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  1. gaza01

    Re-manufacture of steering box.

    Pro Power Steering Ltd Unit 2a Manor Rd, Grays RM20 4BA 01708 606622 https://g.page/Propowersteering?share
  2. gaza01

    Electric blind switch location

    Mick did you ever do the map reading lights loom?
  3. gaza01

    Electric blind switch location

    Hi Mick I'm looking into this for a fellow e28 mate who isn't on here. He has a mint 535 and and just acquired the electric rear blind. I don't think he has any info on the wiring loom. Appreciate the kind words regarding the build. Cheers
  4. gaza01

    Electric blind switch location

    Appreciated Sutts. Exactly what I was after. And John thank you also as yes a copy of the fitting instructions would be extremely useful
  5. gaza01

    Electric blind switch location

    Hi John It's the same switch as the window switches. Cheers
  6. Does anyone know where the oem location is for the rear electric blind? Cheers
  7. gaza01

    Build 2

    If you're building a track weapon then yeah...normal road driving won't cause u any issues. Not had any problems before...not even when I used crappy rattle cans in a prior life
  8. gaza01

    Build 2

    Thanks Its etch primer, high build primer and normal 2k base and clear.
  9. gaza01

    Build 2

    Brackets painted as well. I'll be mounting the brakes next weekend. Just letting the caliper gas off properly then I'll seal them with ceramic sealant.
  10. gaza01

    Build 2

    Originally I was going for silver calipers and did paint the fronts that colour but then changed my mind and wanted something a bit louder behind the wheels so mixed this custom colour and painted the rears this weekend. Liking the outcome.
  11. gaza01

    Chrome bumpers

    Been quoted between 400-500 per bumper by a few companies.
  12. gaza01

    Build 2

    Installed the fritz bits system today. Manifold all buttoned up by the exhaust is loose fitted as I'm waiting on new hangers. Couldn't resist starting it...got to! ...even with it blowing where the joints aren't made properly it sounded good...a deep throaty rumble.
  13. gaza01

    Build 2

    Cant upload anymore for some reason. Tried PMing as well. Drop me a message with your mobile and i'll whatsapp them to you
  14. gaza01

    Build 2

    Here ya go Taffy. Got a restriction on the amount I can upload but will try to do them separately. If you need anymore let me know. Happy to take whatever you need This is the rear seat back upright and then onto the parcelshelf
  15. gaza01

    M5 Upper control arms.

    Trw make the control arms for the e92 m3 as an OEM part so you can't go wrong with them for quality. My front end suspension consists of lemforder and trw. Trw where lemforder was not available. I only used 1 febi part with was the centre section on the steering arm