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  1. ExAMG

    It's Gone

    I have no idea! I know I had equity in the car and as such was not going to VT it unless it was the last option! Chap at WBAC said he was doing 4 or 5 a day, over different manufacturers. He liked BMW as they gave all the information in the letter!
  2. ExAMG

    It's Gone

    You ask, and get very quickly, a settlement figure from BMWFS. It has to be valid when you go to WBAC. once you agree their purchase price, give them the letter and bingo. Done. You get a receipt detailing what monies have gone where, sorted. i told BMWFS what I was doing and they were OK with it
  3. ExAMG

    It's Gone

    Not a problem I had equity in the car so after visiting a couple of dealers I got a better deal from WBAC. may be hard to believe but there you go. Finance settles and the balance in the bank.
  4. Now my G31 has gone, I now have a set of 4 Style 684 Alloys wrapped with nearly new Goodyear Ultragrip 8 Winter Tyres. Wheels are 8 x 18. Tyres are 245/45 x 18. The tyres have done 4,800 miles over last winter and the tread depths are, 7.3, 7.5, 7.8 & 8. Tyres are in great condition. The wheels are very clean, coated with GTECHNIQ C5 wheel coating and many layers of polish and carnuba wax. Unfortunately three of the wheels have slight corrosion. Although this is not an issue to me I understand some may find it annoying. I shall look to include images. For information I am based in Rutland. Collection only. £750
  5. ExAMG

    It's Gone

    After much soul searching the G31 is gone. We could not justify having two large cars on the drive when one of them does not do many miles. From now on, I shall drive the F15 X5 as a daily and we have a 4 year old Fiesta 1.0 as a local runabout. We (The wife and I) had discussed this before the pandemic but the current situation made us look quite hard how we lived. We own the F15 and the G31 was on finance so quite an easy decision in the end. In two years and almost 23K miles never had a problem. Sorry to see it go but at least it shall take less time cleaning a little fiesta than the G31! Now to offload the winter tyres and wheels I have in the garage.
  6. ExAMG

    New Windscreen Time

    Brief update. i am sat at Auto windscreens having the chip repaired! Apparently it is just within the repair limit but the glazing tech has commented it is the biggest bomb hole he has seen for a while. It helps that it is on the passenger side. Driver’s side would mean a replacement. Assuming the glass does not break during the repair, I shall be a happy owner
  7. ExAMG

    New Windscreen Time

    Perfect timing. Hardly used car recently and now have a big chunk out of the screen and shall need changing. Screen change on my F10 was painless but get a feeling this may be more of an issue due to the ICONS. I know the camera bracket shall be bonded to the screen ( I make the brackets for a number of glass providers) but concerned for the calibration. Guess I shall find out when I start the replacement process!
  8. ExAMG

    Advice required

    Thanks for trying. i have decided to strip back and work on a panel at a time. But not when hot!!! Partly due to finding about 50 stone chips which need sorting. Problem of a black car.
  9. ExAMG

    Advice required

    Not a problem. A number of products were used! Tar remover, clay in certain places and some had scratch x. All panels had a good clean with Panel Wipe before Meguiars Deep Crystal System Polish was applied, then the Carnuba went on top. Products are a bit old now though. Bit like me! one major issue. It was blazing sunshine when I was working on the car! I do not anywhere with shade. I am sure I am being a plank and hope for guidance
  10. ExAMG

    Advice required

    With lockdown etc I have had the chance to give my G31 a decent clean for once. It took me 3 weekends to decontaminate the paint due to various deposits! i then took a weekend applying ‘polish’. I used Meguirs products which finished with Carnuba wax. i normally use gold class shampoo but have used Autoglym Shampoo and Conditioner the last few washes and all seemed fine until this weekend. Following wash it seems the wax is now all gone! it may be my drying towels, which were washed and I wonder if the detergent is still active in them? any thoughts greatly received
  11. ExAMG

    Ctek Into Power Socket

    Nah, this is 240v cable extension with the Ctek left under the bonnet.
  12. ExAMG

    Foxwell NT530

    Same here. shall be interesting to see how long it takes them
  13. ExAMG

    How to delete Navigation data?

    I had cause to look at my label the other day and definitely no ECO stated April 2018 build
  14. ExAMG

    Winters are off

    Run on flat. I learnt from my F10 that ROF summers make ROF winters Feel awful