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  1. bmwf113.0d

    Any mods for the blank options panel?

    Yes but I drop the dog off on a morning with the father in law and it was easier than the lower one on the door jamb. Popped out easily iirc, it was a couple of years ago.
  2. bmwf113.0d

    Any mods for the blank options panel?

    I added a boot release..
  3. bmwf113.0d

    Nice surprise

    Guessing you are not paying?
  4. bmwf113.0d

    530e charging fail

    Any chance of a gogw?
  5. bmwf113.0d

    It's Gone

    I know 3 people who have used WBAC and all have received what they were offered, I think the key is to be honest with the online appraisal.
  6. bmwf113.0d

    Nice surprise

    Result, just another day in a shite dealership, if they miss opportunities like that imagine what else goes amiss.
  7. bmwf113.0d

    BMW 525d 2013

    Any decent garage will read them for a charge, alternatively you could get the lead and software and do it yourself if you feel confident enough. There may even be someone on here local to you who may assist.
  8. bmwf113.0d

    BMW 525d 2013

    Get the codes read before guessing would be my advice.
  9. bmwf113.0d

    F10 door corrosion

    In all my years I've never paid for a courtesy car, years ago they used to charge a day rate for the insurance but I was never charged. The cost of the courtesy vehicle is costed into the pricing structure of most dealers so I suppose the fairest way would be to charge then you are not paying for it if you don't use it.
  10. Yes, I've stopped putting rear ones on for this reason, tried many different things including proper shielded cable and ferrite rings.
  11. They are all much the same tbf, just check the plug is the same. Personally I like the right/left handed plugs to keep the wiring tight to the unit so buy these and solder and shrink wrap a USB lead onto the o/p side. Bit ott but it's for my OCD You get the idea...
  12. bmwf113.0d

    NEWTIS.info Website Is No Longer

    Shitter, but even though a bit 'petty' I understand why they'd want it closing.
  13. I have had cameras for nearly 10 years now and tried many different ones. Personally I don't like the ones either suckered onto the screen or hanging down so to speak, I refer the more covert look. I have 4 of these in the immediate family cars and fitted another 4 or 5 in friends/family cars, no reported issues with any other than the capacitor going in one of the older ones (just checked it was a Jan 2017) I fitted a new cap @ c£2 and it's been fine since. Highly recommended.
  14. bmwf113.0d

    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    This ^^^