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  1. gaza01

    Build 2

    Little update that can speak for itself
  2. gaza01

    SI battery help

    I'm trying to wire up external batteries for my service indicator but can't get the wiring right. I've got an external battery holder for 2 NiMh 1.2v 1300mAh in series. What do i connect where using the coloured dots for reference. I've wired in the red and black wires are the batteries were in terms of polarity. Cheers
  3. gaza01

    Build 2

    Took the clocks out today to see if i can get the rev counter, mpg and service indicator working. Hoping its just the batteries. More to come on this. Also got the hazards working. Since doing the obc and cruise they stopped working. Test fitted the wheels as I need to buy new lips. Looks good already with the brembos peeking through.
  4. gaza01

    Build 2

    Well the car is back on the ground now. Took it for a test drive yesterday and all seemed fine touch wood. BCs are lightly harsher than the oem suspension but not uncomfortable or crashy. Alignment is way out as to be expected but cornering already seems flatter and with more feedback. Brakes seem better but haven't bedded them as yet as i was sent the wrong rear pads so they are only sweeping half of the discs. New pads on their way so I'll bed / test them then.
  5. gaza01

    Build 2

    Cheers. Will give it a go in a few months time when the weather is better
  6. gaza01

    Build 2

    Any tips on fitting them? I’ve been told you need to raise the engine?
  7. gaza01

    Build 2

    Fritz bits
  8. gaza01

    Build 2

    But this also happened Can't wait to get it fitted but it may not be for a few months as i've got a deadline for other bits before she goes to the painters
  9. gaza01

    Build 2

    Few more bits sorted - upgraded master cylinder and e34 m5 rear brakes refurbed and serviced with new seals dust boots and pistons. Also a few more bolts for the rear stabilisers as the thread on 2 of them was also worn.
  10. gaza01

    Build 2

    Hi John. Yes i went with BC coilovers in the end. Cheers Shaun
  11. gaza01

    Build 2

    EBC went through a bad patch thats really scared them but seem to have improved on their products. I went with red pads as they are ceramic and supposed to give off the least amount of dust. We'll see. Thank you Mick. Its a nice feeling to finally be getting things done rather than just buying and collecting parts.
  12. gaza01

    Build 2

    Also new retaining clips and pins. Thought i'd give ebc red stuff pads a try.
  13. gaza01

    Build 2

    Crap weather today so no progress buy got this far yesterday
  14. gaza01

    Build 2

  15. gaza01

    Build 2

    Had a progressive day today. Front steering and control arms replaced. Also replaced thermostat as suspected it was sticking. Found one of the bolts for the upper control arm to the chassis partially cross threaded...probably from previous maintenance so ordered 4 new ones plus nuts and washers.