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  1. bmwf113.0d

    Anyone ordered a new 5?

    Also it's not in the dealers interest to be wholy truthful imo.
  2. bmwf113.0d

    Anyone ordered a new 5?

    A friend is waiting for a lease M140 for his Mrs and he's had delivery pushed back twice now, a real pain as his current lease want it back to sell obvs.
  3. bmwf113.0d

    Anyone ordered a new 5?

    My son ordered a 2 series in August and they got in touch mid October to say they were no longer doing the tech pack. He was a bit gutted because he really wanted the hud. They said they would revise the price or he could cancel the order, he reluctantly kept the order. Delivery was also pushed back to mid March.
  4. bmwf113.0d

    Appreciating Asset?

    That drop could also be part of the algorithm...
  5. bmwf113.0d

    Appreciating Asset?

    Yup Glass's guide, still going but not the little pocket book you mention, those were the trade bibles with the mileage adjustment calcs etc.
  6. bmwf113.0d

    Buying a 530e G30

    It was standard on the 6GT and in front of the cup holders, 12v and usb, size could be an issue I guess but I have a Samsung S10 plus that fitted fine. As below: On the F36 I retrofitted, it's in place of the useless shallow tray (only fit for a pen) in the same place as the stock photo shows below:
  7. bmwf113.0d

    Buying a 530e G30

    He's bullshitting you, have had wireless charging in my last 3-4 cars without issue. I've also just retro fitted it to this one as I couldn't be without it now. In general sales are full of it, if they said good morning I'd look outside to check.
  8. bmwf113.0d

    Appreciating Asset?

    In October we sold the Mrs car through Motorway for just under 2k more than we paid for it in April 19. The whole process was very smooth and very efficient. The dealer had it collected from South Yorkshire and driven down to the South Coast, they marked it up @ £1700 more than we received so little mark up when you factor in transport, prep and warranty. They have only just sold it after reducing it by £300! For us it was a no brainer as she's now working from home and only did a few hundred miles between MOT's. I then part exchanged my G32 for a F36 for us to share for a while (she struggled with the size of the G32) I got £3.2k more than I paid for it in Aug 2020 and 15k miles ago. Yes we paid over the odds for the F36 but overall we're ahead by quite a bit. Who knows when the market will drop, but the dealers will do their utmost to keep prices up due to the stock they carry so it'll be a slow drop imo.
  9. bmwf113.0d

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    That will have been a 2l engine, the biggest Volvo do now AFAIK so not even great for pulling horses. I had a S90 D5 awd and although the tech was excellent I got rid because of the cabin noise. Really poor especially for a flagship car.
  10. bmwf113.0d

    Best place to sell my 2020 530 xdrive?

    Yup, definitely not sustainable but it made me feel better...
  11. bmwf113.0d

    Best place to sell my 2020 530 xdrive?

    Second vote for motorway, sold the Mrs car through these and we got an excellent price imo, in fact we ended up with £180 more than they first quoted. I looked at autotrader and WBAC but couldn't be arsed with them looking to chip the price on collection (autotrader use Manheim and I deal with them for work) and as above Motorway were a couple of hundred more in any case. Just out of interest the dealer who bought the Mrs i20 paid us £9200 (no deductions or transfer fees etc. What they pay is what you get) arranged for a collection company to collect it from Barnsley and drive it down to East Sussex and now have it on their site for £10995. After the collection cost I was surprised to see so little margin.
  12. bmwf113.0d

    G31 buying advice please

    Horses for courses, but it'd be a no from me for an ex police car unless it was dirt cheap, all you need to do is watch the programmes on TV to see how they get ragged about. The adverts have you believe they sit on the motorway all day, maybe years ago they did but nowadays they all muck into whatever calls are in so just as likely to see one hoofing over speedbumps and over fields chasing the local vermin in poolcars. I would also be weary of the wiring, I follow a guy on YT who did an Astra and the loom was in bits behind the trim panels in the boot and footwells. As I say horses for courses and all down to the price and the time you want to invest in getting rid of the smell of puke and piss from the back...
  13. bmwf113.0d

    G31 buying advice please

    The G32 is fugly imo but ticks many boxes in my list. The 640i is a lovely unit. Iirc the 5gt was based on the 7 series the 6gt is based on the 5.
  14. bmwf113.0d

    G31 buying advice please

    Have a look at the G32.