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  1. bmwf113.0d

    New to BMW

    Looks nice, hope you enjoy it.
  2. bmwf113.0d

    F07 Pano Sunroof Sunscreen Failure

    I'd check your fuses as a first port of call. Then check they've not disturbed the wiring, maybe even ask them to check. Hopefully it's a simple fix.
  3. That's an issue, I tried lots of things to no avail including ferrite clamps and thick shielded power cable, the camera itself bleeds rf ime.
  4. I routed down to the fuses or the back of the cig lighter, I can't remember which. I also changed the screws to black pan heads, looked much less obtrusive but tbf no one ever saw it.
  5. Totally unnoticeable when I removed them.
  6. Yes I did, there should be a thread on it somewhere. Put it away from the loading area and it was fine quality and coverage wise. Some pics below...
  7. bmwf113.0d

    F11 520d estate Reverse lights

    I did a post on it, yes the cluster has to come out.
  8. bmwf113.0d

    Just buying a 530e, my first BMW.

    More reliable than BMW... to be fair the German marques are all pretty shocking...
  9. bmwf113.0d

    Diesel grades

    Thanks, something I've never ever considered, I'll have a look.
  10. bmwf113.0d

    TPMS compatibility

    Eta I'd be more concerned that the tyres were 6 years old tbf
  11. bmwf113.0d

    TPMS compatibility

    From memory if they are rubber valves (mine were) then they work in rotational difference.
  12. bmwf113.0d

    Diesel grades

    I do c30k per annum and rarely use anything other than supermarket fuel (since they started selling it) never had an issue relating to the fuel yet.
  13. bmwf113.0d

    Ford Capri...

    The car you always promised yourself... A friend had a 2.8i and another a 3.0s capri back in the late 80's and they have never done anything for me tbf. Another firiend has the 2.3 (yawn) ecoboost Mustang and is awaiting delivery of his special edition Bullit thing, again I think they are hideous and the build quality is shocking from what I've seen, certainly not worth the 50 odd k they cost. Some things are best left in the past but I guess they want to tap into the disposable income of the reminiscing market.
  14. bmwf113.0d

    New car