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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    New member here me. I have just had exactly the same problem as Ozzy posted above and it took me three weeks to find it! No dealership help ( the costs would have been massive) I had to do a 50% nearside interior strip out and then I used special UV tracer dye and uv lamp to betray where the leak was coming in. Water ingress was slow and very minor and only showed when the car was on a particular tilt angle. With the carpets up and car stripped out I sat it out in the rain for three days and no leak ! I put 6000 ltrs of water on it via a fire hose and still no leak. I then filled a 1000 ltr IBC containing water and the UV tracer dye and still no leak but then I moved the car to do the other side and hey presto just the slightest of a run at the back of the passenger glove box area. Turned out to be the yellow grommet and insulation plate shown as per Ozzy above. New grommet and insulation plate fitted at a cost of £70.00. I had the dehumidifier in the car for 24 hours / 4 days drying out the carpets and backing foam I got at least 3 gallons out of the passenger side. BMW would have charged and simply fitted new ones. The car has been off the road in my workshop for just short of three weeks.... What a bitch to find, I should have looked here sooner and maybe I may have come to a quicker resolve. Good work Ozzy Good work! Regards Pete