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  1. Hello all, I've been reading into upgrading the brakes on my E34. I noticed that a lot of people will go the E31 Brembo 4-pots for the front, and 540i brakes in the rear. There are many threads here, and I've read through most of them. Anyway, I decided that instead of going this route, I would instead go for the lighter (well same weight as single pots for E34/E32) 4-pot Brembo's from the E38. I managed to source a nice CHEAP, fully functional set from my local breaker. I've got a drawing to have some adapters made up, as the E38 brakes are not direct bolt on. This was obviously discussed at length in this thread. I'm now at the point where I'm ready to install the calipers up front, but I need to find out which brake hoses to use. Are the E38 and E34 brake hoses the same internal diameter, will they work with the brembos, or do I need E38 brake hoses? This is one piece of information I've been unable to find whilst researching quite a lot. I know there are a few people here who have done this upgrade, maybe they can shed some light? I believe the hoses will be the same size, however, I don't have extra hose to hand to test this out. Thanks for anyone who can help!
  2. BkS

    BkS' 95' Ascot Green E34

    I'm afraid that's not me. From what I know, there isn't many Ascot Green E34's in Scotland (I may possibly be the only one?). It's quite a rare colour from what I know. At least for E34's? I'm in West Lothian anyway
  3. Hello all. I take more photos of my own car than I do anything else. Figured since I love photography and my E34 so much, I'd dump my archive of stuff here! ^^ I won't post the old stuff, as I've already done that in my welcome thread, or you can look at them from my Flickr. I also update my Instagram daily should anyone want to follow me. My handle is @bally_san. Toodles.
  4. BkS

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    What a job @Spice-Boy! Mines currently in the garage, having some work before MOT re-test. Found out I needed a new shock absorber... Didn't realise it was that bad!!!
  5. BkS

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    So today is the start of getting the car prepped for MOT retest. My polybushes arrived from Poland (shout out to StrongFlex, super quick delivery! Only 4 days!!). So I started polybush bushing the front thrust arms, and front & rear roll bars. haven't tackled the lower control arms just yet, because my NSF one is steel, where as the OSF is aluminium, so going to sort that out soon. Also ripped out the back seat, as I'm going to be fitting some new 60/40 lowering springs I picked up for a bargin £21!! (They were on sale). Still got loads to do, such as rear sub-frame bushes, trailing arm bushes, fitting a new steering lock, and then change my OSR wheel bearing. The finally I'll be able to then replace the handbrake mechanisms.
  6. BkS

    Hello 5er's

    Thanks for the warm welcome. @alun where about? I do travel quite a bit.
  7. BkS

    Hello 5er's

    Hi All, Been following the forum a while, but only registered today. I own a wonderfully clean 1996 (technically 1995) BMW E34 520i in original Ascot Green. I'm the 8th owner. Bought this car as my very first car, as I past my test in August. The car was bought a week prior to my test with 129,000 miles on her. Since ownership there hasn't been much done at all. First thing I done was set about servicing her because it was due it (still need to clear the lights). Not sure when the car was last serviced as the service history, although there's a lot of it, some of it is missing. After servicing her around the end of August, I also acquired a nice Volvo 740 lip from a local scrapyard which was trimmed to size on the sides, sanded back and painted black. From there, she had some new rubber put on (Bridgestone RE050) in 225/45/R17 all round, then went in for breather pipe replacement as fuel started to leak around mid October. Since then I've had nothing but a massive smile on my face everytime I drive her. She's very clean underneath, all original with very little rust however it does need to be re-undersealed. There are still a few jobs to do before MOT in January. I need to replace the propshaft donut as it's almost completely disintegrated, gearbox has a slight leak - which I assume is coming from the rear seals of the box - and the bushes on the lower control arms need replaced. Aside from that she drives beautifully. Oh I also switched out the nasty steering wheel that it came with (ripped standard Sport wheel) with a much nicer OMP Mugello wheel in "Vintage Wood". So what's the future plans? Well, planning to replace all the rubber impact mouldings, Z3/E60 short shifter install, some paint touch up is required, new wider wheels + some coilovers. I need to source some kidneys as these are missing, and I'd also like to source an LSD as well. The fuel lines are very crusty being 20 years old, so those will soon be replaced with copper pipe. Obtaining a leather interior would be nice, however I may have the current interior re-upholstered, and then paint the grey plastics black. As previously mentioned car is due for an MOT in January, so I'll be spoiling her over Christmas with some new front bumper rubber impact strips plus the license plate blank. Currently have some OS RAM Nightbreaker bulbs to install and also put on the Bosch Aerotwin Retro fit wipers. Then I'll also polybush the control arms to start the process of polybushing the whole car. Since August I've done 5,000 miles. I took a trip to Anglesey Circuit for Drift Matsuri 2015 just back in October and it was a lovely drive through Snowdonia in the bleeding raining (weather similar to home here in Scotland), chasing a Toyota AE86 Corolla. Best drive to this day so far. That's all from me just now. I may make a build thread at a later date once things start flowing.
  8. BkS

    E34 525i 24V Fuel Consumption

    Does your car have a manual or auto gearbox? Automatics are known for consuming more fuel than the manual equivlent. Next thing to check would be to see if the car is giving out any codes. If the car is running rich, you may need to replace the o2 sensor. For M20 : The O2 sensor is located below the #6 cylinder on the front of the exhaust pipe. The connector is located on the right-hand rear of the engine, near the electronics box. For M50 : The O2 sensor is located at the front of the catalytic converter. The connector is located on the left-hand side of the engine, below the starter.