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  1. Original BMW alloy wheels removed from my 2014 F10 530D 4x very good Goodyear F1 245/45/18 Asymmetric 3 ( Non run Flats) 2x Tyres have 6mm tread 2x Tyres have 6.5mm tread One wheel has a small buckle / dent tried to show in picture-7 Only know due to seeing on wheel balancer I believe they are style 454 BMW Alloys Collection only LE9 Earl Shilton eBay Link These are now provisionally SOLD
  2. Thats a nice looking wheel
  3. guysat

    Bluetooth diagnostics

    Would be interested if the NT530 change the Engine stop/start mode ? (Switch it off)
  4. Arh, I did charge the battery a few days ago and its just an everyday charger Ive had for years, would that be the culprit ..!
  5. Hi all, just a quick question I noticed today that the auto stop engine function has stopped working and the car won't change gearbox mode stays in comfort and won't change...no warning of any sorts The cars an 530D 2014 Is this a known issue to suddenly appear ? Can select sport or eco when stationary but goes back to comfort as soon as I pull off. Guy
  6. Hi, has anyone tried the following size rims did they feel OK ? Front : 225/40R19 ET36 rear: 255/35R19 ET47 Genuine 403 M BMW Alloy Wheels from a 3-series Original Size is 245/45/18 ET30
  7. Bought myself some new lovely alloys but embarrassingly I had not done my home work and they are 112mm centres Real shame thought they would look lovely on my F10
  8. A bit embarrassing but I bought these for my F10 without knowing the bolt centres were different Very very disappointed because they are immaculate 4 Genuine BMW 18 662M 5 Series Alloy Wheels & Michelin Runflat G30 G31 Tyres. Condition is genuinely New. Genuine BMW Wheels Finish: Bicolour: Ferric Grey Caps: centre caps included. Available for delivery (Worldwide) Not suitable for M550 models Front Wheels: 8Jx18 ET30 (p/n 36117855081) Rear Wheels: 9Jx18 ET44 (p/n 36117855082) 4 TPMS valves fitted Tyres : Michelin Primacy 3 runflat tyres ( tread measurements are provided within the pictures ) front: 245/45R18 rear: 275/40R18 Wheel and tyre set has been previously fitted to demo car therefore condition is marked as new. They are located in Leicester shire LE9 just outside Hinckley and Im not wanting to post them currently Would consider part ex for a set of staggered F!0 set £700
  9. Looking for a good tidy set of staggered 18 /19 " alloys to suit F10 (2014) Located in Leistershire LE9, but postage would be required over 50miles Found a set of refurbished 351's so not need now
  10. Hi, can anyone confirm the style Model number of wheel below, Alloy is a 18"
  11. guysat

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Just received a letter through the post for my second recall for egr cooler replacement - already booked in for work to be done Friday 21/8
  12. Had car serviced today, haven't had her long so thought I would have the first one done, then start doing it myself. 71k service Petronas 5000SX 5w30 oil, filters +Cabin, Brake fluid change, inspection Came to £327 Advisories Rear Diff Upper Bush torn Drivers seat belt fraying Rear prop shaft coupling joint is starting to crack
  13. guysat

    F10 riding high

    Just felt impelled to measure my 530D Luxury front height due to this thread and both sides measured 638mm
  14. guysat

    Should I ditch RFT’s

    I've removed the RFT's and much happier with it, options are buy the space saver tyre or the pump-in Sealant (I went with the Airman Sealant)