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  1. M88rt j

    Injectors and fuel pump

    Hi, price please on a high pressure fuel pump, 6 injectors and decouplers please Part numbers - 13538648937 13517616446 13538651060 Thanks
  2. M88rt j

    N54 twin turbo conversion project

    Donor stripped and engine on stands ready for a light strip down , engine mounts arrivd from the states as well as a 530i auto gearbox mount , plan is to strip inlet and ancillaries for a clean and gasket replacement, oil filter housing, sump, rocket gasket new vac lines etc the it's ready to be dropped into a car
  3. M88rt j

    N54 twin turbo conversion project

    Bout time I reprised this post, the black 335i I purchased to do the conversion was totally stripped and I ended up selling the running gear as 335i parts seem quite sort after so I ended up buying 3 more over the last 12 months to break in my spare time and finally got a excellent one for my conversion, turbo back akraprovic exhaust, forge intercooler ,hard pipe and Bov, freshly refurbished hybrid turbos, updated air filters, remapped circa 400bhp , cars had a small fortune spent onit but unfortunately is suffering from oil filter housing gasket leak which gives the symptoms of a head gasket failure with a mayo effect on the oil cap, car runs a dream tho, the exhaust on this crackles and pops like my m5 car will be broken down and then the hunt for a car to put the engine in, still swaying toward a e61
  4. M88rt j

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Lovely car! Who did you get to do your rod bearings? Not long got myself a m5 an this job is on my to do list
  5. M88rt j

    My e60 m5

    Couple of pics from this morning after a quick tickle with the quick detailer
  6. M88rt j

    My e60 m5

    Cheers Mick
  7. M88rt j

    My e60 m5

    S261A Side airbags for rear passengers S2MBA BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 167 S302A Alarm system S356A Climate comfort laminated glass S403A Glass roof, electrical S415A Sun-blind, rear S423A Floor mats, velours S428A Warning triangle and first aid kit S430A Interior/outside mirror with auto dip S431A Interior mirror with automatic-dip S441A Smoker package S442A Cup holder S459A Seat adjuster, electric, with memory S473A Armrest front S488A Lumbar support, driver and passenger S494A Seat heating driver/passenger S502A Headlight cleaning system S508A Park Distance Control (PDC) S522A Xenon Light S524A Adaptive Headlights S534A Automatic air conditioning S540A Cruise control S548A Kilometer-calibrated speedometer S601A TV function S609A Navigation system Professional S610A Head-up display S672A CD changer for 6 CDs S677A HiFi System Professional DSP S698A Area-Code 2 for DVD S737A Interior mouldings, Alu Shadow, brushed S754A M Rear spoiler S775A Headlining anthracite S776A Headliner in Alcantara anthracite S818A Battery master switch S992A Control of number-plate attachment S9AAA Outer skin protection that's the main options it's got, has to standard m5 spec as well, electronic damper control, flappy paddles, the roof lining is a nice touch, not seen one before, it's got pre lci aftermarket led rear lights which I'm not sure if I'm a fan of yet, more pics in a bit when it gets a bit lighter out
  8. M88rt j

    My e60 m5

    I was looking at rs6 v10's too but the price of a set of discs alone put me right off, I got this for under 10k so a bargain really, granted it needs a few jobs so I'll get to learn about the car better by working on it , I'll put a full spec up in a minute for it, it does come with a good spec , it's costing me £385 to insure (£50 more than the 535d) and being an import its only £255 for 12months tax as apossed to £555 I think it should be , i didnt specifically go out looking for an import as there were no others out there when I was looking it's just this one came up at the right time
  9. M88rt j

    My e60 m5

    Well finally took to plunge last weekend and purchased myself a Silverstone blue e60 m5 ,had my e61 535d for 2 1/2 years now and the urge to have a high powered petrol car finally got the better of me, I still have the 61 , here she is for anyone no familiar with it Onto the m5, The car is a 2006 japanese import with 72k on the clock, all the usual m5 stuff as well as double glazing, full stainless exhaust which sounds epic m6 alloys , heated black leather , logic 7, led rear lights ect ect, picked it up Saturday direct from the import company, was purchased by the owner 2 years ago and only covered 3k in the time here, dropped it straight into my brothers body shop on Monday morning for a few cosmetic jobs, front bumper was badly stone chipped on the lower half so had that resprayed, headlights polished, base plates of the mirrors and the surrounds painted gloss black to match the e61 , car also had a few nasty car park dinks that my dent mate removed as well, collected it back Thursday night and serviced it at home this evening, oil, oil filter new air filters and pollen filters, car had history of regular oil changed but judging my the filters they were well over due in for the paint on front bumper back home looking a lot fresher First out was the pollen filters , well over due a change next were the air filters, swapped out for some pipercross panel filters and the heart of the beast Will update with some better photos over the holidays when the weather permits, not a lot planned for it really just keep it tidy, still needs a couple of jobs doing, has a electronic damper fault but have a replacement shock and module to go on , and Sat nav still thinks I'm in Japan lol
  10. M88rt j

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Been a few months since I've done anything to the car, fitted a new gear cog to the thigh support on my driver seat,has been broken for months, also got my steering module coded in as it failed in June, traction and abs warnings since and non cancelling indicators , nice to finally have it sorted, has been a bit tail happy in the wet recently , oil filters and new wiper bladed fitted after work on Friday too, new brake disc screws now make removing the front wheels a bit easier Oh and looking at an rs6 today too
  11. M88rt j

    E60 m5 brakes fit the 530d?

    All the handbrake shoes are the same size, nothing to gain by buying 'm5' ones as they will just be more expensive with the added 'm tax, I got my calipers for £150 and a set of almost new discs for £100 from eBay, sold my old set up from my 535d for £200, purchased a complete m5 rear end for £500 just for the rear brakes, sold the diff and shafts for £300 my old rear brakes for £100 the beam for £50 and the swing arms went for £25 each , spent a few quid on new fluid and handbrake shoes and got it all done for around £100 in the end
  12. M88rt j

    Cic compatability

    Hi chaps, I've got another e92 35i in for breaking on monday thats had a cic unit retro fitted, just wondered if it'll fit in my e61 (obviously once coded ect) just need to know if the units are interchangeable across the e range if cars or not
  13. M88rt j

    E60 m5 brakes fit the 530d?

    It's all direct fit, the guys in the US have a harder job fitting them as most of there cars are 4 wheel drive , the handbrake mechanism is untouched when fitted the discs , I'd put new shoes in whilst the disc is off for the sake of £20 , my whole set up cost less than £100 all round in the end
  14. M88rt j

    E60 m5 brakes fit the 530d?

    Yup, front and rears bolt straight on
  15. M88rt j

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Gave the wagon some attention today, have had an on going issue with slow cranking of the engine in the mornings and almost fails to start if I only drove it for a few minutes and tried to re start it, almost like the battery was down on a cell, new battery made it better for a while, noticed whilst I was under the car doing the gearbox service that there was a bit of sparking around the starter loom so today armed with a spare loom I went to change it (handy having a brother who breaks bmw's) took loom off expecting to find it worn thru somewhere but not, had a fiddle with the starter and the body was all loose, whipped it off to find it like this - https://youtube.com/watch?v=3_UvOLaW6vo Tightened up the 2 bolts that hold it together and starts almost instantly now, didn't realise how quick it should spin over, well chuffed for a few hours work and £0 spent too