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  1. Does anyone know where the oem location is for the rear electric blind? Cheers
  2. Hi Gents Has anyone got a manual e28 with cruise control? I’m after pics of the bracket that holds the clutch switch on the pedal if anyone would be so kind. I can’t get the RHD drive bracket to buy so need to make one up. Cheers
  3. gaza01

    Merry Christmas fellow E28 Curators

    A bit late but hope you had a good christmas Mick...and everyone else!
  4. gaza01

    e28 wheels studs

    I dont know the part number but they are m12x1.5 bolts with a 60 degree taper
  5. gaza01

    Door upper trim removal

    Awesome write up John. Thanks for this
  6. I'm struggling with getting the trim piece I need so resigned myself to getting a complete door. If any one has one and willing to sell let me know. Cheers
  7. gaza01

    The price of originality!

    Definitely worth keeping original. Not sure i've see one this clean before. Nice car!!!
  8. gaza01

    Build 2

    Yesterday I picked up this beauty. 88k on the clock, manual, mint interior, full underbody restoration, all new bushes and suspension, lowered on springs, style 5s, new stainless exhaust system, factory brown tint, and the front lip spoiler i've been looking for for ages. The car drives really well and handles so nicely with all the new suspension bits. Couldn't be happier right now.
  9. gaza01

    Centre Tie Rod

    I bought this from autodoc and it fitted no issues. They aren't handed.
  10. gaza01

    Brake Lines. (ABS)

    Worst case get the hard line made up. Tracce it from joint to joint...measure it and get one made then just bend it to suit. Make it slightly longer
  11. gaza01

    Build 2

    I have no idea John. I haven't tried them. Was hoping they wouldn't be too difficult
  12. gaza01

    Build 2

    Throw back to earlier in the year fitting the fritz bits system. Mrs took this shot and didn't tell me until now.
  13. gaza01

    Build 2

    Cheers John. I plan to polish them and try sealing them with. Ceramic sealant. Should keep them shiny for a while hopefully
  14. gaza01

    E28 OBC retrofit - worth it?

    As far as Im aware no chip is needed...or at least when i did mine it wasn't required. Where does this chip that you're referring to go?
  15. gaza01

    Machine polish and Zymol wax!

    Great result!!
  16. gaza01

    E28 OBC retrofit - worth it?

    No coding chip required. Just plug and play. Make sure u get the external temperature sensor. Tim Pollock in here has an OBC kit for sale.
  17. gaza01

    Build 2

    Got one of those big yellow steering locks on there as well and alarm being fitted this friday. Working on getting a garage to
  18. gaza01

    Build 2

    So the clutch has been replaced along with all the gear linkage bushes, new clutch slave and master cylinder and hose, 210 lsd fitted and new oem diff bush, steering column and stalks replaced...so she's back on the road!
  19. gaza01

    Build 2

    Hi John I"m after the chrome trim that runs up from the wing mirror to the b pillar. Cheers
  20. gaza01

    Build 2

    I haven't unfortunately
  21. gaza01

    Build 2

    No idea but he is very reasonable. Message me if you want his contact details
  22. gaza01

    Build 2

    Hi Mick Thanks and yes thats sort of what I'm going for. I've got a few touches planned to help break things up
  23. gaza01

    Build 2

    With the help of some great people (you know who you all are so thank you) i've been able to source the replacement parts that were damaged when the car was stolen. Only thing i'm missing is the door trim and a 9j style 32. Progress on the repairs...I replaced the steering column and all the stalks. The car is now at the garage having the clutch replaced and all the miscellaneous bits that go with it. Whilst there I am also getting them to replace all the bushes etc on the gear linkage which was a job I had planned to do and to fit the large case lsd i got a few months ago. But the best news of all is that the trimmer sent some pics through today. I chose a colour different from what you normally see for retrims but still classy and oem-ish.
  24. gaza01

    E28 OBC retrofit - worth it?

    Its a nice to have. I retro fitted mine.