reach ridiculous levels with no air flow. Granted it’s totally the wrong time of year now but it comes on within a minute of the A/C operating and I’ve had it idling for an hour stationary and the A/C was perfectly happy so it seemed.
  7. Is your car petrol? My viscous was totally shot as are most by this age if not been replaced so it was doing absolutely nothing even in the height of summer. My ‘pusher’ fan comes on within a few minutes, though I always run with A/C on regardless. I’m intrigued now so I will monitor coolant temps with INPA and see what’s actually going on and report back at some stage, but the real test will be next summer now with the A/C flat out on stationary traffic.
  8. Hopefully someone may find this useful. It’s possible to fit the large electric fan from an N47 engined E8x & E9x virtually straight into the engine bay of diesel E39. After removal of the viscous fan & shroud it will pretty much drop straight in after some very minor modification to the fan housing. It’s still PWM driven and will work with either the 3 or 4 wire connection for the old pusher fan. 4 wire users (like mine was) will need to trace back to the speed controller box and remove the cable that feeds it, which will comprise a +12v feed, earth & PWM feed from the DDE which can then be connected up to the new fan - it’s handy to have this part of the loom from the donor car to make it easy. Once slotted in I just used two very small nuts & bolts to stop it jumping out of the clips where it hangs on top the radiator - which secure it very well. Ive been running this set up for a good few hundred miles now and all appears to function perfectly, my broken pusher fan has been totally removed and obviously the viscous fan & housing as well so all in all a fairly easy solution I’d like to think. Thanks for looking.
  9. LukeH

    How to start a car properly?

    I started an E36 M3 evo that had been stood for 10 years with the same fuel, in the tank, it ran perfectly after I’d unseized the fuel pump with a mallet. A year is nothing to be stood, just turn the key!
  10. LukeH

    Nearside (LHS) Facelift Xenon Headlight

    Not just a bulb then?
  11. LukeH

    What’s best grease for Caliper pins

    Never used any on any of my cars for the past 20 years, never had a sticking caliper ever!
  12. LukeH

    Electrical connectors

    Looks like an N47 or 57. Those grey bits aren’t actually needed to hold the plug on, they simply stop the latch being pressed in to release the plug. They’re just a pain and of no real benefit IMO.
  13. LukeH

    E39 sport front bumper

    There’s one on eBay, seems very expensive for what is basically a slightly cracked bumper. Im still on the lookout for one myself but at the price of that one I might as well just buy a new one from BMW, at least it will actually be perfect.
  14. LukeH

    Ebay LCI headlight glass any good

    A friend of mine fitted some eBay ones some years ago, I’m sure they were around that price. They fitted very well from memory, the hardest part was separating them in the first place so as yours have been apart already it should be easy. I can’t remember about the silver part I’m afraid.
  15. LukeH


    I’ve a friend who had a superchips map on his 120d - (n47 engine) The thing was insane afterwards, the torque felt huge compared to what was on offer before, fuel consumption seems to have stayed the same. Would definitely recommend mapping a diesel, even if it’s generic from a reputable company, sadly I think superchips have now folded in the current climate. Myself I have a live map & RR print out from Interpro, which was done many many years ago.